Who Created-Wind-Water-Fire
God is the God of creation, not what the world today calls mother nature! As
in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of Man
Jesus Christ! 2000 years of Adam ... 2000 years of Abraham the Jews, and
now 2000 years of the Gentiles all added together is number
"6"... mankind
created on the
"6"th day of a "7" day week 6000 years ago ... numbers "6-7."

The lying Churches of today say that Mystery Babylon of Revelation 17:1-7
has not yet come about
,,, what calendar are they looking at other than God's
The strongest and richest nation on earth is what makes up the
head of
Babylon ... today America! The next strongest nation is seen as the
chest and arms of silver known as the
Bear today Russia. The next nation is
seen as the belly and thighs of bronze, the foot soldiers of the 200 million
man army of China seen in Revelation 9:16.

image of the woman on the left I took from a star in God's heavens ...
taking her out from the star shown on the Internet
! This side of the star
shows a pregnant
woman. Under her chin you can see her two breasts and
below her two breasts you can see she is pregnant with a child.
The stars are seen as saints in God's heaven that Satan said in Isaiah 14:13-14 that he would put
his throne above the stars of God
, not the angels of God who are with God in the "3"rd heaven.
Satan was cast out from the third heaven and now occupies the second heaven and is above the
first heaven where the stars ... the saints are located. God shows below from his Hubble
telescope, the man and woman alike among the
stars of heaven, meaning the saints.
You can plainly see the two witnesses of the
Church among the stars of heaven
! The man is on
looking down and the woman islooking to the
They are not the two Jewish men the
Churches today claim are coming back to preach
42 months then are killed, and then taken to
heaven, as this is a lie from Satan.

Before she goes into labor, she gives birth;
before the pains come upon her, she delivers a
." Isaiah 66:7...  (We multiply 6 x 7 = "42")

The star Church seen above from a star in God's
heavens, shows she is pregnant today and just
before the stars fall she gives birth to the man
child overcoming saints seen in Rev. 14:1-5
, the
144,000 who have overcome,
and Luke 21:34-36.
The labor pains coming upon this pregnant, star woman Church, are the "42" months of wrath
falling down upon them soon and suddenly! These 144,000 overcoming saints of God are born just
fiery hell is opened up on earth that are now beginning to take happen, fires burning. The
rest of the Church stay behind to be purified in the
"42" months of fire that has started to happen
and will

After God takes out his overcoming saints who have already overcome Satan, the rest of the
Church is seen in verse
"8" who stay behind to go through the 42 months of fiery wrath ... going
through the fire to be purified before they can see God! What did Jesus say? He said I will burn off
all the
Hay, Wood and Stubble ... you will be saved but ONLY as one ESCAPING through the FIRE
and the fire has already begun and people are aready running from the fire!

God Jesus said this, not me! All I am doing is what God tells me to tell you before
the real heavy
nuclear fire begins
to happens! I am not making up new scriptures but I am explaining the true
scriptures as they tell it that the lying, wolf preachers of today are telling the Church what their
itching ears want to hear! They tell these last day
lazy Churches what they want ot hear so they will
fill these lying preachers pockets with mone
y and making them the rich Churches of today who
have loaded down the table with money.

Rod Parsley, a Pentecostal preacher from TBN out of LA California, told the world as I heard him
say some years ago, that God loaded down the table with money and pushed it over to the Church.
He called Jesus Christ a liar! Jesus said you cannot worship me and money at the same table! He
told the second lie a few minutes later when he said
... when the rapture accrues 80% of LA will go
in a rapture. What did Jesus say about this? He said broad is the road to destruction and many
are those who go there. But narrow is the road leading to Salvation and few are those who find it!
What kind of bibles are these Bastards of Satan reading from? it isn't from my Bible!

This also touches on the Baptist Churches and now others like them. They say once saved always
saved, another lie from hell
! The Bible tells us the opposite! If God did not save the Angels that
sinned he will not save you either if you sin the sin of
DEATH! There are sins we commit that does
no lead to death, as Jesus quoted ... we are to pray the Lords prayer meaning daily, we forgive
those who tresspass against us and those we also trespass against. So we ask the Lord to forgive
us of our daily sins that do not lead to
DEATH! The sins that lead to death include lying, stealing,
committing adultery among others as well.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Wind - Water - Fire