Storm Irma = Paul Bill & Geo.
Number "9" above is coming which
Judgment. This Hurricane Irma
shows number "9" of Judgment is now on
the world! Right of the center of his storm
God is showing a man wearing a
dark cap
that I usually wear outside, and wearing
dark glasses watching this fire storm
come in
which is a sign of this Ministry
looking and watching and showing the
Church world what is about to happen.
Left shows yours truly who lives on the West Coast
blowing his Jesus Trumpet today loud and clear to this
entire nation! This picture was taken from the above
satellites on Election day, of a large Tropical storm a
few years ago, and the head of my trumpet is the head
of Jesus Christ looking down over the State of Florida
hitting this bald eagle nation in its head and killing it.

The next picture is the same only I took out the other
substance to show you
Paul and Jesus and what is
soon to happen
! God told us in Joel 2 and Acts 2 that
signs would appear in the heavens above and on the
earth below before the return of Jesus Christ which I
show on this last day Ministry of Revelation 14:
"6-7" a
prophet of God born
"6" of "7" Children.
Next we go to Storm Bill above of some years ago to see the
two top Open Visions on the top right. These two Open
Visions of Bill on top, the name of this storm as I cut this
picture into two parts, shows Bill on top and Geo., below,
the two heads of the beast coming in after the "3"rd beast
now in office,
Trump beginning WW III. This is also seen in
Revelation 13:11-12 as this first beast was Bill Clinton 42 and
the second who followed was George Bush 43, both coming
from the same land,
the USA, and both having the same
both President. This second beast, George 43 has
two horns like a Lamb, meaning Lamb Jesus, but speaks like
Dragon, Satan!  
Below Bill on the top is this so-called Christian beast Bush 43 having IRON TEETH and horns like a
Lamb, meaning like Jesus but is a
DRAGON! Verse "13" speaks of this beast causing fire to come
down from heaven to earth in plain view of men which has already happened! You say, "What do you
mean brother Paul?" When George W. Bush 43 was president he sat war ships off shore of Iraq and
stop smart missile bombs into Iraq that people from around the world saw with their own eyes from
Paul Gerig
I was born and raised in a preachers home in year "34"
in the St. Paul area a couple of miles East of the Capital
of Oregon. Left seen in
RED is St. Paul, a small county
that God is using today to bring out this message of
Russia and China soon to hit this nation with nuclear
bombs and then the 200 million man army of China come
ashore ... seen in Revelation
9:16. Adding 9 + 1 + 6 =
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC. This is also
seen in Revelation 14:19-20. God is tossing into his
winepress of wrath, the wild grape Church of today and
blood will soon be flowing out  from this press as high
as the horses bridles for a distance of "16" hundred Stadia ... NIV Bible.

St. Paul overhead shows this Ministry looking straight ahead with the red circle around his eye and
his mouth wide open, of what God is showing him is soon to happen! Coming down from the North are
these two armies of Russia and China as God is showing in
GREY form, the two bears of Russia and
China over the eye of this
PIG Church and nation and taking them both out. Notice the bears are
covering the eye of the
PIGS and will not know the time when this happens! Notice this PIG Church of
these last days, still swim with the tail of a FISH like the early Church used to swim with, but today this
fish Church has the head of a PIG.

I have a witness in St. Paul, MN., a woman who shared with me that St. Paul, MN., used to be called
"PIGS EYE" in the early 1800's but change the name to St. Paul. Notice the black nose and face of a
man on the end of the fishes tail, this refers to the Preachers and this nose is seen also by God in the
fire that burned in Northern California this year and also a large truck accident that the driver was
killed and the smoke over head shows a mushroom cloud bomb going off with this same black nose in
the black smoke.
Far left shows this same black nose on
the end of the Pig Head, once fish
Church that changed some time ago. This
is what is soon to happen to these black
nose preachers of today that has messed
up God's people to be PIGS and DOGS
today instead of true Christians. The
Mushroom Cloud bomb is over their
heads! Right of this shows the same
picture only in the fire of northern
California showing God is now ready to
burn them up.
I remind you that only God made these images of the end or days for the Pig and Dog Church as we
see them today are all going down. After the beast takes them down then Jesus seen in Daniel 9:24
comes in after God closes down this
Ministry of Visions and Prophecies all comes to a close, seen in
this one verse! After the 42 months of wrath is then finished Jesus Christ sets up his 1000 year
kingdom on earth and is not ruled anymore by man, but ruled by God himself through his only
Jesus Christ
for 1000 years.
The Ring of Fire is all around me today. As I write this someone is
placing a fire stop all around my place. Taking out the sagebrush a fire
hazard. The area this is taking place today is "5" acres that ties to the
"5" fingered hand of God protecting his last day Moses Prophet.  

Below this ring of fire that came from God's Hubble telescope shows
his five fingered hand tossing out the fire for purification. You can
see his arm and hand as silver, and silver refers to redemption and
the Churches of today preach
LEAD which is the dross of SILVER. You
can see this in Zechariah 5:5-11.

This passage tells us that God has put this baby Church of today in a
measuring basket and is carrying it in midair by two woman with stork
wings, meaning they are carrying a BABY Church today when the fire
of WW III soon begins to clean her up! In verse "11" we see when this
new White House is rebuilt here in the third once Babylonian nation,
then the baby Church in midair then sets down in her place in the New
White House ... run and ruled by Jesus Christ for 1000 years! No more
ruling by man for man has struck out "3" times and now God rules.

The "3" Base-Ball Games are over! The Church today are now setting
ducks that the beast goes after, as seen below in this last base ball
game of time that I show below. This ball game happen at the outskirts
of Chicago after a huge storm went by leaving in cloud form from God
Almighty, a picture right of the first light on the left, showing this Duck
Church of today are setting ducks to Satan and it shows the mouth of
the Dragon with this Duck Church in his mouth.

The end has come to the "3" houses ... ball games of God, for man has
now messed up "3" times, "3" strikes and your out! From her on God
will rule man for eternity along with his OVERCOMING Church which
are not many today. Lastly I show you this full picture of this third
base-ball game of God which is now over. You can see over the light
on the left in cloud form, the head of the beast coming down over the
Duck Church now in the mouth of Satan.
Three strikes and your out!
The ball games are over
and the Church of today are
SETTING DUCKS to say the
very least as God is showing
in this base-ball game in

Only a fool will say, this is all
by accident and means
nothing! My God is not a God
of accidents, he created
everything and he knows
everything even what we say
from our mouths before we
even talk.

Wake up O' Sleeping Church
you end has come!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig
I have "9" letters in my name