Whale Out Of Water & Bear
Republican. Elephant  and Russian Bear
The Sparing Match
is just beginning
between this huge
Whale of an Elep...
Republican Trump
and the large
nuclear bear of
Russia ... Putin.
Big Mouth Trump                 Military Putin   of   Russia
Huge mouth Donald Trump that God shows in a cloud above, says Florida is his favorite State of the
Union. Above right is a storm God made over the State of Florida showing the Nuclear Bomb getting
ready to happen! This Mushroom cloud bomb going off is soon to happen, as God shows the
WINDOW in now OPEN for this to take place. Now hold on to your pants, because God shows in this
open window in cloud form, the word
"Church." Below God is showing the Church of today, "You
are standing stark naked with your Pants Down
You soon will be on your knees on the
bed you have been sleeping in seen left
and in Matthew 25:6-7 that you soon will
be waking up at

Below the woman and man naked Church
is a picture of Trumps wife scantly
dressed with her legs crossed into the
sign of the
"V" for Virgins as this
touches on the Red "V" above in fire,
Notice left Melania Trump also shows her left arm also in a "V" for Virgins as
her legs also show it. She represents two
Naked Religions today, Catholic
and Protestant alike

God is using these two ... big mouth Elephant Trump and his sexy wife to help
him clean up a dirty, filthy woman and man Church of the last days!
Donald Trump in black with his arm
reaching out, and his wife in white
... black and white ... God shows
the beast as offering up his wife,
touching on the Woman Church of
today! A Woman Church who used
to be the wife of God but now has
been sleeping with Satan at
the Darkest Hour ever!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubbld
telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Pau; Gerig