What Trump Has In His Hand!
I don't have to tell you what
Donald Trump the
Elephant has in his right hand
from God's Hubble telescope
seen left
, as he is screwing this
nation and taking it to hell with
him along with all the woman he
has lied about who came
forward with accusations of him
molesting them! God plainly
shows left the women were right
and Trump is a gross liar as he
has in his hand his

Golden Billionaire. Republican
Elephant Trump 45 the biggest
liar of all times, has his wee-wee
in his right hand as he is a Sex
Maniac and has been all his life.
He got the sleeping Church of
today believing him as they were
the ones who put this evil, devil
beast into power and the one
bringing fire upon the
Church soon to be spitting hot
fire from her mouth
! She is seen
right of the hot fire coming out
from her mouth, the two
matches on either side of her
head ...
the two naked Churches,
Catholic and Protestant soon to
burn to the ground by God.

Trump has not only lied about
the many women who accused
him of fondling or grabbing their
private parts, but he calls them
all liars as he is the only one
telling the truth ... today Satan's
top lying man for the hour!
<----Sex Maniac
Trumps Hand on
his wee-wee
The Church today is seen left standing in the Ring of Fire to
burn off the garbage she has taken on at Kingdom time
today! Below this is part of this second Jer-
USA-lem nation  
that God has
already started to destroy ... their houses
blown down into small sticks from his Tornadoe and
Hurricane winds!
There is no such thing as mother nature!

Below, the houses torn down by the Almighty Winds of God,
shows Trump, the sex maniac president of second
USA-lem today making out with woman, the BULL ...
Bully president with his nose at the rear of the cow inheat
. He is causing this black bird devil filled nation now
at tree top level ready to crash!
Trumps Elephant head & long
lying Pennochio Nose ...
Black Bird Nation
2nd Jer-
Crashing ...
Above is a picture I took over a preachers house and
Church he put on his property four miles from my home
when I lived in the wilderness area of Klamath County,
Oregon showing many rock Open Visions from God he
burned out in solid Rock spoken about in Luke when Jesus
"If my people do not speak out then the rocks will
cry out.
" This is what the rocks are crying out today
because the Churches are all sleeping!

It was Preacher Ray Nutter
"42" years of age that died of
Stomach Cancer as God could not Stomach him and the
Churches of today for the messages he and they are
preaching. Number
"42" means rebellion! I talked to
Preacher Nutter about the end time truth but he would not
listen. God showed me over this Nutter ... Nutty Church, the
"3" high electric line going over his Church, the three
Religions today,
Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal
Churches are all in the mouth of Satan

Looking above ... the
"3" electrified Satanic Churches
today, you can see the face of Satan ... his two eyes and two
horns and God shows making up his mouth is number
"7" ...
the seven Churches of today also seen in Isaiah 4:1.  
"Seven women taking hold of one man  (Meaning Jesus
saying we will eat our own food ... we will clothe
ourselves but we want to use your name
. (Meaning Jesus
take away our disgrace."

The lying 'Matthew Henry Commentary' says this about this
passage in Isaiah 4:1 ... that there was coming a war so
large most of the men would be killed leaving only one man
per seven women! This is a gross lie from hell the Church
swallowed ... hook ... line and sinker!

It was some years ago when Satan had said in
Isaiah 14:13
that he would put his throne above the stars, the saints of
God and he would rule over them as he has done
! Left in
cloud form God shows this black bird nation now crashing.

Below this black bird nation crashing, is an Open Vision
Picture from God's Hubble telescope in his heavens,
showing a man on top looking down and the woman ... the
Church looking to the right and both are seen in the clouds
of heaven as stars not angels the Church preaches.

It was maybe 20 years ago when I was driving into Klamath
Falls Oregon from the East when i stopped and took this
picture of this
Bald Eagle Nation getting ready to crash land.
Putting this photo into my Adobe Photo section of my
I wrote then on the front of this bald eagle nation
picture getting ready to crash, what is happening today in
Washington DC between the Donkey Democrats and the
Republican Elephants
 two beasts headed to hell!

Below this bald eagle nation now in the process of being
destroyed by Almighty God that most cannot see happening
Golden Naked Rich Elephant Trump Raping the Women
because their father is Satan, is another cloud picture
you see God showing in his clouds, the first two
heads of the beasts coming in ... Bill Clinton 42 and
Geo. Bush 43. Both of these first two beast men 42
and 43 added is
"6-7" and both came out from the
sleeping Church of Matthew
25 ... added is "7"
Churches of the last days and seen in verses

Notice Clinton's face on the left and Bush and his
Bushy tail on the right, the false prophet of Revelation
who calls himself a good Christian as he and his family
belong to the secret society of Satan known as the
"Skull and Bones" and also belong to the evil
society of the
Phoenix Bird of Satan that Hillary Clinton
also belongs to as she wears this bird at times on her
lapel, the pin of the
Phoenix Bird. The sign of the
Phoenix Bird is that it lives for 500 years ... burns out
in ashes and then comes back into power bigger than
ever! This second Jer-
USA-lem nation is now 500
years old and Satan shows these blind people are
coming back anew!
The come-back Kid beast Bill and his witch wife,
are coming back into the picture! The wicked
witch of the North will fly back into the picture
after Russia and China attack this nation when the
Church is still fast asleep seen in Matthew 25:6-7
and they wake up at

God confirms this again on the bottom where he
burned this out in solid rock close to my old home
in the high wilderness area of Klamath County,
Oregon a few years ago. This showing Hillary with
her arm in the air running for President while the
Russian and the China bears were both sleeping
notice their eye lid closed. God also shows the
capital letter
"C" for Clinton as I wrote out the full
name ...

Below God shows these two beast people walking
the 2 dog Churches with the leashes crossed as
looking like the
cross of Jesus, the
red dog, Catholics
and the smaller
dog the
Protestants. Both
are seen in 1
Kings 19 ... Bill
born August "19"
and seen here in
verses 11-13 ...
wind, earthquake
and fire as this has already happened! After this is finished
then we hear the soft voice of Almighty God coming in  
setting up his 1000 year kingdom on earth! Left we see in
cloud form from the East Coast, this storm named
flying back into the picture!

Next we see Hillary in 1 Kings 21 as ... 1 + 21 = 22 meaning
the end, Jezebel showing her husband ...
Ahab ... Bill ...
how to get Nabath's ... the Church Vineyard ... meaning the
sleeping Church! We look at Revelation 2 and we see this
Jezebel church today seen above walking with the 1 King
of 1 Kings
"19" ... the Lion Beast of the last days now
getting ready to fly back into the picture and going after
the 1 + 9 =
"10" sleeping Churches of today!

Below Storm Bill flying back into the picture, I cut this one
storm picture into two pieces and the lower part shows
Bush as the two horned lamb of of Satan seen in
Revelation 13;11 as both
Jesus Christ and George W. Bush
has "11" letters in their names
. This passage says, he,
meaning George looks like the Lamb of God
but he speaks
like a Dragon, meaning Satan
! Notice God shows GW Bush
with Iron teeth as he soon devours the
Sleeping Church.

Now to end this message we see George Bush 43 in
Revelation 13:13 as causing fire to fall down from heaven
to earth in plain view of people
. This already happened
when  Bush was the 43rd President when he sat his war
ship in the ocean off Iraq and shot Fiery Smart Bombs into
Iraq killing many people
that the whole world saw on TV!  
The whole world saw fire falling from heaven when this

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
<--- Head of wee wee