Water Noah & Fire Both Today
Jesus said ... "As in the days of Noah so shall it be in the days of the coming of the Son of man" ...
he was speaking of himself when he said this and it goes for today without a shadow of a doubt!  
Matthew 24:27 speaks about this happening ...
"When you see lightning flashing from the East and
is visible in the West so shall it be in the days of the coming of the
"Son of Man."

Hurricane Florence coming in with lightning flashing seen on TV all over this western USA ...
Second Jer-
USA-lem nation ... so shall it be today of the coming of the Son of Man now at his
coming in to purify his Church with water and fire and then to setup his 1000 year kingdom on earth.
This is seen in Daniel 9:24 ... added is
"33" his age when he died for sins and rose again still "33"
years of age. This one verse shows
"77" begins this verse and ends with Jesus setting up his 1000
year kingdom on earth. Just before this verse ends it shows this
"33" year old Open Vision Ministry
coming to a close, and after this and the 42 months of wrath fire is over, then Jesus sets up his
Kingdom on earth for 1000 years ... read it.  (It was
"33" years ago when I returned to the Lord)
Left ... over my 28 year home in the foothills
wilderness, shows number
"77" over my home in
cloud form that God put in his heavens over where
I lived that brings in Daniel
9:24 added is "33." I
lived in this same spot for 28 years ... added is
"10" as I have been preaching from there to the
"10" Virgin Church of Matthew 25:"6-7"
from my third and last flying in midair ... Angel
website seen in Revelation 14 verses
"6-7" today
at Judgment time! Today as I write this message I
had moved to Klamath Falls in an apartment by
Street number
I don't go around looking for numbers, God brings them all about on his own and I see most of them
afterwards. All the rock open Visions I show on my website came from the area under cloud number
"77" that use to be a volcanic area that was all burned out by the fire finger of God who also
burned out the Ten Commandments for first Moses.

Jesus said in Luke
19:39-40 ... if my people do not speak out then the Stones ... Rocks will cry out at
they are doing big time today where I had lived 28 years preaching this awesome message to these
people seen in Luke 19:39-40 and not getting many peoples attention! Why? Because when you
sleep you see exactly nothing! We add Luke 19 + 39 + 40 = 98 added again is
"17" and this touches
on the Church and her Politics seen in Revelation 17:1-7 who has messed up the entire world and
this scarlet ... red headed woman Church rides this Scarlet Beast Government that has killed the
true Church and has messed up the entire world ... read it for this is true today!

Today this evil Government with Roman Catholic Donald Trump 45 at the helm and one of his
chosen men he chose to fill the shoes of a Judge stepping down from the high office of Judges in
this land, another Roman Catholic ... spend about one hour trying to tell the people on TV how good
he is and that he did not grope young women when he was drunk as "3" women came forth to
testify he messed around with them when they were in high school.

Now who is calling the kettle black? There is an old saying,
"Water seeks its level." President
Donald Trump is also being sued today by a couple of women that I show on the bottom of my front
page of my website. He has been a dirty Catholic man who has messed around with women just like
the man he chose to fill the seat of the highest court in this land. Now we have the Black Pot
President calling another Black Pot,
White, who is also Black like both are Black.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...