War In Heaven - Then On Earth
Revelation "12" speaks about war in
heaven then war coming on earth in
"12." Below this sign seen in the
Carr-Fire on the west coast of second
USA-lem, we see fire coming to the
whole world!  Verse
"13" speaks about
Satan, the Dragon going after the
Churches mother, Israel, by spewing
water from his mouth ... not literal water,
but armies of soldiers going after
mother Israel but God Opens his mouth
to protect Israel also seen in Revelation
7 ... taking the 144,000 to the wilderness
to protect her! When God does this then
the Dragon, Satan, gets very angry and
then turns and goes after her
the Church,
those who hold to the
testimony of

The flooding in Hawaii does not have
anything to do with old Israel except the
USA ... second Jer-
This flooding is also seen here in second Jer-USA-lem, and Hawaii the "50"th state of this second
Israel nation was the last state of this second Jer-
USA-lem ... the "50"th state of second Israel, the
Eagle bird now going down the drain as God is showing below from his sandy beach.
Below the white headed bald Eagle nation of second Jer-USA-lem, we see
a tropical storm a few years ago over this nation of second Jer-
showing the head of Jesus Christ at the head of my last day trumpet I am
blowing loud and clear,
hitting the White Head of the Bald Eagle Church
and nation killing it!

Before this happens there is war in heaven and then war on earth comes
next. You can see the second Apostle Paul who lives on the West Coast of
second Jer-
USA-lem with this JESUS-TRUMPET to his mouth telling the
Church what is now happening ... the end is now in sight! Notice Jesus'
head is looking down over Florida where storms are now taking place.
I removed the rest of this picture to show you
yours truly and the head of Jesus taking out
this white headed bald eagle nation and its
bald eagle Churches as they are seen going
down the drain!

I don't know how much plainer God will make it
but this is an awesome Open Vision from God
to say the very least! What is happening today
in Hawaii is God showing this nation and
Church it is finished ... your days ruling the
world seen in Revelation 17:1-7 is over! Old
John the Revelator could hardly believe what
God was showing him, that this last day
Church would mess up the entire world and
kill the true saints of God in spirit form! The lying
Churches of today say this last day Babylonian nation
is still to come! A lie from hell! All "3" ages of Man
had 2000 years and 42 generations as seen in
Matthew 1:17.

Satan is telling the gullible Church of day, you have
more time to mess up ... more time than God gave to
Adam and the Jews. The passage Jesus quotes is
then wrong for Jesus said, God does not show
favoritism, for he gives each age the same amount
of time and all three have messed up and now its
time for Jesus, God, to rule for 1000 years!
Last year one day before my birthday, God
sent a
Solar Eclipse across St. Paul Oregon
and left at SC .. South Carolina.
When God
created the earth he had this small county of
Oregon made, showing who his last day
Apostle Paul is. God had the map people
show St. Paul in
RED and also had them blow
up this small county left in white with a
Ring around my eye.
Solar Eclipse refers to a
new beginning
! I am looking to the left, west
in signs watching something brand new
coming into the picture today ... the 1000 year
kingdom of Jesus Christ now on its way.  But
first we see the grey bears of Russia and
China coming into the picture to take out this Dog-Pig Church and her PIG nation as you can see the
grey bears covering the eye of this soon to be squealing Pig Church Nation!

I know someone in
St. Paul, MN., that told me sometime ago, that St. Paul used to be called, "Pigs
" until they changed it to St. Paul in the middle of the 1800's.
Below the small county of St. Paul the
area where I grew up as a child close
to the capital of Salem, God shows
another storm showing this Ministry in
cloud form. The name of this storm
PAM. My in-home care lady who
watches out for me a few days a week
because of my crippling Diabetes, is
PAM. Notice I put a RED X
under my face in cloud form from God
and also a
RED X under "SC" for
South Carolina where I preached from
in the year 2000 for
"30" minutes on
short and long wave radio, telling the
world who the coming in beast is, Bill
Clinton number
"42" and that Russia
would nuclear bomb this nation
! After
we hung up the phone I opened my
Bible and it fell on Revelation
"8:1" ...
Heaven was silent for about half an
X                X
Below the first Red X you can see the head of a lion, lion Jesus and lion Paul who was born on Leo
the Lion month of August
"22" and number 22 is the last chapter of the Holy Bible and this is where
we are today at the very end of
days as we know them! Notice what God also had the weather people do with this storm named PAM,
he had them show the rocks under this huge cloud, and the bottom large rock is pointed to this last
day LION Prophet of Almighty God ... yours truly as Jesus the Lion from the tribe of Judah, the tribe
of JESUS ... is now on his way to take over a messed up world of "6000" years and God's 1000 year
kingdom is coming in ... this the "7"th day of the week ...
"67" going from years of 6000 to 7000 ...

God has his last day Leo the Lion Prophet born in a preachers family "6" of "7" children in year
"34." I preach today without hesitation to the "7" Churches of Matthew 25 added is "7" sleeping
Churches at the
midnight hour, 12 o'clock. I preach this awesome message to the sleepers of
"25" verses "6-7." You can see this Leo the Lion Prophet of Almighty God preaching this
awesome message to the world Church at the
HOUR OF JUDGMENT today in verses "6-7."

Revelation 14 speaks about the "3" ... flying in midair angels with this message at the end of days,
today. I preach this awesome message from my
"3"rd and last flying in midair websites, to a world
and Church going down the drain per God Almighty!
This last day Leo the LION Ministry rides the
large LION Jesus Christ at the hour of Judgment today

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...