Your Gambling - The Fiery End
June 25 (UPI) -- Northern California's wind-driven Pawnee Fire grew to more than 8,700 acres
Monday, destroying nearly two dozen structures and leaving and hundreds more are at risk,
emergency officials said.
 (The date ties into "6-7" and  25 ties into Matthew 25:6-7 ... June the "6"th
month and 25 added is "7" ties into this ministry born "6" of "7" Children in a preachers home
preaching today seen in Revelation 14 verses "6-7" from my third flying in midair angel websites
preaching true Gospel at the HOUR OF JUDGMENT

About 600 homes in Lake County, near San Francisco, were under evacuation orders Monday
morning. Those who stayed were advised to limit water use so firefighters can battle the flames.

The community of Spring Valley was evacuated Saturday, and the order was extended to all roads
accessed by Old Long Valley Road and New Long Valley Road, north of Highway 20. About 3,000
people live in the affected area.
Wake Up O' Sleeping Church! This
is the name of my second book
written to the Church which I
published in 1991. A short time ago a
man in northern California heard
about my Ministry and found one of
my books at Pam's used book store
in Portland,Oregon and bought it for
$35.00. At this time the Lord had told
me the beast of Revelation would
come from the Presidency of this
gone down the drain nation which I
talk about in this book of over 300
pages and 19 chapters. Number "19"
is the day this lion beast was born on
Leo the Lion month of August "19" ...
Bill Clinton 42 from Washington.

The fiery volcano left, the sign of a
nuclear bomb going off with a gay woman looking at you from the top left with her gay tongue
sticking out at you, as they use their tongues to make love, and the straight women Churches on
the top right looking down from being blown up, also looking down. The baby Churches spoken
about in Zechariah 5:5-11 in the OT and Hebrews 5:11-14 in the NT both speaks about these sleeping
Churches of today are babies but this nuclear bomb wakes them all up. It was 2008 when the
hurricane storm hit the south coastline of the USA named
DOLLY. We add 2 + 8 = "10" sleeping
Virgins. Below shows the center of this storm as Jesus who soon works with this sleeping baby.
Baby Church--->
The baby dolly Church of today sleeping, leaning its
head against the stem of the nuclear bomb with only
a small ring over the head of this Church who has
never grown up to maturity! These people will also be
seen in Revelation
"8" ... this storm of two thousand
"8."  You will be drinking poison water and
eating poison food, a horrible way to die but this will
give you time to repent of worshipping the devil who
they think is Jesus but Satan himself that Jesus
warned us about would happen 2000 years ago.

The red fiery end
of the gambling
Churches today,
6000 years of
mankind on earth
... it is finished!
This is the end for gambling "V"irgins----->
God says this is your very
Gays on the top left and straight on top right being
blow up with baby Church under partial covering
This shows the
Virgins above
and her Vagina
going up in
nuclear smoke,
the dark V
above and the
white V below
are soon to
burn like never
<----Virgins Vagina
Jesus said people are seen as trees, now
look at the Open Vision on the right it
shows the dark letter "V" as pointed out
and below shows the
white letter "V" in
tree form getting ready to BURN

The End For Today's Church  ... Click the
left side of your mouse on the blue above
to see this nuclear bomb going off that
points out the naked Churches of today, a
must to read!

666 ... Clinton 42 ... Bush 43 ... Trump 45 ...
all "3" were born in year "4
6" ... "666."
God says in Isaiah "66:6" "What is that
sound in the city ... what is that noise
coming from the TEMPLE,
It is the sound of the Lord
repaying his ENEMIES ...
(The Church) all
they deserve."
Isaiah 66:6 ...

Trump was born month "6" ... Bush month
"7" ... Clinton month "8" ...
"6-7-8." This
ties these "3" beast
"666" men into Rev.
"6:7-8." These "3" beast men are the
Pale Riders of DEATH and hades, hell
follows close behind!

God's Ring of fire - Hubble telescope
world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul ...
<---Churches head
looking down
PS:  Quote: Clinton was nearly impeached by
Congress in 1998 over his affair with Lewinsky, a
White House intern in her early 20s, but his
presidency survived. Around the anniversary, the
incident was reanalyzed through the lens of #MeToo,
giving it a fresh perspective.

The beast is already here! This is also seen in Rev.
13:11-18. T
his begins that both beast men came from
the same land and both having the same power, both
from the USA and both presidents Bill 42 and Bush 43
added together is
"67" who goes after the sleeping
Church of Matthew 25:
Beast Bill 42 seen in Rev. 13:3 one of
the beasts seemed to have a fatal
wound that healed. Bill & Monica
Revelation 13:14 speaks about Bill Clinton and his statue being
setup! Left you see Bill's "7" foot bronze statue with himself standing
beside it also waving at you. The two number "2"s are seen over his
shoulder as meaning "22" refers to the end of days, also the last
Chapter of the Holy Bible ... Revelation 22! This also touches on
God's last day Prophet who was born on Leo the Lion month of
August "22"  ... yours truly.

Revelation 13:11-18 shows this second beast, George W. Bush 43 as
doing miraculous thing in plain view of  men! Bush 43 causing fire to
fall from heaven in plain view of men. This happened when Bush 43
was President when he sat his war ships in the Ocean and shot
smart guided missiles at Iraq that the whole world saw on TV. He is
the president spoken about in Revelation 13:11-18 who lifts up Bill
Clinton as the first Beast and George is the second Beast.

Below statue Bill you can see two number
"7"s as "77" seen in
Daniel 9:24 is decreed for your people and land to stop sinning.
Left is a picture from God, this number "77" cloud over my
home in the wilderness that is also seen in Daniel 9:24 ...
added is "33" ... the "33" years ago when I came back to the
Lord at the age of 50 years old that means a new beginning.

This is also the age of Jesus when he died and rose again
still "33" years of age when he comes back into his 1000
year kingdom seen on the end of this Daniel 9:24. You can
see me at the end of this passage when it states,
and Prophecies are soon to come to an end
, and after his
we see Jesus Christ "33" coming into his 1000 year
kingdom on earth.

It was a few years ago when this Boeing 777 crash landed in
San Francisco showing on the wing
7742. When this nation
soon to crash land ... crashes, then this beast comes back
into the picture seen in Revelation 17:8. The beast who
once was, now is not and yet is coming! Those who will be
surprised when this happens, their names are not written
in the Lambs book of life! Read it. Why? Because if you are
truly a son of God, you would know it ... for Jesus says,
sheep hear my voice

Prophet Paul ...