Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
Left Chris Harrison of this
millionaire game, "Who wants
to be a Millionaire ... is seen
left. There is another one
similar to this show named ...
"Press Your Luck." There is
another one named "Spin the
Wheel of Fortune," also
involving millions of dollars
to a people gone to POT ...
the Church nation of second
USA-lem who went
money crazy at Kingdom time!
Below shows another lucky so to speak game show not laying flat like this one
but raised up showing millions of dollars at times on this wheel of fortune or
going bankrupt. Press Your Luck one is similar to
o ... "Who wants to be a
Left Millionaire Murdering Dr. Mike
Murdock of the Assemblies of God
... Goat Churches 73 years old
colors his hair and goat "T" goat
beard black to make himself look
younger and telling gross lies about
the Bible saying God wants you to
be rich like Murder Mike is rich! He
preaches from the Assemblies of  
Goat Church from South Carolina and also from Texas where
this gross liar of money is from!

He lies and has many other preachers lying like he lies as he
broadcasts his lies along with many others around the entire
world today, messing up countless millions and taking them
to hell with him! He has gotten the Church believing his
gross lies by telling them to reach into their pockets and
take out the
SEEDS ... their Money the seeds ... and plant
them into his and others Ministries like them! For God has
told them they must evangelize the world ... another lie from
Satan who they follow.

"Rod" Parsley from the TBN Pentecostal station from LA
California said a few years ago, that God has loaded the table
down with MONEY and pushed it over to the Church, a lie
from hell. In the same breath he said when the rapture
happens 80 % of LA will be taken out to be with God, another
lie from hell as Jesus said ... you cannot worship me and
His name is Chris short for Christ in signs
me and money at the same table and Jesus also said ... "Broad is the road leading to hell and many are
those who go there and narrow is the road leading to Salvation and few are those who find it!
" This
passage pretty much tell who are liars today coming from the Assemblies of Goat Churches today.

Now I will tell you of "3" Assemblies of God ... today Goat Churches that ties into this ministry in a way
hardly no one knows about! I have a nephew named
"ROB" who lived with me along with his wife and
two boys for one year when I lived in Portland, Oregon before I moved to Klamath county, Oregon. I
and my then friend,
"DUG" started a Church in Beaverton, Oregon and I also included my nephew
"ROB" to be the second Preacher with "DUG." I came into this picture as Prophet. All three of these
men ...
Rod ... Dug and Rob refers to this: The Rod of death from TBN ... another "3" letter word ties
DUG and lastly my nephew ROB ... are all ROBbing the Church today along with Dr. Mike
DOC seen above another Assemblies of Goat Churches.

DUG got angry and wanted to see ROB at this restaurant one Monday morning! God spoke to me and
told me to be at this same restaurant DUG and ROB were meeting at 8:OO a,m. I was there and DUG
asked me why I was there. A few minutes later I knew why i was there. DUG said to ROB, I don't want
to share the pulpit with you! Both men were Pentecostal preachers and ROB went back to the
Assemblies of God ... Goat Church in Eugene, Oregon as preacher. ROB had told me when he lived
with me for a year, that the
"Assemblies of God (Goat) Church is no more than a GMC dealership" ...
meaning they are no more than a
MONEY CHURCH that is tied in with Millionaire Dr. Murdering

A little later on ROB went back to the Assemblies of God headquarters and got a higher degree ...
Dog Pedigree ... and came back to Oregon and took over the preaching at a large Assemblies of God
Church in Albany, Oregon. After that he and his wife went across the ocean and became missionaries
for some years before returning to Oregon. This reminded me what Jesus once said ...
"You go across
land and sea to get one single convert and you make him twice the son of hell as your are

I don't know if ROB reads my website but if he does I hope it opens up his eyes and repents of being
part of the
GOAT CHURCHES of today! My ex-wife Laurel of 18 years was raised in a Lutheran Church
as was ROB's wife and she left me when I came back to the Lord at the age of 50. She told me, Paul I
know you so well that when you start something you don't know when to stop. All my li
fe I have been
a builder ... building an ocean going inboard boat ... a camper and a 26' foot motor home plus many
other things as well ... lost wax casting of jewelry and diamond work to mention a few.

