Woman Mayor - Paradise - Trump
It was yesterday Saturday 11/17/18
when Beast Trump 45 visited
Paradise, California where the fire
from Almighty God destroyed her
completely! The woman Mayor of
this high profile land of second
USA-lem, is a sign from God
Almighty of the
Woman Church
burning down
with no one to stop
the fire! God taking down the
Woman Church of today seen in
24 and 25 ... added is "67"
burning down at the end of the "6"
the "6"th Millennium and making
way for the
"7"th Millennium, the
1000 year Kingdom of Jesus Christ
now getting ready to reign.
Notice about half of the USA ... God's second Jer-USA-lem flag showing this nation now ready to
burn by nuclear was from Russia because she has gone bananas and soon will be no more! God
shows "3" beast men of the
"666" taking down his last day Church because they have become his
enemies seen in Isaiah
"66:6." God says in this passage ... "What is that noise in the cities ... what is
that sound coming from the Temples
(Meaning the Churches) it is the sound of the Lord repaying
his enemies all they deserve
."  Isaiah "66:6"

Donald J. Trump 45 is the third and final beast President of this second Jer-USA-lem nation now
going down the drain along with two other beast Presidents, Bill Clinton "42" and George W. Bush
43, and all three came out from the Sleeping Church. (It was the early Church who said, the
anti-Christ is already with us) Clinton the first of the "3" beast Presidents, were born in year
"46" ...
Bush next was also born in year "46" and thirdly Trump was born in year "46
." Now we see
"666" of Isaiah "66:6" that God is using to take out this "666" Church of Isaiah "66:6."

We go back to the very first line to this awesome message and we see when this third beast visited
the sign of the Woman Churches of Paradise burning down ...
11/17/18. 11 + 17 + 18 = "46." We add
... 4 + 6 = "10" sleeping Virgins of Matthew 24 and 25 equals "6-7" This equals Matthew 25
added is "7" Churches of verses "6-7." Matthew 24 and 25 = "6-7." God is now in the process of
bringing to a close this
"6"th age and now we are going into the "7"th age of mankind ... leaving
"6" and going into number "7" ... "67."

God is the God of numbers not Satan the sleeping Churches claim. God began his Bible with "67"
and also ended it with
"67" using numbers that add up to "67." God created man seen in Genesis
one on the
"6"th day of a "7" day week ... "67." God ends his Bible in Revelation 22:21 added is 2 +
2 + 2 = "6" plus 1 = "7" =
"67." Now we the end of days, today, as we know them. We are going from
the "6" Millennium into the "7"th Millennium ...

God is using his end time Prophet to bring these messages to a Church gone to sleep and sleep
today with Satan who they let in bed with them, now committing adultery on Jesus Christ, an
adulterous Church today! I was born
"6" of "7" children in a preachers home in year "34." I preach
this awesome message today to the
3 + 4 = "7" Churches! I preach this truthful and awesome
message today at the
HOUR of JUDGMENT from my final and last third flying in midair Angel website
seen in Revelation 14 verses

The first head of the
"3" headed LION Beast is Bill Clinton number 42. We multiply 6 X 7 = "42."
We add 6 + 7 = "13" the number of Witchcraft that touches on the second head, George W. Burning
Bush who was announced the second head of the beast on December
"13" 2000, the second head
of the beast George Bush 43. It was the Republican beasts who aced our the Democrats ... Al Gore
as Al was Gored by the Republican beast party on the
"13"th of December 2000. Al Gore won the
Popular and also the Electoral votes but the beast Republican Party used the Hanging Shads to
deceive the people of this nation and it worked.

This didn't stop here but it has happened again this year in Florida, the same state it happened
before in Florida where Bushes younger Brother, Jeb was governor. They re-counting the votes
again one vote at a time. This also ties in with beast President, Donald J. Trump 45 who demanded a
recount. The Republican Party used to be known as the Christian Party but today are seen big time
as Satan's Party and they are the ones putting this final and third Hitler type beast man into office!
Trump began his reign
1/20/2017. We drop the zero which means nothing here and we add 1/2/2/1/7
"6-7" at the end of the 6000 years and the beginning of the 7000 years when Jesus kicks him out
and reigns for 1000 years seen in Zechariah
5:5-11 when the new White House is built here in this
third Babylonian nation after the fire has finished burning off the garbage from this nation.  

Now we add Zechariah 5:5-11 and we see this! 5 + 5 + 11 =
"21." This number "21" is the end of the
Holy Bible of Revelation 22 verse
"21." The last chapter and verse of the Holy Bible is Rev. 22:21. It
was last year of Leo the Lion month of August
"21" one day before my Leo the Lion birthday of
"22" happened, a Solar Eclipse when over St. Paul Oregon, a small county and left going
out over South Carolina where the Storm
Florence came in! Some years ago i had lived in Florence,
Oregon ... signs all over the place and given by Almighty God!
Solar Eclipse means a new beginning is
coming.  You can see where the Oregon map
people put the red mark on St. Paul. They also
blew up this small county of St. Paul and putting
a red ring around my eye as I watched in signs
the Solar Eclipse going over my head. The new
beginning is coming in, the 1000 year kingdom
of Jesus Christ! But first before this happens
we see the Grey Bear of Russia and China
coming in from the North, covering the eye of
this PIG Nation and PIG Church of 2 Peter
-22 and number "22" means the end my
birthday number and the end of the Holy Bible.
Here we see myself riding on this Pig nation and Church of today, and below my head and face
looking to the left, are the
Grey Bears of Russia and China moving down from the North covering
the eye of this Pig Church Nation today who see nothing. This fish Church of the last days are
swimming with the head of the PIG and with the tail of the Fish as the Church began as Fishers of
Men's souls still preaching somewhat about fish, but you can see what God shows who these fish
men really are today ... their black noses and pushed out black mouth seen above.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...