Virgin-ia House Burns Down
My sister Virginia's house burned
down January
29 ... 2009 added
is 11 and 11 added again is
the end of days, today when the
Virgins House of Matthew 25:6-7
burns down as it has already
begun to burn down. My sister
Virginia I had moved to Klamath
County Oregon some years ago
who had left the Church in her
late teens and repented laying on
the ground just before she died
at the age of
76. Matthew 25
added touches on the
Churches today who are turned
round from
76 and ties into
Matthew 25 added is
Churches and verses
Number 22 means the end also the end of the Holy Bible and the number of Leo the Lion the month I
was born on August
"22" and year "34." I was born in a preachers home "6" of "7" Children and
preach today at Kingdom time ... at the
Hour of Judgment this eternal gospel seen in Revelation 14
and verses
"6-7." Revelation 14 speaks about the "3" angels flying in mid-air at the hour of
Judgment, as this is also my last and third flying in mid-air website.

My sister Virginia ... Virgin for short that I used to say about Virginia when I was younger, my sisters
name is Virginia but we call her Virgin for short but not for long. Virgins has moved to Los Angels
where she had left the Church and messed around with Satan for years until after I came back to the
Lord who had also left and moved her to the hills of Klamath County for some years before she died
at the age of 76 after her house had burned to the ground.

It was a short time after Virginia had left her old house and moved to Lebanon, Oregon where we
both were raised as a child, my sister Grace called me and told me Virginia had  died. Grace found
her laying on the floor of her apartment where she had died of a major heart attack spitting blood
into two
SEA-SHELLS. When Grace told me this, the Holy Spirit said to me instantly, before she died
she repented ... SEA Shells means ...
She Shall ... Sea Shall ... see the truth and the truth Shall set
her free.

This is the way the sleeping
"Virgin Churches" will also be saved! Matthew 24 and 25 speaks of
some laying on the ground dying from major heart attacks ... their hearts failing them, heart Attacks
when they finally see what is coming upon them which has already begun. God has already begun
shoving fire into the mouths of the Virgins Church as seen below off the shoreline of Los Angeles
California where my sister Virginia lived a loose life for many years.  
Below  is the
churches  nose
and mouth
Above ... God's  right hand  shoving
fire into the Churches mouth now ...
red fire on his finger tips today as
the world can see!
The Ten Virgin Church of Matthew 24 and 25 are the fire lines burning in the Vineyard state of
Golden Gate California now on fire and also the west coast of second Jer-
USA-lem beginning to
burn down. As seen above we see God pushing fire into the mouth of the Churches today getting
some to repent of their sins before they die and go to hell with their god, Satan, who comes as an
angel of light that Jesus warned us about 2000 years ago that he would do.
This is why Jesus said in
Matthew 25:6-7 that they fell asleep and do not wake up until MIDNIGHT
. Midnight is now upon this
nation and world without a shadow of a doubt!
Wake up "O" Church and repent before you die
and go to hell with your little god ... Satan
Far left shows in white, the "7"
rear end naked Churches
burning down. The next one
shows the naked rear end trees
on fire with the capital letter "C"
for Churches burning down. My
Bible says, God is a consuming
fire! Jesus also said, people are
seen as trees!  
Left you see an ice cold Church being
flushed out from old Noah's Ark with
the fire behind her head pushing her
out and she is going down the ramp
into the ocean of time for those who
will not repent soon and suddenly. This
woman Church is seen as the moon
showing ice sickle dripping from the
moon, as she is ice cold to Jesus
Christ today and are the "7" women
who only want to use Jesus name seen
in Isaiah 4:1 ... they say they will eat
their own food and supply their own
clothing but they want to use his name,
meaning Jesus Christ ... take away our
disgrace they say at the end.
To you Church people today who think you are aboard Noah's ... Jesus' Ark today look again for you
are now on your way out down into the sea of time unless you repent of your many sins!  You are
dripping with ice sickles off the Moon Church of what you are today. I never made this Open Vision,
God had it made to show the Church who are blind what lies ahead for them being flushed down the
toilet from Noah's Ark.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...