Wake Up 'O' Dead Church!
Second Jer-USA-lem Wake Up and smell the coffee for it is boiling! Everything is turned around
today, it is warn in St. Paul, MN., and it is cold in St. Paul, Oregon today in January 5, 2019. Terrible
weather over the holiday's from one end of this nation to the other end, Fires in the summer time
and now cold where it should be warm and warm where it should be cold. We are at the end of days
as we know them! Number
"67" is at a close and now at the beginning of a new 1000 years of Jesus
Christ ruling. We are at the end of "6"000 years on earth and at the beginning of the "7"th day of the
week, "67" ...the Sabbath day ... 1000 years of the Sabbath day of God and his Jesus Christ ruling, for
man has struck out "3" times, Adam ... the Jews and now the Gentiles.
You are being caught
with your pants down
at kingdom time. Far
right I took this
picture of a cloud  
close to my old home
in the high wilder-
ness area!
Using my Adobe Photo section in my Computer I Put my
photograph into it and this is what came out. We see
Father God as the nuclear Adam Bomb going off and
pushing the Bride of Christ together with father God
who is the
"3"rd  Adam ... the "3"rd  ATOM.

Putting this photo into my Adode Photo section, I saw
the face of the father God and his Bride ready to kiss
each other! While the sleeping Churches of today sleep
on until midnight, they have lost their pants and are
stark naked before Almighty God today! You can see
Father Nuclear ... Adam ... Atom God being pushed up
against the 144,000 overcoming Bride Church who has
overcome Satan to date, seen in Revelation
These are those from the sleeping Church who has
overcome Satan and God takes them out to be with him,
Bride of Christ who has overcome Satan. Add 1 + 4 +
1 + 5 =
"11" = Jesus Christ of "11" letters in his name!
Right is the Church left behind screaming out when God takes out his 144,000
brides seen in Revelation 14:1-5 and watch them go to heaven in a cloud seen
in Revelation 11:11! Added is
"22" at the end of Days, the end of the Holy Bible
and the end of this Leo the Lion ministry born on Leo the Lion month of August
"22." The woman Church seen left is the woman above with the White X on her
head watching God take out his overcoming Bride seen in Revelation 11:11,

The two witnesses are soon to stand upon their feet and this first witness,
Yours truly rides in a wheelchair now for going on "8" years due to loosing the
use of my legs and feet to Diabetes! I replace John who wrote Revelation on
the Island of Patmos will he could not walk either and had to be carried. God
had spoken to me many years ago in Revelation 10:
9-11. "You must prophesy
again about many peoples, nations, languages and Kings

God also says this sort of thing in his OT in Jeremiah 1:13. Number "911"
speaks about Paul Gerig who has
"9" letters in his name and Jesus Christ who
"11" letters in his name making up "911." I am not Jesus Christ I only
speak for him today!
"Wake Up" O' Sleeping Church!"
I wrote this book and published it in 1993. My first book to the sleeping Church was titled, "Return
to the Early Church
," that I published several years before. I have preached this awesome
message on short and long wave Radio from South Carolina in 2001 and preached it from Louisville,
Kentucky on TV for "7" months, but hardly anyone wanted to hear the truth of what is now before the
eyes of the entire world today.

After I had spoken over long and short wave radio in 2001 for half an hour that was
18 years ago! We
hung up the phone and I picked up my Bible and it opened up ... not by accident but by the hand of
Almighty God to Revelation  
8:1 saying, "Heaven was silent for about half and hour."  Now we
8:1 in reverse is "18" years ago. Now I wonder who is the God of numbers if not my Almighty

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...H