War To Begin With Naked Trumps
You can faintly see the word Church in the
window above ... the window of this nuclear
bomb coming against second Jer-
The naked first lady and her Bastard of Satan
Donald J. Trump husband, are about to do it!
It was 72 years ago when Truman the
sign of Trump today, dropped two Atom
bombs on Japan and Truman of year
"45" and Trump today the "45"th
president of this gone down the tube
nation who is about to cause nuclear
war again! The evil face of Donald John
trump alone should show who he is!
The rich
Your very naked first lady of the White-Black-Whore-
House second Jer-
USA-lem, is about to go up in flames!
The window for this nuclear bomb coming against this
nation i
s now open to happen! Notice the word "Church"
written in cloud form by Almighty God, backs up this
awesome message today to the
DOG-PIG-GOAT Churches!
This whorehouse nation is soon to go down as God
showed us in the whorehouse state of Nevada a short
time ago when a gunman started killing the people, the
largest killing ever to happen in this nation at peace time. After this happened the fires in northern
California started burning down the Grape Vineyard of Isaiah
5:1-5 ... as God has promised he would
. This killing in the sister state of California, the whorehouse state of Nevada and the burning down
of his
second Vineyard, the Church, is spoken about here in Isaiah 5:"1-5" ... is also the highway
going through these Grape Vineyards in California ... Freeway
"I-5." This passage in Isaiah 5:1-5
speaks about God taking out his
First Vineyard, The Jews ... and replanting the choice vines in
second Jer-
USA-lem! Then at harvest time 2000 years later, and after the 2000 years of first Israel,
God went to look for a good crop of fruit but found ONLY BAD GRAPES.

Now we see Isaiah 5:5 added = "10" sleeping Virgins that God is saying today loud and clear;
"I will lift
my hedge of protection from around her and she will be destroyed!
" The next two verses "6-7" speaks
today to the Matthew 25 added = "7" Churches spoken about in Matthew 25 verses
"6-7." God is
telling these Churches today that he has stopped watering and cultivating and pruning her ...
and she
has now turned into
a thistle patch!

The signs are all out in front of the people, yet they do not wake up until the darkest hour,
MIDNIGHT. The sound of war happening is what wakes up the sleeping Churches but too late to do
her any good, as the cloud of Nuclear war is then over her head as seen above in the nuclear cloud
from God Almighty with the word
"Church" written in the Open Window below! God is saying today;
"The window is now OPEN for this to happen!"

Notice above where Melania Trump is pointing her 45 magnum pistol ... is at the Head of the Goat
Church seen laying down on top of the Nuclear bomb going off. This is where many of the sleeping
goat Churches today will be ... still in their beds, laying down when this happens. Notice the goats
head with the left horn showing it is a missile, and the other side of his horn together with the missile
horn, shows the Capital letter "V" for the 10 sleeping Virgins go into nuclear war!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...