Who Shows Picture Signs In Rocks
37. "When he came near the place where the
road goes down the Mount of Olives, the whole
crowd of disciples began joyfully to praise God
in loud voices for all the miracles they had
seen: 38. “Blessed is the king who comes in the
name of the Lord!” “Peace in heaven and glory
in the highest!”

39. Some of the Pharisees in the crowd said to
Jesus, “Teacher, rebuke your disciples!” 40. “I
tell you,” he replied,
if they keep quiet,
the stones will cry out
." Luke 19:37-40 ...
This ministry is showing the stones today
crying out big time like no others!
The top open vision shows the face
of Jesus in the
DOLLY storm in 2008
added is
"10" sleeping Virgins still a
Dolly Church who never grew up to
maturity but still a baby! The three
Open Visions below this I took from
the rock I named some 25 or so years
ago Babylon Rock. You can see the
Cross and the Eagle both dead laying
on the ground here in second
USA-lem the last day Babylon.
Above the dead eagle USA seen above, is the same pictures seen left of the word JESUS and the
Open Bible showing the wolf preachers preaching out of the left side of God's Bible and dragging
behind them the
DEAD HEAD CHURCH of the last days! A little right of this and above, you can see the
short abbreviated sign ...
I.S for ISIS the army cutting off the heads of the Christian Church under
the headship of Satan! (Notice the left side of the Holy Bible God shows the wolf Preachers today
killing the sleeping Church and dragging the sleeping Church behind them. Above the wolves you
can faintly see the capital letters

Above under the face of Jesus in cloud form, and right of the word Politics of Babylon rock, are the
next two Open Visions from Almighty God. Here we see the word
JESUS in burned out ROCK and
under JESUS is his Open Bible the wolf preachers of today are preaching out from dragging behind
them the sleeping Church and taking many down to hell with them!

The Big Bully Sex Maniac Donald J. Trump 45 and the sex Maniac Church of today are sleeping and
laying down on each other seen below burned out in Solid Rock Form from God close to my old home
in the high wilderness area of Klamath County, Oregon seen below!
Jesus said in Luke 21:34 ... "Be careful for
that day will close on you like a trap for it
will come upon the whole world
." We add in
God's awesome numbering system ... Luke
21 + 34 =
"55" five wise and five foolish
Virgins shown by his last day Prophet
yours truly born on Leo the Lion month of
"22" meaning the end of days and

Burned out in solid rock by the fire finger
of Almighty God he shows the sleeping
Church of Matthew 25:6-7 laying down
sleeping with his hand in the air showing
he is the capital letter "V" for the 10
sleeping Virgin Church of the last days,
today! You can see them and the BULLY
Trump mixed together showing their
circumcised penis high in the air! Jesus
said, you are to be circumcised in the
heart meaning not in your flesh.

God shows in the upper right corner the
war helmet and face of the soldiers
coming in soon and suddenly while the
sex maniac Church and 45th beast
president are together
! This big open mouth lying beast
puckers up to women of the Universe ...
and the Churches with his arm around
their waist or wherever he puts it. He was
also friends at one time with another
Billionaire who used young girls for his
pleasure who committed suicide in jail.
Trump said this was a long time ago, but the fact remains, this other man was a sex maniac along with
beast President Trump 45 ... and Trump is still the same today as he was with his once sex maniac
friend ... Epstein! My father told us kids a long time ago ...
"Water seeks its level." Meaning very
clearly ... the friends you seek are like you are ...
good or bad and are like you are!

Isn't it a strange thing all the women who came foreword and accused Trump of sexual
misconduct are all gross liars to the hilt! The fact remains the huge gross liar is himself and
not the women
! Below, top black left is black Satan and Black Obama the 44th president on right.
Here we see two black heads! Next we
see golden head of Putin of Russia on
the far left holding talks with very rich
Golden Trump who is seen here smoking
a pipe who soon lites it. Today Trump is
setting over the
Boiling Pot of old
Jeremiah 1 verse
"16" hundred Penn.,
Ave., Washington DC!

Who made this fiery image? God made it
from one of his fiery volcano's showing
what is now ready to happen! The 2
golden heads got together that Trump
says never happened ... lies from hell!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubbe
telescope world Evangelist - Apostle
Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Sex Maniac
Trump and
once friend
of Epstein
& above
naked Kim