father - son - unholy spirit
Father Son and Holy Spirit is God Almighty! He made man in his own image,
body, soul and spirit. Left is a picture of father god in man form spoken about
in Revelation 13:14 as in an image, seven foot bronze image of Bill Clinton,
The next image God shows the son in red pants Burning Bush 43 from Washington as Bill Clinton is
number 42. God shows George W. Red Pants Burning Bush as of old in the days of the first Moses,
but today in the days of second Moses, yours truly. You can see Burning Bush with a white head
talking today to the Goats Churches in this great sign from Almighty God. George W. Bush is seen as
the son of God!  Over the top of his white head is the white head of the skull of a beast which he is.

The last and third part of Satan's trinity is loud mouth unholy spirit Donald J. Trump 45 that the entire
world today are hearing! I take you to what Jesus told his disciples, when he said he must go and
they said to him, why? Jesus said, if I stay on earth you can only hear me speaking in one place, but if
I go the Holy Spirit will come and then you can hear me through the Holy Spirit everywhere.

Loud speaker Donald J. Trump 45 is heard all around the world today big time with his huge loud
speaker mouth blasting out lies to the entire world today, the false holy spirit of the beast system on
The Huge tower of the babbling idiot today, Donald J.
Horny Trump 45 is seen left and to go down shortly
after the 42 months of Satan's wrath is over. There is
one seat open in the world bank area and this number
"666." God Almighty has "3" parts to him and Satan
copies God also in
"3" parts, father, son and unholy

God works in groups of
"3"s and always has from the
beginning of time. Three parts to the God Head who
created man also in three pars, body, soul and spirit.
God used
"3" ages of mankind on earth, Adam, Jews
and Gentiles and each has had their 2000 years on
earth and each 42 generations, and all
"3" ages of
man kind has fallen to Satan!
The second age of man were the Jews who also had a Golden Gate on the west as does this last
second Jer-
USA-lem with "3" capital letters in the middle of a "9" letter word, as number "9" refers
to Judgment now here on earth today with the water of Noah and today the Fire from Jesus Christ
that is already here.

God put his second Jer-
USA-lem in a large land of "3" coastlines ... "3" timezones ... "3" thousand
miles from east to west. We add 3 + 3 + 3 = "Jer-
USA-lem" a "9" letter word with "3" letters in the
middle making up the
"3"rd age of mankind!

The Vacant Seat Number 666 in the European
Parliament ... Unquote:

They say this seat  is saved for Bill Clinton
number 42 ... the first head of the "
Numbeuropean Parliament
God is the God of Numbers and not the little
god ... Satan that the sleeping, dog-pig
Churches of 2 Peter 2;20-22 claim. Add just
the "2"s and we see
"10" sleeping Virgins
of Matthew 25:6-7. Above in front of this
European Parliament building, sets the
woman Church of today riding the beast.

God confirms this fact from his Hubble
space telescope in his heavens seen left.
You can see this
scarlet red headed woman
Church of Matthew 24 and 25
riding the
president beast who they put into office.
This shows the first head of the
presidents and the first one was Bill Clinton
42. Above her red head of Rev.
17:1-7 you can see number
"42" ... Clinton.
You can see under the word ... number 42, the face and head of a baby, meaning the Church of
today are not grown up but are still Babies seen in Zechariah
5:5-11 and Hebrews 5:11-14. We add
just the two
"5"s and we see the "10" still sleeping Virgins still as babies and following the beast
and riding naked on its back.
<-----number "42."
Left shows today's naked bottom Church riding on the head of the
beasts today! Notice the red fire right of her is soon to burn her
naked butt. This was taken from one of God's fiery burning
volcano's showing the beast with his head turned around looking
at you ...
notice his forehead, eyes, nose and mouth. He is
standing on his two front beastly legs and setting down on his two
beastly hind legs with his tail stick out behind him. This is a
picture of today without a shadow of a doubt.

Now to cap off this awesome Open Vision message, we see the
"666" the Bible speaks about of the "3" beast "666" men that
God is using to take down this
enemy Church of today in Isaiah

All "3" beast men were born in year "46" ... "666." Trump was
Loud Mouth Unholy Spirit
Red Fire Burning Pants Bush
Image Bill Rev. 13
born month "6" ... Bush born month "7" ... Clinton was born month "8" ... now we see "6-7-8." Now
you say, so what? So what does these numbers mean? Wen add 6 + 7 + 8 =
"21" the last verse of
the Holy Bible, the end! Add 21 ... 2 + 1 =
"3" end time Churches, Catholic, Protestant and
Pentecostal. We also see these three numbers
"6-7-8" are the "3" beast "666" men who all "3"
ride the Pale Horse of DEATH seen in Revelation "6:7-8."
Number 21 seen above, the last verse of God's Holy
Bible and now today the last chapter of his Holy Bible,
"22" the year this last day Moses Prophet of
God was born, we see the end of days as we know
them! Left is a Solar Eclipse that started over St. Paul
Oregon a small county a few miles east of the capital of
Oregon and an area where I grew up as a child. This
eclipse refers to a
new beginning and happened one
day before my birthday of August 22. Now we see in
reverse he end of the Bible ... Revelation 22:21. We
add 22:21 ... 2 + 2 + 2 = "6" plus 1 = "7" =
Number "67" ties into the first two heads of the "666" beasts of Isaiah "66:6." (42 and 43 added is
"67")  Both came out from the Church of Matthew 25 verses "6-7" as did God's last day second
Moses Prophet yours truly born
"6" of "7" children and preaching today at the very HOUR of
seen in Revelation 14 verses "6-7." Now we multiply 6 x 7 = "42" the first head of the
"3" headed lion beast soon to appear on the world stage!

Above God shows yours truly ... the red section in the Oregon map as they blew up the county of St.
Paul, another miracles from Almighty God also showing a
red ring around my eye, I am looking at
the Solar Eclipse which means a new beginning is coming in but the old is going out first. Below my
eye you can see the grey bears of Russia and China are moving down from the North covering over
the eye of this blind Pig nation and Church who are still swimming with  Fish tail the early Church
were seen as ... fishers of man's souls but are seen today in 2 Peter 2:20-22 who has returned to her
wallowing in the mud.

Notice the bears are covering over the eye of the this Pig nation who sees nothing of their coming
demise! It was 2001 when I spoke from telephone from South Carolina on long and short wave radio
... an old prophet who read one of my many books speaking about the end of days ... this was 18
years ago. The first thing he asked me over the air ...
"Who is the beast?" All I knew at that time
was just the first head of the beast,
"Bill Clinton number "42." Next without asking I said, "Russia
will Nuclear bomb this nation!
" ... I said this 18 years ago and now it is just before our faces!

Now do you want to know what happens before the "3" headed
"666" Lion beast comes into power
as one? Russia and China move into the picture that forces Clinton 42 and Bush 43 added together
"67" ... 6 x 7 = the first head of the beast ... Clinton "42." The "666"  seat has already been filled!

The messages around this message are all very important messages to say the very least. After the
ministry from South Carolina where the Solar Eclipse left the USA,  hung up, I opened my Bible and it
opened to Revelation 8:1 not by accident but by the Almighty hand of God which said after the half
hour I was on the phone talking to the world about the end of days, this passage stated ...
was silent for about half an hour

Gods Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...