West Coast I-5 Soon Shakes
God has come to the end of his
rope and has burned down his
second Vineyard Church seen
in Isaiah 5 verses
"1-5." Read it
for his first Vineyard, the Jews
he dug up and replanted his
second Vineyard, the
Church and now at
harvest time 2000
years and 42
generations later his
Church has done
what Israel did,
messed up big time!
Read this passage for
it refers to today and
God's Church and the
signs are all here
today! The shaking is
about to happen and
God has his hand on
this west coast!
I think back to my father just before he died and went to the Lord, he said to me, "Paul I am at the
end of my Rope!
" Now my Father God is telling me the same thing and also showing it in cloud form!
This Open Vision of the fire in Southern California west of LA., shows the fire tips of Father God's
fingers on this two hands, is now ready to shake the earth. Freeway
"I-5" goes from Canada to
Mexico ... going down through the
Grape Vineyard of Isaiah 5 verses "1-5" that God burned down
in no uncertain terms! God has now gone down to this LA California area and flooding out
thousands of people yet the Church see's exactly nothing for they are seen as Dead, Blind and
Dumb also seen in Isaiah
35:5-6. This passage speaks of the 1000 year kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Adding in God's awesome numbering system we see this; we add 3 + 5 =
"8" = a new beginning!
Verses 5-6 added in
#11 the number of letters in Jesus Christ who is number "11" who rules the
world for another "1000" years. 911 means this ... 9 means Judgment and number "11" refers to
Jesus Christ coming in soon and suddenly taking out his overcoming 144,000 people seen in
Revelation 14 verses
"1-5." We add chapter "14" ... 1 + 4 = "5" fingered hand of God removing his
overcoming saints just before hell is opened up on earth, just before he tosses out the fire and
shakes the world.
Left came from God's Hubble telescope in his heavens, as God
said everything under the SUN belongs to me! God is showing
today his silver hand of redemption through Jesus Christ is Son, is
tossing out the fire that soon hits this nation and world in no
uncertain terms! The verses
"1-5" of Revelation 14 ... 1 + 4 = "5"
fingers of Almighty God taking them over the
Golden Gate into the
Promise Land
. Below I show this in the weather in the area of the
Golden Gate here in second Jer-USA-lem. The dog Churches of
today stay behind while the overcoming 144,000 from verses
cross over into the promise land! The Golden Gate seen below the
fiery hand of God is about ready to take out his
"I-5" people!

Below is a sign from God of the
Golden Gate on the West side of
second Jer-
USA-lem ... and the storms today going on in this area
shows the dog-man face of the Church left behind
Looking at the white water cloud right of
the Golden Gate Bridge, is a sign of the
this Golden Gate taking out God's
Overcoming Saint of Revelation 14, added
is God's
"5" fingered hand taking out the
people who has overcome Satan to date.
"1-5" shows these overcoming
saints taken out just before hell is
opened up on earth.

"I-5" takes you too the Golden
Gate bridge that goes into heaven and
takes out God's overcoming saints seen
in Revelation 14 ... 1 + 4 =
"5" fingered
hand of God and verses
"I-5." The dog
Church stays behind as God shows on the
Left is a fire close to the "I-5" frreeway taken last year
showing the beast of Revelation is now on its way into this
second Jer-
USA-lem nation, today the fire is burning! Below
this in cloud form from God Almighty, shows this DOG Church
of today is soon to be hit by the Communist parties. Notice
God put the
Hammer and Sickle ... the sickle left of the
hammer which refers to the Commuists in the DOG's mouth ...
the Dogs not making the
Golden Gate into heaven but stays
behind as seen above.

God is saying today without a shadow of a doubt,
"I am now
at the end of my Rope!
" I didn't make this image, God made
it! God shows miracles after miracles yet the Pharaoh Church
seen nothing like the Pharaoh of first Moses Day also saw
exactly nothing as well, as seen in Revelation 11:8 ...
and Egypt figurativly speaking where Jesus is crucified again
spiritually speaking, this time by the sleeping Churches!

Adding again in God's awesome numbering system we add
Revelation 11:8 as ... 1 + 1 + 8 =
"10" sleeping dog Churches
of today!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...