Whale USA Going Down!
Yesterday 1/"22" as
number 22 means
the end, the end of
the Holy Bible, Rev.
"22" and God's last
day Leo the Lion
Prophet born August
"22" year "34" ...
add 3 + 4 =
preaching today to
"7" Churches
going down into the
sinkhole of Almighty
Left shows the
sinkhole in
front of the
White House
today shaped
like a whale
looking to the
Golden Whale
Whale Sinkhole in front of W.H.
Today is the 32nd day of the
shutdown in Washington DC. We
add 32 ... 3 + 2 =
"5" equals Daniel
25 ... equals the land of the "2"
religions today,
Catholic and
... the Hand Writing of
God is on the
ROCK WALL as I will
show below. First I will explain the
crashing of this Bald Eagle bird
nation left that God gave me some
8-10 years ago over Klamath, soon
to FALL ... USA Oregon.
I put the writing on this Eagle Bird nation God showed me some years ago which is now taking place
in Washington DC. This sinkhole of a nation is going down today without a shadow of a doubt as God
is showing today! This golden whale of a nation with the large whale, golden rich Donald J. Bully
Trump at the helm, is taking her down without a shadow of a doubt
along with the Senate & House.
Bully Trump
Left God shows His Handwriting is
on the
ROCK WALL. I took this
picture of a large Rock with a good
Cannon Camera with a telescopic
lens. After this I Put it into my
Adobe Photo section of my
computer and put the writing on the
picture as you can see left a
nd God
did the rest.
The Hand Writing of
God you can plainly see on the
The 10 sleeping "V"irgins of
Matthew 25:6-7 have their hands in
the air laying down on
who they put in power for
their last day beast President.
Jesus said in Luke 21:20 ... When
you see Jerusalem surrounded by
armies, look up for your redemption draws near. Jerusalem today is now being surrounded by Armies
from Assyria. Jesus also said in Luke
21:34 ... added is "10" sleeping Virgins ... about this Clam Shell
Trap in Solid Rock close to my old home in the wilderness,
is now ready to spring shut!

Notice the top right shows the head of a soldier coming into second Jer-USA-lem ,.. the beginning of
WW III which is now coming about! The sinkhole in front of the White House
, showing this Whale of a
Nation sinking to the bottom of the sea of time
, as this Bald Eagle Nation is Crashing!
Left is the picture of a Boeing 777 airliner crashed on landing in
San Fransisco coming in from Korea. Korea is one of the
Communist nations soon to go to war with this huge Whale of a
nation. Number
"77" is seen in Daniel 9:24 that begins with "77"
is decreed for your people and land to

"42" means rebellion and is seen in Matthew 1:17 ... this
is also seen in Revelation 17 verses "1-7" ... from
Abraham to Jesus was 2000 years and count the generations for
they are
"42." The 2000 years from the beginning of the Jews to
Jesus Christ when they crucified him, was
"42" generations! Now
from Jesus to today is another 2000 year as everyone knows and
is also
"42" generations to when the Gentile Church has
re-crucified Jesus Christ all over again seen figuratively
speaking i
n Revelation 11:8 ... 1 + 1 + 8 = "10" sleeping Virgins.
Left above the D in Daniel is where I lived for
"28" years, added preaching to the "10"
sleeping Virgins
. Notice above my home God
put in cloud form the number
"77." This ties
into my Ministry today seen in Daniel 9:24
added is
"33." I came back to the Lord "33"
years ago! We add Daniel 9 + 24 = "33."

Daniel 9:24 is only one verse that speaks about
this one
Man Ministry and his Open Visions
and Prophesies coming to a close
! After God
closes this Ministry, then Jesus Christ
years of age,
comes into his 1000 year
kingdom  after the
"42" months of wrath!
Here is another sign from God. His last day Paul Revere is riding out
on his R
ed Electric Horse telling the people, "The Red Coats are
." Red Russia and Red China are now on their way to destroy
God's second
goup of people ... second Jer-USA-lem who has
become his Enemies ... read it in
Isaiah "66:6."

My Red Electic Horse of Paul Revere rides out at MIDNIGHT telling the
sleeping Church
ol Matthew 25:6-7 ... 6 x 7 = "42" ... the Red Coats
are Coming
! I purchased my Electric Red Horse from Florida on sale,
marked down from
73 hundred dollars ... 7 + 3 = "10" sleeping Virgins
and on sale for
"33" hundred dollars!  The Red Coats are coming!
Trumps favorite state is Florida! Left God
shows a mushroom cloud bomb over the
state of Florida over a Freeway of "3" cars
under it which refers to the "3" religions
Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal
all coming to an end. God is saying,
window for this to happen is now OPEN
Notice God put the cloud in this Open Window of today, showing the word, "Church." Meaning the
Church of today are soon to receive their
Fire Baptism from Father God, for God is a consuming

Right of God's storm showing nuclear bombs are coming, is a picture I put sidways that shows the
Goat Church of today being blown up in rocket form. Her goat head is seen looking to the top right,
showing she is this
Bald Eagle Bird Nation that God is now in the process of destroying! Below the
Bald Eagle now getting ready to crash land seen above in
Klamath .... soon to Fall USA Oregon, you
can see the
WHITE SKULL of dead people. Below the dead people of this nation and world you can
see the DRAGON, Satan who brings her down!
To end this awesome message I
show you a tropical storm over this
nation a few years ago. I live on the
West Coast side of this second Jer-
USA-lem nation blowing the Jesus'
"33" trumpet, and at the
end of my Trumpet you can see the
head of Jesus ...
"33" looking
down over the
State of Florida
and hitting in the head of this Bald
Eagle nation killing it!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig
I purchased my Red Horse from this
State of Florida ... Trumps favorite
state as God is showing Trump
brings in Nuclear War upon the
sleeping Church. Notice in cloud
form the window is now open and in
the window is the word Church in
cloud form from God.
Goat Church Nation
blows up