Your End Has Come 7 Churches!
God's face
saying your end
has come
Churches ...
you are done!
You have come
to the end of
your road it is
The Alaskan "7" earthquake God speaks out today seen in the black roadway broken off and left of
the word SAYING ... your end has come is God's nose, mouth and chin and he is saying it is finished!
God is speaking today, you "7" Churches ...
it is finished! ... your road has come to a drastic end as
seen above ... what comes next? The Red Bears of Russia and China comes next, after this nation
goes bankrupt which has already begun ... General Motors and Sears Roebuck has already started.
Left a hurricane storm off the East Coast God
shows the bears of Russia and China now raising
up on one side watching the bear market of the
USA leaving the picture. And on his way out you
can see the
Yellow and Red Bull's eye on his
large stomach
. This is also the sign of Trump with
his Trumpet over his Bully head looking at you
while he blows his lying trumpet today! The two
bears are waking up today ... what will you do?

Alaska the coldest state in second Jer-
Road is at an end!
Your Road Has Ended 7 Churches
They are also seen as cold to Jesus
Christ today who they believe is
Satan and they believe Satan is
Jesus Christ as Jesus warned us
about this would happen 2000 years

Below is another Open Vision from
Almighty God, showing him with a
red fire burning under him
standingon on his high white
mountain with his leff arm pulled
back hitting this woman Church off
his high mountain. Notice her white
head, large breats, thin waist as God
is knocking her off hit high mountain
and she will not rule anymore for
she is at the end of her road as God
shows below.

Below God knocking these "7"
Churches of today off his high
mountain, is another Open Vision
taken from a volcano in Iceland
showing the ice-cold "7" Churches
of today with the top head of Jesus
with the head of a PIG left of his
head and the capital letter "C" for
Church on the right side of Jesus' head. Jesus Christ is head
over the "7" Churches and are soon and has already begun to
scream out, bloody murder as what is taking place today to them;
the "7" Churches ... the "7" magnitute earthquake in cold, cold
Alaska that also represents the cold "7" Churches.

Notice below
God knocking this naked woman Church off his
high mountain,
the "V for Virgins" are now beginning to scream
out already, help me
! This has already begun in Paradise,
California ... people praying to God ... Help Me for
we are being
burned out!
Storms on the East Coast ... tornadoes all over this
gone to
POT nation today ... Earthquakes by the hundreds in
Alaska! God is moving on quickly and the "7' Churches are
beginning to scream out!  
What we see today is just the
beginning of Sorrows!
Winds, Fires, Earthquakes ... murders and
the list goes on and on and on
and God says ... wake up and
repent of go to hell
... "It is the beginning of the End!
God moves from from the South to the North as the
bird flies ... into the cold land of the North from the
hot fires in the South. He is going from Hot to Cold
and Jesus said in Matthew 24:20 ... Pray that your
flight of moving out from the Cities does not happen
in winter! Winter begins this month of December
and this number
"21" is the last chapter of God's Holy
Bible, Revelation

We add 2 + 1 =
"3" the very end of days for the "3"
gone to POT Churches, Catholic, Protestant and
. Left is the picture of the Church of today
over Iceland who are
icecold to Jesus Christ today
who they think is Satan and they think Satan is Jesus!

The shaking in Alaska, another cold, cold place,
shows the
"7" Churches, the number "7" earthquake
... are beginning to scream out seen left!

Left shows an Open Vision from the Paradise Fire in
California, showing the large letter
"G" for "GOD"
showing his
Hammer is now Falling upon his sinful
Church and world today
... He is saying in no
uncertain terms
... "It is Finished!  

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Pig head Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22 seen
left ... Face of Jesus over Pig Church
under Jesus' face and they are now
beginning to scream out with the large
"C" for Church right of Jesus' head.
God says
my hammer
is falling ...
repent or
go to hell!