Wakeup Church 2nd Jer-USA-lem
Above is the picture today across second Jer-USA-lem ... God is destroying her because she
forgot him!
In the second Open Vision above is a black heaven Tornado and God is showing in the
white cloud the picture of a man upside down looking up soon to know they have been worshiping
Satan instead of Father God that this nation calls God mother nature that does not exist!
"Wake up
O' Sleeping Church
," is a book I wrote to the Church in 1991 of over 300 pages and "19" chapters.
I have not just begun to write this message to the Church but I have been writing it and preaching it
for a very long time and today God shows it all coming
to a close!

The first book I wrote to the Church was titled,
"Return To The Early Church" that I published in
1987. I was on long and short wave radio out from South Carolina for
half an hour preaching it
showing then who the first head of the beast coming in was
, Bill Clinton number 42 from Washington
and the nuclear war with Russia would happen
that is now coming about,  that was about 20 years
ago! After we hung up the phone I picked up my Bible and to have it open to Revelation 8:1 ... that
said ...
"Heaven was silent for about half an hour."

God took me to Louisville, Kentucky for 13 months and the first 7 months I spoke on TV each week
half an hour. Louisville has the largest Church in the USA where I put hundreds of Open Vision
fliers on windows of cars telling them then God was going to destroy this nation! After I came back
home I set up one of my
"3" angel websites seen in Revelation 14 speaking to the sleeping Church
at the
HOUR of Judgment seen in verses "6-7" and seen in Matthew 25 added = "7" Churches in
"6-7." Below left is a cloud over a freeway of "3" cars, Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal.
Icecold Church to Jesus Christ!
God shows this awesome cloud of a mushroom Bomb going off in the state of Florida that also
touches on all the automobiles in the snow above and most are stuck in the snow. God says in the
Mushroom cloud bomb, that the window for this to happen is
NOW OPEN! God shows in this OPEN
Window today in cloud form
the word "Church."

Right of God's Nuclear cloud, is a real one going off that I turned sideways to show you what God
wants you to see. The Goat Church of today going up as like a rocket with the Goat head on the top
looking to the right. Right of the Goat Head Church is the neck and head of this
Eagle Bird Nation
taken out. Below the Eagle
Head you can see White Skulls looking at you, death to this nation that
has already begun!
 Below the white dead skulls is the head of the Dragon Satan who kills this
nation that God has allowed because they turned from God and today follow Satan the enemy of God
and the sleeping Church.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Man Looking Up
Man digging out his car