Heil Hitler Adolph Trump
Quote:  Now, this is getting interesting. Turns out that
President Donald Trump isn’t just found of Hitler’s
politics; he’s reportedly also fond of his speeches.

In a lengthy 1990 piece in Vanity Fair, Trump begin
waxing poetic about his German heritage, noting that
his father’s parents were German—or Swedish, really
(you know Trump can never give a straight answer to
anything). He also added that they were from all over
Europe. Anyway, John Walter, a Trump cousin who
works for the Trump Organization, used to click his
heels and say, “Heil Hitler,” possibly as a family joke,
Vanity Fair notes.

Ivana Trump, Donald’s first wife, told her lawyer
Michael Kennedy that Donald would read a book of
Hitler’s collected speeches, My New Order, which was
kept in a cabinet by his bed.  

Donald Trumps background came from old Germany
as did my background come from old Germany. I am
also part Jewish as both of my parents have Jewish
blood that ran through their veins. Left came from a
Lava flow volcano in Hawaii showing this sign of old
Hitler and his famous military solute with the large
Capital letter "V" for Virgins, meaning the Virgin Church of Matthew 25:6-7 on his hip soon to go after
he Church, the offspring of the Jews that Hitler killed in the 30's and 40's along with the old Grandpa
Bush family and the Standard Oil Company of the UK that were part of helping old Hitler money wise,
as you can see this in the archives of this nation, as I have seen and read them!
God said that signs would appear in the heavens
above and on the earth below before the return of
Jesus Christ! This is seen in Joel 2 and Acts 2. Here we
see left, the image of old Hitler with his famous black
mustache coming out from the top of the mountain
from the Abyss, hell if you will. God is giving us signs
of who Donald Trump truly is, while the Church today
play Religion ... old Christian Religion who as gone
down the drain ... this Eagle Bird nation has fallen
along with her Church! Below the Hitler cloud I took
this Eagle Bird cloud while driving to Klamath Falls
as getting ready to crash. Below this is a
tropical storm over this nation on election day
a few years ago, showing from the camera's in
the heavens, this nation covered with clouds,
showing yours truly over the West Coast
blowing this Jesus trumpet with Jesus looking
down over the state of Florida. The head of my
trumpet is the head of Jesus Christ looking
down over this land and hitting this bald Eagle
nation in its head killing it.

Below this I show the head of Jesus hitting this
nation in its head and taking her out to be no
more ... this third and last Babylon nation of
today. One mile from my old home in the
wilderness where I had lived for 28 years, as
God was showing me in the large volcanic rock,
the message today that Jesus said in Luke
19:39-40 ...
if my people do not speak out then the
rocks will cry out
as they are doing today. Below
shows this dead Eagle seen on the front side
of Babylon Rock close to my old home in the
wilderness, and left of this dead eagle bird
shows the cross of Jesus Christ with him tied
to it laying on the ground put there by this
gone mad nation Church of today!
Below the dead Eagle nation
you can see another picture
of the Lava Flow from Hawaii
along with the image of
Adolph Hitler and his military
solute, as these two go
together! Notice this dark
Eagle bird nation heading to
the left into the White Hot
nuclear bombs of the Russian
bear. Notice this bird nation
with its mouth wide open as
usual, heads into nuclear
war. Notice below his open
mouth, you can see the lower
part of this eagle bird nation
with its lower part blown off
Red Fire ... Red
soon to hit this nation!
You can see German, Hitler
Trump with his hand on the
steering wheel racing down
the road with the Dust
billowing out behind him!
Left is Babylon Rock that I named
some 25 years ago one mile from my
home. Notice this Eagle Bird nation
laying dead on the ground and left of
it shows the
Cross of Jesus Christ
laying on the ground as this nation
and its Churches has trample Jesus
down into the ground and God is
saying today
, "It is Finished!"

Above the capital letter R in Rock,
you can see the oval office of the
Presidency, and right of the word
Politics you can see the Open Bible of
JESUS blown up below, showing the
wolf preachers today preaching lies
of garbage out from God's Holy Bible. Notice the capital
letters of
JESUS that God burned out in solid rock
above his Open Bible with the wolf preachers
preaching lies from the Bible and dragging behind
them the
getting ready to cut off the dead heads of the Church
as he show this in the large Open Vision below of this
scene of the Church has come to the end of her road
and will not be anymore as she was.
About one inch right and above
the Dead Head Church, you can
see the abbreviated
I.S. for ISIS
who are cutting off the heads of
the Christians. God shows this in
solid rock he burned out, showing
he is now ready to cut off the
headship of Satan over his gone
down the drain eagle bird Church
but he will get many of them back
again after they repent before
they all die from the Old Hitler Regime now before their very eyes here in his second Jer-USA-lem
nation who has gone down the drain and soon will be no more ... also seen in Jeremiah 15:1-2. This
passage says,
"Even if Moses and Samuel were to stand before me, my heart would not go out to this
people ... send them away. And if they say, Where shall we go ...
tell them ... Those destined for death to
death ... those to the sword to the sword ... those to starvation to starvation ... those for captivity to
," Jeremiah 15:1-2 ...

Jesus said in Eccl. 1:9-11 and Rev. 1:19 same type of numbers ... "What was before will be again and
what is now was before there is nothing new under the Sun
." O' fallen, sleeping Church of the last
days, your days are all over! Read about in these Babylon books of Jeremiah seen in his 50-51
chapters, for it speaks also today of the last and third Babylon. The first Babylon was taken down by
God seen in Genesis
"11:1-9" ... the second Babylon was removed in the days of the Jews seen in
"9:11" when the Jews sinned! As God works in groups of "3"s we now see when the towers
in NYC Babylon fell was on
"9/11/1" ... the same exact numbers of first Babylon but in reverse!
Accident? Not hardly! In second Babylon in the days of the Jews we see

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Donald Hitler Saluting Trump
HItler Trump 45