You Guessed It - 2nd Hitler
Dictator Trump
Almighty God has shown us today without hesitations, period ... the Commander in Chief setting in
the White House with his jaw locked. Donald Hitler Dictator Trump refusing to listen to truth! He sets
as Dictator Hitler in the White House of second Jer-
USA-lem not budging! You guessed it, the
biggest Mouth President ever to set behind the Steering Wheel of his black-bird hotrod guiding this
nation into white hot nuclear war coming from Putin of Russia.

The top left corner came from the 50th state of this 50 state Union of second Jer-
USA-lem, Hawaii.
God shows who is now setting in the drivers seat, the
BEAST ... Adolph Dictator Trump who studied
Hitler when he was married to his first of "3" wives as she once said. This top left and the large one
just above this message in hot rock form from God Almighty, shows Adolph Dictator Trump 45 racing
down the road in his hot ... black red hot rod and running into white hot nuclear war with Russia with
his big black-bird mouth Wide Open as usual! Notice the dust billowing out behind him as he roars
down the road taking this once Godly Church and nation into hell fire and brimstone!

You can see second HItler with his hands on the steering wheel of this nation with his feet sticking
below as he roars down the road into white hot hell fire and brimstone
... writing on wall, and  
blowing off the lower section of his Open Bird Mouth ...
the White House; notice the red fiery blood
soon to show up! He says he is concerned about our southern board
er with Mexico and has shut
down the White
House where he says he will stay during the holiday, Christmas!

This stubborn Roman Catholic who calls himself a Christian but one from hell itself, is running the
show today. God not only shows Trump as HItler in solid rock form top left ... but he also shows him
in white smoke top right, with a black mustache coming out from the Abyss, hell if you will from a
volcano made by Almighty God.

The Bible says, Judgment first begins at the house of God
... meaning 2nd Jer-USA-lem. But
Judgment is also happening around the world as well. Earthquakes, Volcano's, angry oceans
washing out cites as God has
, and is opening up hell on earth to punish mankind who has turned
against him. My Bible says,
"In the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of the Coming of the
Son of Man!

Now put on your thinking cap for as in the days of Noah all life was gone, drowned out by Water
"8" people in all and two of every kind of animal! Today as in the days of Noah ... out of 7
Billion people in the world today ...
"how many will survive?" You guessed it ... "Not Many!"
Right is HItler
Dictator Donald
Trump racing his
black bird hot-rod
with his big
bird mouth wide
open as usual
heading into Putin
of Russia's White
Hot Nuclear
Coming up
from Abyss
Trump Hitler runs into nuclear War loosing lower Jaw
As in the days of Noah so shall it
be in the days of the coming of
the Son of man, Jesus Christ!
Some years ago when I was still
under the name of this ministry
"'Alpha & Omega
," I took this picture of a
huge rock as also seen today as
writing is on the wall!
Today meaning the Wall of Rock
written out by the fire
finger of
. God had me take this
picture with my good cannon
, and putting it into my
Adobe Photo sec
tion of my
computer, and seeing the
message in solid rock, i used my
mouse and drew lines around
the subjects showing what God
was writing on the stone Wall.
So we see the hand-writing is on the wall today big time, showing what is now getting ready to take
place! We begin on the left and work to the right. We see the pretty Rachel Church face to face with
the black
headed ... black hearted Preachers of today ... dancing with them while second Rome,
second Jer-
USA-lem is burning down!

Right of them you can see the first two beasts that came before Donald, HItler, Dictator Trump 45.
The first head right of the black preachers head, i
s Bill Clinton number 42. On his shoulder I saw the
number "
67" that I outlined. Below Bill I outlined the Texan hat of Texan Bush 43 from Texas and
adding 42 with 43 =
"67." In this awesome Open Vision in solid rock! God burned this out in solid
! I only outlined and removed very, very little of this picture to show what God burned out in
without a shadow of a doubt.

You can see this ministry ... God's second Moses Ministry seen here with golden hair, and my two
arms in the air as first Moses did parting the Red Sea for the Jews and now today for this last day
Ministry of Moses "2" for the 144,000 of Revelation 14:1-5 who soon go to heaven to be with Jesus
while the rest of the Church who has not overcome Satan yet stay behind to be purified by
FIRE for
God is a consuming FIRE!
Again, "The Handwriting is on the Wall per Daniel
" ... today for the Churches. Both this Open
Vision and the one above I took these pictures
close to my 28 year home in the wilderness 43
hundred feet in elevation before moving to
down town Klamath soon to Fall
USA Oregon.

I was born in year "34" added with "43" hundred
feet in elevation is
"77." Below this image on
the wall seen left, is cloud number
"77" seen in
Daniel 9:24 beginning with number "77" is
decreed for your people to stop sinning!  After
this you can see this Ministry of Open Visions
and Prophecies coming to a close
, and after the
"42" months of wrath is over Jesus Christ sets
up his 1000 year kingdom on earth! Jesus died
at the age of
"33" and rose again still "33"
years of age ... Daniel 9 + 24 =

You can see the two war horses of Russia and
China coming against the gay forehead of Old
George Washington and pushing out of his
mouth the "3" ...
"666" Lying Lion Beast
President men of the Apocalypse seen in Isaiah
"66:6" the enemies of God, the Temple
Churches and God is using "3" Lion beast
Presidents to do his job cleaning up the Church!
Below number "77" again in solid Rock Form from God
Almighty close to my old home, shows Isaiah 2:19-22
, the
woman Church
heading the rocks and holes in the
ground to hide from Almighty God when he rises to
shake the earth. Notice when this happens, she is
wearing a popular hairdo,
a bun on top of her head!
Notice left of her head is the head of a pig looking down
showing she is the
PIG of 2 Peter 2:20-22. Notice also
she is wearing a heav
y winter coat suggesting this
happens in winter
! Jesus said in Matthew 24:20 ... pray
this does not happen in winter
! the worst time to move.
The hand writing in on the wall!
Look at the top right of this wall
picture that God burned out with
his hand of fire in solid Rock ... the
two legs of the "3" lion Swastika
president beasts coming down
from the Open Wall picture above
and coming out from the mouth of
this nation hit by the two
RED bear
war horses of Russia and China
! This happens when the Bull
Stock Market falls and
it is falling
today fast and furious
! The time
hen this happens the RED BEAR
Market of Red Russia and Red
China moves in
. Means soon!

Ending this awesome message
showing today, is another Open
Vision from God Almighty close to
my old home, shows the clamshell
trap of Luke 21:34 closing down
upon the sleeping Church ... read
it. Here we see the BULL market
laying down on the ground of what
is happening today!
They are seen
naked as pointed out, the 10
sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25:6-7.
Now look at the top right corner
and you see the
Red Russian and
Chinese soldiers coming in
The Red Beat Market is now appearing! O stark naked Church of today your time has run out and will
be no more! You are only circumcised in the flesh and not your heart as Jesus told us
, we are to be
circumcised in the
HEART and not the flesh!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
The Handwriting is on the Rock Wall!
The handwriting is on the stone wall by God!