I came back to the Lord at the age of 50 and this number refers to a new beginning and now I work
100 percent for God Almighty and not for Satan!
Left standing in front of my GMC 2000 four wheel
drive automobile at the age of 67 in front of my friend Leo who owns
Leo's Camera Shop in downtown Klamath soon to Fall USA Oregon
showing my license plate
"XYJ-892." I use my age that ties into this
license plate letters and numbers of the overcoming saints today
that God soon takes out to be with him while he cleans up his dirty
Church of today left behind!

This ties into the sleeping Church of today seen in Matthew 25 add 2
+ 5 =
"7" Churches and verses "6-7." This goes a little farther as I
was born in year
"34" added is "7" and born in a preachers home
"6" of "7" Children and preach this awesome message today at the
HOUR of JUDGMENT seen in Revelation 14 verses "6-7." My God is
the God of numbers not Satan the Church of today claim!
I purchased my 2000 GMC meaning ... "God's Moving Church" at the West One GMC Dealership in
Klamth Falls, Oregon. I will show this
West One in a tropical Storm below over this nation several
years ago on election day showing this
West One Prophet of Almighty God blowing this Jesus
Trumpet killing this Bald Eagle Nation over the State of Florida, president Trump 45 favorite state.
Left you can see this West One Paul Prophet of
God blowing this Jesus Trumpet over this land on
Election day ... a Tropical Storm! Below this storm I
removed the rest of the picture leaving only yours
truly from the
West One Coast of USA blowing this
Jesus' Trump that people do not want to believe my

Back to GMC ... God's Moving Church today, the
144,000 of Revelation 14:1-5 soon to leave, God's
GMC ...
God's Moving Church!
About one week before I received my new license plate for my GMC
truck, I wrote a News Letter titled ...
"Crossing Yahweh's Jordan
." The day I received my new License I was driving home from
Klamath Falls when I got to the
22 mile marker on highway 140 ... as
22 means the end ... Revelation "22" the last chapter of the Holy
Bible and also the day I was born on Leo the Lion month of August
"22" year "34." I stopped at the small grocery store by Squaw Flat's
road leading to my home by marker
"22" and opened my new license
plate package to see this number
This number from Almighty God speaks of the title to my newsletter I had just written a few days
before I received my new license plate. You say how do you know this for sure!
"X" refers to  
Crossing ...
"Y" refers to Yahweh and "J" refers to Jordan ... "Crossing Yahweh's Jordan." Now here
comes the final kicker ... 8 X 9 =
"72" times my 2000 GMC ... God's soon to be moving his 144,000
overcoming Church out to be with Jesus Christ who has
"11" letters in his name seen in Revelation
14:1-5 ... 1 + 4 + 1 + 5 =
"11" equals Jesus Christ and the Father whose names are written on their

Satan and men lie but numbers do not lie! I was born in year
"34" and God shows his last day Ministry
preaching his last day message today to the
"7" sleeping Churches who are liars today at Judgment
time! I take you to Romans
"3" referring to the "3" Churches today ... Catholic Protestant and
Pentecostal who are liars telling the world lies! Now to the two verses following Romans
"3" are
"3-4" that ties into and added equals the "7" Churches and God's last day Prophet born year "34."

The evil man above, Millionaire Goat, Dr. Mike Murdering Murdock a Pentecostal beast Preacher is a
gross liar broadcasting lies around the world leading many so called Christians to hell along with him.
Left God shows from his smoky fires burning this
Goat Church ... their two black eyes and black mouth
wearing Goat Horns heading into the black hole of
hell. Far right shows the large head of these Goats
with two long horns looking downward into hell as
they head into the black hole today! God shows this
today of the "3" Churches who today teach lies!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope
world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...