Wedding Ring Of Saints Here
The Overcoming
Saints seen in the
stars of heaven is
now at hand! The
den man far left
looking down and the
golden woman both
from the stars in the
heavens who has
overcome are soon
to go to heaven for
the Wedding Supper
of the Lamb, Jesus
Christ, the clock is
set and ready.
You can see the man on top looking down and the woman
looking to the right, to the Wedding Ring of Jesus Christ.
Left is the tree beside my 20 foot vacation trailer where I
had camped for 42 days on top of Bly mountain by the
Sprague River coming out from the top of Bly mountain in
year 2001.

Below is a picture the Lord had me take close to my home
in the wilderness. Putting this photograph in my Adobe
Photo section of my computer I outlined the face of two
people, the woman on the left and the man
Jesus on the
right kissing,  making love to each other as we do. The Son of
God is pushed to the 144,000 overcoming saints by this Nuclear
bomb coming upon this nation and world ...
notice it pushes
God to the woman Church
. The whitish Church right of God's
back, shows her terribe face when she sees and realizes she is
left behind and is not part of the
Bride of Christ.    (X on the
woman's head ... Church left behind)

She is seen below when the two Boeing airliners that took
down the two towers in NYC Babylon on
9/11/1 ... and the third
tower that went down was tower number
"7" referring to the
7" Churches. The first two towers to fall were 110 stories tall
and looked like the number
"11" as Jesus Christ has "11"
letters in his name and the last tower to fall seen below,
is the
Woman Church of Matthew 25:6-7

These towers went down by two Boeing "767's. We add in
God's awesome numbering system and we see Matthew
We add Matthew 25 ... 2 + 5 =
"7"67. We see Almighty God
showing this face of the woman Church looking to the right
while his Son marries the
144,000 overcoming Church taken
out just before the Nuclear bombs drop!
The woman
Church who stays behind becasue she is filthy, goes up in
smoke as God shows left.

Using God's numbers we add 9/11/1 ... 9 + 11 + 1 - "21." Add this
to Reelation
22:21 we see the end of the Holy Bible and this
last day Prophet of Almighty God Birthday, August

When will this happen? Very soon and suddenly! God
this to me yesterday
. I hired a young man to remove snow from
my walkway the only way I can get outside if I need to in my
wheel chair. I paid him and he gave to me two
silver watches, a
very small
pocket watch and also a wrist watch. At first I never
thought anything about it, but a little later God spoke to me and
said, it is
TIME! Two watches ... a double conforation for the
wedding of the Lamb to take place
just before hell opens up!

The two Open Visions above are these two below more plainly
See these two Golden Saints below done in White for your
viewing of overcomers!
Church of
soon to
to see ... this came from
another picture from the
telescope from God
showing the Golden
that only the 144,000
saints of today go to, seen in
Rev. 14:1-5 who has
overcomen Satan to date that
we who has already overcome
are soon to go into the
golden wedding supper of the

Below God shows this twe
Churches the white ones
looking up, these the 144,000
of Revelation 14:1-5 and the dark ones stay behind
looking Satan in the face ... talking to Satan who they
think is God but is the

Below this RED Church who stays behind who talk to
Satan who they think is God but th4 devil himself, you can
see the hand writing of God is on the
Daniel 5:25. In no uncertain terms God shows these Ten
sleeping Virgins stark naked, circomcised only in the
fleah and not their hearts!

God shows them in solid Rock form that he burned out
close to my old home in the wilderness, the stark naked
Church laying down on the
old BULL MARKET of money!  
The Bull, Bully of money Donald Trump 45 who these evil
Churches of today put into power, and the Bull money
market today is falling with no uncertan terms and the
RED BEAR market of Russia and China are moving into
this picture of this once good nation of second Jer-
-lem that has gone down the Drain.

The hand writing is on the WALL! When the Money goes
so goes the nation! It has always been this way and today
the large businesses are falling ... GMC ... Ford ... JC
Penny ... Sears ... a top Computer industry and etc.
Dragon Satan         Red Church
White 144,000
saints taken
out by God
soon and
suddenly Red
When this happens the Red Bears,
the Red Bear market comes in
! God
confirms this fact seen left, the
head of Soldiers appear!

Below this clam shell trap Jesus
speaks about in Luke 21:34 closing
down on the sleepers,
the dafrk red
Church seen above
... is a strorm
cloud from the East Coast God
shows the bears of Russia and
China raising up on one side seen
in Daniel 7:5 ... with "3" ribs in their
mouths, the one rib of Adam now
broken into "3" parts, Catholic,
Protestant and Pentecostal.

You can see this Bull Market
leaving with the golden Bulls Eye
with the
Red Center leaving the
picture. Who is the President today
if not Donald J. Trump a golden
Billionair who soon leaves the
picture and walks away?

It was the dark red Church of today
seen above who are talking to Satan
who put this Bastard of Satan into
power! Below the bears of Russia
and China raising up on one side,
you can see God in Cloud form
talking the
Seven Churches, your
days are over and will be no more!

Donald Bully Trump 45 is seen
below God' speaking to the "7"
Churches, telling them it is finished!
Beast Donald J. Trump 45 said his
favorite state in this 50 state Union
of America is Florida. Below God
speaking to the
"7" Churches
through his last day Moses Prophet
you can see God in another cloud
form, showing the mushroom
nuclear cloud bomb going off over a
freeway of "3" cars, Catholic
Protestand and Pentecostal

God says, the window in OPEN seen
in the stem of this nuclear cloud
bomb ready to go off. Now read the
cloud word God put in this stem
showing the window is now open
for the Church ... the cloud says

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelsist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig

The Red Coats are coming ...
Church ----->