Water Won't Put Me Out
Fire Truck Below
These "3" fires came from the fires in the
middle of this second Jer-
USA-lem nation of
today. The top two eyes on the left is the face
of the Churches beginning to Burn to the
ground. Below the Church is the fire beast
that God has send against his Church
because they turned away from him seen in
Isaiah "66:6" a must to read as the Churches
of today are God's enemies who must go into
the hot fire of purification.

Notice behind the fireman's head above you
can see the two large black eyes of the fire
beast telling the people ... your fighting a
loosing battle.

Now notice left you can see another ffreman
trying to put out this fire but to no avail for
the fire beast is looking this fire fighter in the
face ... notice his two black eyes! Notice
above the head of the beast you can see in
flames what looks like a man's head and
outside his head you can see his two arms in
the air as much of the Church will then
repent but not until the fire hits them hard.
Below is the other fireman, Jesus Christ
Fire Beast
the Rose of Sharon ... the Lion from the Tribe of
Judah now coming into position. Jesus is seen left
walking up the mountain of his Father, God, with His
Cross on his back. Jesus on fire is the good fire to
purify the Churches of today but God also uses Satan
as his fire!

Below we see two more faces in the fire. Left we see
old man Church wearing today a beard of fire. On the
far right you can see the capital letter "V" for virgins.
rist Jesus
<---Old Man Church with fire beard
Goat V for
looking at
This also shows the two horns of the
once sheep Church that has now
turned into a goat Church of the last
days. Jesus said, my sheep will be on
my right meaning Mercy, and the goats
on my left which means Judgment. You
can see the dark nose of the goat
Church looking at you in the fire of

God is backing up this message below
about the second head of the "3"
beast men, GeOrGe W.
Burning, Red
Pants Bush
in one of his fiery
volcano's. Notice the Goat Churches
of today are talking to the beast who
they think is God but Satan himself
who comes as an angel of God per
Jesus Christ. Notice the black
microphone seen here in the white
head of Burning Bush who claims to
be a good Christian but is from Satan
himself. The Goat Churches of today
are full of the devil himself who
believe the one they are worshiping
today is Jesus Christ but is Satan

Left God shows the "3" entities today,
GOAT CHURCHES on the left, beast
George W. Burning Bush
and black
Satan on the right! All "3" are together
at fire time today! Next, we go to the
Boiling Pot of Jeremiah as this Ministry
today is also a Jeremiah Ministry to the
Church as old Jeremiah was to the

God shows this last day Jeremiah
Ministry in one of his fiery volcano's
seen left. First seen in black top right
shows the only black president of this
nation ... Black Barack Obama 44 with
his head in a corner seeing exactly
nothing. Left of Obama you can see his
beastly tail sticking in the back of
golden Billionaire Donald Trump 45
ponytail hairdo refers to the horseman
of the Apocalypse that we are in today.
Notice Golden Trump smoking a pipe,
as Washington DC is ready to BURN.
The person in the middle refers to the Goats
Today we see face to face, Putin of Russia and Trump of the USA looking each other in the face telling
each other lies as the huge fire of Nuclear war is now at hand. Notice Putin is also wearing a pony tail
hairdo. Now notice under Billionaire Trump smoking a pipe ... we see the boiling pot of old Jeremiah,
today this ministry, boiling away and soon to light Golden Trumps pipe and then this nation will really
begin to smoke.

God said in Jeremiah 51 and God is the God of Numbers, not Satan as the Churches claim ... we add
Jeremiah 51 ... 5 + 1 = "6" the end of man's number "6" ruling the world of 6000 years, and it is time for
Jesus and his cross to come in and reign for 1000 years. Jesus also said,
"If you do not take up my
Cross and follow me, you cannot be my disciple
." (Notice the fire Jesus walking up the hill with his
cross on his back seen above) The Bible says in Revelation 14:1-5 at Judgment time, there will only
be 144,000 overcoming saints taken out and leaving all the rest behind to suffer the fire of
purification that refused to take up the
Cross of Jesus on their backs and are no disciples of Almighty
that they claim they are. Jesus also said, your enemies will be the members of your own

Eccl. 1:9-11 and Rev. 1:19 same type of numbers, that ....
"What was before will be again, and what is
now was before ... there is nothing new under the sun
." Now we are looking at Jeremiah again as this
Ministry has been ordained by God to fulfill Jeremiah's calling at the end of the Church Age today as
seen above and the boiling pot of old Jeremiah seen again 2000 years later.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Father God  Looking Down             Obama
Putin                          Trump
Jeremiah's Boiling Pot