Woman Church In Eye Of Bear
... all with Bun Hairdo ...
On the News yesterday a man came home to see a grizzly bear in his yard and he shot and killed the
bear. Then he went into his house to find his wife and baby daughter dead, they were killed by the
Grizzly BEAR.   

A grizzly bear has killed a woman and her 10-month-old baby in Canada.  The Yukon
Coroner's Service says
37-year-old Valerie Theoret and infant Adele Roesholt died in the
attack in the Yukon near the Northwest Territories border.     

The top left God shows in his clouds what is getting ready to happen to the sleeping Church of
today. The Bears from the North ... Russia and China are coming in to take out the
"10" sleeping Baby
... also seen as the 37 year old woman added is also seen as the "10" sleeping Churches
of today
who has never grown up to maturity. On the top right I took from a volcano this Open Vision
from Iceland ...
a cold area ... of a lightning storm over a mountain showing the Church of today in
the eye of the bears, Russia and China.

You can see this woman Church of today in lightning form, in the eye of the bears. Right of the bears
eye is a blown up picture of the woman Church in the eye of these two bears. You can see her
plainly wearing a Bun on top of her head, also today a popular hairdo among men and women alike.
Below her dark hair you can see her neck and her naked shoulders. You can see left of her neck the
lightning God used to make this image of the woman Church of today.
Baby left ... Mother  next ... top Bear
The Church of today is upside-down!  This image
was taken from the subway showing the woman
Church upside down soon to be running and also
wearing a
Bun-hairdo. Why a Bun hairdo? This
refers to today when this hairdo is popular among
men and women alike.

Below a short distance from home in the
wilderness, God is showing this woman wearing a
Bun hairdo & wearing a heavy winter coat heading
into the rocks to hide from God ... Isaiah 2:19-
22. We
see left of her head the head of a pig, the pig
Church of today seen in 2 Peter 2:20-
22.  Number
"22" means the end, Revelation 22 and this prophet
born day "22" on Leo the Lion month of August 22.
Upside-down                              Church
<---------- Bun
"Men will flee to caves in the rocks and
to holes in the ground from the dread
of the Lord and the splendor of his
majesty, when he rises to shake the
. In that day men will throw away
to the moles and bats their idols of
silver and idols of gold, which they
made to worship. They will flee to
caverns in the rocks and to the
overhanging crags from the fearful
presence of the Lord and the splendor
of his majesty, when he rises to shake
the earth. Stop trusting in man who
has but a breath in their nostrils, of
what account is he?"
Isaiah 2:19-22 ...
Left in cloud form from Almighty God, we see the two headed
woman Church of today, with her white head looking up to
God and her red head talking to the black dragon, Satan who
she thinks is Jesus Christ the devil himself.

Below is the Statue of Liberty in the Hudson Harbor, the first
Gateway into second Jer-
USA-lem on the East, the same first
Gateway into old Jerusalem on the east and the Golden Gate
on the West seen also in the West in California that has
burned down in Paradise and other places on the west coast.

God is plainly showing his face watching second Jer-USA-lem
go to the ground ... cutting of the headship of Satan over this
gone to
POT sleeping Church of today! Notice Father God
looking at the Statue of Liberty ... the woman loosing her
head seen here in cloud form ... cut off and laying on the

Below the soon to be headless Church of today, is this Dog
Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22 soon to be howling when the bears
of Russia and China moves into the picture soon and
Father God ----->
Soon to be headless Church
These two pictures I got from pictures
taken from Clouds just like the one
above of Father God in cloud form
watching what is coming upon this
nation in the Hudson Harbor and the
Statue of Liberty fallen down without a

Notice the headless nation soon to fall,
also has a hair bun on top of her head.
Notice the dog Church howling also has
a white hair bun on top of its head,
meaning the Dog Church. Below the Dog
Church you can see another cloud as a
bear coming in and going after the
sleeping, naked Church showing her
named breast and her head leaning to
the right fast asleep not seen what is
about to happen to her!

Below this is another cloud from God
showing in the cloud a face looking at
you, and someone put the head of a
woman in this cloud, meaning the
woman Church of today so not see
anything because they have their heads
in a cloud.
Right of this you can see God showing a
woman baby Church that has never
grown up to maturity, setting on cloud
"9" sucking her thumb and completely
oblivious of what is about to happen to

Below this you can see another Open
Vision from Almighty God, showing his
last day Prophet, Yours Truly right of his
picture taken from over Canada where
the woman of 37 years old and her child
10 months old that refers to the
sleeping Church of 10 sleeping Virgins.
Hair Bun--->
Dog Church    soon howls
Bears Russia & China
Church with head in clouds
notice sign of head in clouds 2
black eyes and mouth looking
at you!
Naked breasted Woman
Church sleeping w/head
leaning to the right.
I faintly outlined the face and head
of Almighty God seen in this cloud
God showed over Canada where
the woman and child were killed by
this Grizzly bear. Notice right of
this Open Vision I took some time
ago, I could hardly make out the
Capital letter "P" for Prophet Paul
which I outlined who speaks for
God today seen in Romans 3:4 as I
was born in year "34." This
passage states; let God be True
and every man a liar ... as this refers to today! The
Churches of today are liars soon to be taken out!
Above and right shows the face of God in
white and fire red coming in to clean up his
creation gone to POT. This nation has gone to
POT literally and it shows this POT weed being
legalized across this gone to POT nation of
second Jer-
USA-lem. Right shows God
bringing in his nuclear fire bombs to clean up
his creation that went bad and he brings in his Son Jesus Christ to rule for 1000 years ending man's
rule on earth! After this we go into eternity.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Cloud God