White God Says - Satan's Here
Center left show white God in the middle
looking at you showing the number
of mankind who was created on the "6"
day of a
"7" day week seen in Genesis
1:27. We add Genesis 1 + 2 + 7 = today
"10" Sleeping Virgin Church and
mankind gone crazy and
follow crazy
dark Satan today
! The world calls Father
God mother nation and not Father God
who created all things.

Right of White Father God is the dark
red head of Satan and I put a white X on
the middle of Satan's forehead looking at
you! God is using dark red black Satan to
clean up a dirty Church who went South
from God Almighty and worship Satan
today big time!

The Ten sleeping Virgin Church of today
are now in the hands of Satan and will
become his Satan-hamburger very, very
soon which has already started to take
Not all will fall backwards but many will run from this
situation like the naked woman Church below also
taken from God's Hubble telescope in his heavens. You
can see her running while looking upward to God
knowing now she was wrong! Now we see Revelation 8
of this woman Church eating and drinking poison food
and water from the star
Wormwood meaning Chernobyl
in the Russian language where some years ago the
nuclear power plant in Chernobyl Russia melted down
and the poison killed thousands of people ...

Below the running naked woman you can see the stars
of God falling. The stars are not falling angels the
sleeping Church claims they are the saints. The first
time the stars fell was when some of the angels of
heaven followed Satan when God cast him out of
heaven, but this last time the stars refers to the Church
also seen in Isaiah 14:13-14 when Satan said he would
put his throne above the stars of God!

The dark haired woman below is part of a heavenly  
rock star and I removed the rest of the star leaving the
dark haired woman Church showing her two naked
breasts and below this you can see she is pregnant
with Child. This is soon to happen and is seen in Isaiah
66:7. This pregnant woman Church of today are now
ready to give birth to the overcoming man child 144,000
children before hell is opened up on earth seen in
Revelation 14:1-5. After this happens we see verse
coming into the picture ... the Church of today as they
are, running for their lives and are also seen in
Revelation 18:
Right shows Satan's
very hot Chicken
hamburger and right
of the white hot
bread the sleeping
Church has been
having communion
with Satan, eating his
white hot bread
having communion
with Satan. Notice
right of the white hot
bread sandwich you
can see in red form
the Church of today
as falling backwards
when the white hot
nuclear bombs from
Russia goes off.
Below this soon to be very hot Chicken Sand
witch of Satan, the coming white hot nuclear
war with China, God shows from his high in the
sky Hubble telescope this very naked woman
Chicken Church being hit in her face with
nuclear radiation and falling backwards! God
shows her two naked breasts and below her
stomach you can see her dark sex area below.

We see this also in Isaiah 28 ... 2 + 8 =
sleeping Virgins. We see verse
"13" speaking
about her falling backwards,  as this number is
the number of Satan's Witchcraft! The next two
verses 14-15 shows the Church of the last days
deceived ... believing the lie and making a lie
their refuge and a lie their hidding place which
they are in today!
Below the Star Church ready to give birth to God's best, shows from one of his Fiery
Volcano's this Church of the last days that God soon holds over the
Lake of Fire for
! Below this is another Open Vision from Almighty God showing he is
holding this naked
DOG man and woman Church over the Abyss to burn off all the
Hay, Wood and Stubble she took to herself! Jesus said he would burn all these
things off ... she will be saved but
ONLY as one ESCAPING through the flames of

Below the stars soon to fall showing the woman Churches belly is with Child left ...
is a fiery volcano from the State of Hawaii showing the dog woman and man Church
of today walking over the
Lake of Fire to be purified! Notice below right under the
Lake of Fire is a man who never repented and went to hell. To begin it was
Truman year "45" ... who ties today into Trump "45" who dropped two
Atomic Bombs on Japan and killed thousands of men, women and Children. This
touches on Obadiah ...
O' But U are about to Diah second Jer-USA-lem seen in
Obadiah 1:15 ... 1 + 15 =
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC. This passage
says ...
"What you have done will be done to you, your deeds will return upon
your own head
When Truman dropped two Atomic Bombs on Japan in
"45" that ties to Trump "45"... we see in Zechariah
14:12 the eyes and tongues rotting in their heads from
nuclear war. From verse 12 to the last verse 21 added is
"33" the age of Jesus still 33 years of age when he died
and rose again coming back into his 1000 year kingdom
on earth. Here we see Jesus putting bells on the cows
and etc.. and handing out cooking pots for the people to
cook in! What happens to this second Jer-
USA-lem and
the people who destroyed Jer-
USA-lem? The people
who destroyed second Jer-
USA-lem were given the
cooking pots to cook in while God destroyed the USA!
God is helping the nations who took this gone to Pot
nation out who will never be seen again!

The skin fell off the bodies of the people of Japan ...
notice the skin falling off the arm of the woman Church
and the dog lease still attached to her hand. Now look at
her man with the skin falling off his body looking at his
woman showing her white right arm bone. You can
plainly see the Dog on the other side of the Woman
Church showing these two people are Dogs of 2 Peter
2:20-22. We add the 2's as "2"s and we see in God's
awesome numbering system they refer to the
sleeping Virgins seen in Matthew 25:6-7.

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Red Fiery Church falls