Washington Monument On Fire
God confirmed this fact with the extremely hot weather across his second
Jer-USA-lem nation seen left. You can see them running to the water to
cool off but the Open Vision God shows far right shows he is putting the
dark naked woman Church on Rock Jesus and is burning the Gold she
took from Satan running out from her pants she took from the devil when
she was sleeping and commenting adultery on Jesus her true husband.
Above the large breasted naked Church the
woman showing the lower part of her
breasts, is a tattoo of this naked woman
Church setting down naked with her arms
spread out inviting the people to come to
her in her many sins today ... a woman not
married to Jesus but the woman Church
married to Satan. Notice her ring finger has
no wedding ring but her middle finger has
Satan's ring of it, giving her middle finger to
God! She sets on the black bird of this Eagle
bird nation today now getting ready to crash

Below this naked woman Church showing the
lower part of her breasts, and her laying
stark naked over this black white headed
Eagle bird nation seen below her shows the
head of Jesus hitting this bald eagle nation
who has no covering from God in it head
killing it.

Below right I took this picture while driving
into Klamath Falls, Oregon some years ago,
showing this Eagle bird nation now ready to
crash. What is going on today in Washington
DC bringing this nation to an end!
Thistle Church of
Isaiah 5:6-7
Hitler Trump
Pig Church
running in fire
Dirty Church today standing on
rock Jesus, God burning off the
gold she took from Satan!
I wrote this on this picture I took some years ago, about what is happening in Washington DC today
between the Republican Party who put  Beast Trump into power and the Democrats today who are
fighting among themselves bringing down this nation that has gone to the devil!
God's last day West One Prophet
God shows this ministry preaching
this awesome message today from
the West Coast of second Jer-
lem. You can see Jesus' Trumpet ...
the sign of Beast President Trump
as the head of Jesus is looking
down over the State of Florida his
favorite State in USA and killing her
... this bald Eagle nation second
USA-lem never to rise again!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig
Today's Naked Church Gone Sour Grapes
and  black Eagle Bird USA headed to Hell.
I Put the writing
on this picfure
some years ago
over Klamath
Falls where I
preach ffom
Naked thistle Church
Naked legs