You Who Light Your Own Fires
10. "Who among you fears the Lord and obeys the word of his servant? Let the one who walks in the
dark, who has no light, trust in the name of the Lord  and rely on their God. 11
But now, all you who
light fires and provide yourselves with flaming torches, go, walk in the light of your fires and of the
torches you have set ablaze
. This is what you shall receive from my hand: You will lie down in
." Isaiah 50:10-11 ...
Isaiah 50 drop the zero which means nothing here, and you see the
"5" fingered hand of Almighty God coming against you. You came out
from the
"10" sleeping Virgin Churches  of Jesus Christ and gone
mad ... number
"11" is the number of Jesus Christ who has "11"
letters in his name.

I have and am experiencing today this above passage that the Lord  
took me to today! It touches on my own family and Jesus said, your
enemies will be the members of your own house hold! This not only
refers to my own family but it also refers to the family of God! One
thing that really bothers me are all the Open Visions I have shown for
many years, many of them burned out in solid Rock where I had lived
"28" years by the fire finger of Almighty God and others shown
in cloud form in God's heavens, made by him and yet they still come against God's anointed! God
shows yours truly from a Tropical Storm a few years ago on Election Day over this nation blowing
JESUS Trumpet across this entire nation, and the head of my Trumpet shows the head of his
Son, Jesus Christ hitting this Eagle Bird nation in its head killing it. The head of Jesus killing this
Eagle Bird once Godly nation is seen over the state of Florida as I show below.
You can see the map of the USA
under this storm picture from
Almighty God. You can plainly see this
Paul Ministry of today flying this Jesus
Trumpet over this second
USA-lem nation on Election day a
few years ago. The head of my
message shows plainly the face of
Jesus Christ looking down!

Below in my Adobe Photo section of
my computer, I removed the
substance leaving only the face of
yours truly and also the face of Jesus

Below the head of Jesus Christ you
can see the state of Florida! Beast
Trump says Florida is his favorite
state! Below Paul Blowing this awesome
message, is a mushroom nuclear storm cloud
of a nuclear explosion over a freeway
showing "3" cars under it, which refers to the
"3" gone mad, so called Christian religions
today, Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal.

God is showing the
! Now hold on to your
pants for in the open window ready to
happen in cloud form, shows the word this is
over ... the
Church  ... who has gone astray
like her sister, the Jews went astray 2000
years ago!

Below this nuclear explosion over Florida,
you can see from God's fiery volcano, the
Goat Church of today talking to the Red fiery
pants President who is from Satan who he
says he is from Almighty God but is a gross
liar instead.
You can see over his Satanic
head, the skull head of the Beast, Satan.
Right of his white head as he claims to be a
good Christian but is a liar, you can see the
black devil in the group of "3" ... the Goat
Church, Beast Trump and right ... black Satan.

Below this you can see a real nuclear bomb
going off and I turned this sideways to show
you this Goat Church going up into the air by
rocket power. This rocket power is being
shown today in North Korea for this picture is
now at hand! Wake up O' Sleeping Church
your days are now at hand!

At the top of this sideways Nuclear explosion
you can see this Bald Eagle Nation with its
white head and
Golden Donald Trumps beak
looking to the right. Below this you can see
White Skull of the DEAD in this nation
soon and suddenly!

Below the dead skulls of this nation you can
see the Head of a Dragon, Serpent facing
right who is now in power in the White House
acting like he is a good man when he is full of
the Dragon, Satan who has the
Setting Duck
Church in his mouth seen below
Above is a baseball game outside Chicago, of
God showing this last day third and final
from Adam number "1" ... the Jews
"2" and now the Church number "3"
all taken down by the
Dragon, Satan! The last
two lights,
Catholic and Protestant seen
above, shows the
Sleeping, Setting Duck
in the mouth of the Dragon also seen
left under the dead white heads of this last
day Church!

Now I wonder who made these images above
if not my Almighty God?
Church today your
setting Ducks with Dragon Satan and Trump!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope
world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul ...
Above is Duck and Dragon
Goat Church goes up in fire led by Golden beak bill,
eagle bird Trump is seen over the white dead skull
Church of today. Below shows the Dragon!
<---Dead Church
Goat Church goes up in fire