Wind - Water - Earthquake - Fire
Southern coast ... Hurricane Irma ... Wind and water ... Earth
quake in Mexico and now hot weather and fire hits
southern California
this week. This ties to the coming in
King of 1 Kings 19:11-13 ... Bill Clinton born on Leo the Lion
month of August "19" the "42'nd president of this nation
and seen in Mother's Bible of
"1942." seen below.
This picture of Mother and myself
was taken the year she passed
away to be  with the Lord in 1985
that was
32 years ago and in
23 means DEATH. Death is
coming soon and William Jefferson
Clinton is seen first in the inside page of Mother's Bible of Oct. 15, 1942 ... born on Leo the Lion
month of August "19" and was the "42"nd president of this nation ... 1942. The bottom line is Matt.
12 and verses 43 to 46. Bill Clinton 42 seen in 1 Kings "19" verses 11-13 and what this passage
speaks about, and Mother's Bible ties into today without a shadow of a doubt. The bottom line in
this inside page of mother's Bible in my hands today, shows the second head of the beast, George
W. Bush "43" ... verses "43" and both men were born in year "46" the last number on this page in
mothers old Bible. (Oct. shows all "3" beasts came out from the 10th Month, Oct. ... 10 sleeping
Virgin Church as the NT states that they were already in the early Church, this the spirit of the

Now what about this last and third beast that makes up the
"666" who takes out the Bad Churches
of today seen in Isaiah
"66:6?" Donald John Trump who has "15" letters in his name is seen in the
first line of Mother's old Bible, the day she bought this Bible Oct. "15." All "3" men were born in year
"46" and here we see "666" of the beast in power today along with two others ahead of him. These
three men are the presidents who ride the Pale Horse of
DEATH today seen in Revelation "6:7-8."

These "3" beast men of the "666" were born, Trump in month "6" Bush in month "7" and Clinton in
"8" and here we see the "3" beast men of the "666" riding the Pale horse of DEATH in
"6:7-8." Now whose God set this all up from the creation of the world if not my God,
Almighty God not the god of the sleeping Churches of today?
This is the top of a large rock close to my home
showing Hillary Clinton running for President some
15-20 years ago as pointed out. God even put the
large capital letter "C" for Clinton in rock form, as I
added the rest of their name. The message is this;
Hillary would run for president while the bear of
Russia sleeps, eye lid closed, but today has
awaken. God has shown Hillary running for
president ahead of the Bear, he also shows Hillary
running ahead of Bill also in rock form below. Bill is
seen below her as Hillary also on top on his head.
This means, she runs for President before he
comes into power as the first head of the beast.
Notice the head of the Indian as this was an Indian
nation. Also notice Bill's girlfriend in Bills eye with her
other hand on the back of old Washington DC where a
young Jewish Intern got involved with Bill and caused
his Impeachment by the House but was healed by the
Senate a little later on seen in Revelation 13:3.

Notice the Open Vision below this one, shows left of
Bill's girlfriend, Monica's hand is on the back of the head
of old Gay George Washington. Notice this nation has
gone gay per God Almighty who made these pictures in
solid rocks. Notice the two heads of horses, the first one
is Russia and the second one is China. When they hit the
forehead of this gay nation it pushed the lion beast out
from the mouth of this gay nation! Left of the lion's head
is the old German Swastika and I outlined the two capital
letter of
CB for Clinton and Bush ... these first two
heads of the beast going after the sleeping Churches of
today. What was before will be again and what is now was
before. Old Hitler and the Jews of the "30's and "40"s
added is "7" dropping the zero ... Jesus said, what was
good for the Jew is now good for the Gentile ... old Hitler
then and in signs today old Hitler of today.

Below this comes from the lava flowing from the volcano
in the Hawaii as God is showing in pure lava flow, the
sign of old Adolf Hitler's famous military solute, with the
large capital letter "V" for virgins, as I added the last
words to virgins.  

Below old Hitler we see another lava flowing from this
same volcano showing the beast of today ... this black
bird beast hotrod running headlong into the white hot
nuclear bombs from Russia. You can see this bastard of
Satan riding this black bird of a nation into nuclear war.
Notice Trump setting in the drivers seat and the dust
billowing out behind him as he roars down the road wide
open today. Now notice what happen to the lower jaw of
the White House is blood! Revealing from God Russia
blows off the lower jaw of the White House of this black
bird nation of today.

This also touches on the back president before Trump,
black Obama-nations 44 who has set everything up ...
who made friends with Russia who this nation is soon to
meet head on in nuclear war! I remind you these two
Open Visions came from Hawaii where Obama-Nation
came from. He is also seen in Matthew 24:15-16 standing
where he does not belong. Obama was the only black
president of this second Jer-
USA-lem nation. Jesus said
in Matthew 24:20 ... pray that your flight out from the cites
does not happen in winter ... 24 + 20 =
"44" get out of
town while you still have a place to go to in the hills.
This is also spoken about in the OT in Ezekiel
7:15-16 ... Matthew 24 added is "6" and Ezekiel
"7" ties to numbers "6-7" seen above heading
this message also seen in Revelation "6:7." As I
was also born "6" of "7" children that lived and
the first son died at birth that would have made
the sign of the
Pale Rider of DEATH. God has
used signs as he promised he would do in Joel
chaper 2 and Acts chapter 2 ... 2 & 2 = "22" at the end of days, today, and the day this old prophet
was born on Leo the lion month of August

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