Virgin Church Goes Up In Smoke
Jesus said people are
seen as Trees! Here we
see the Trees, the Ten
Sleeping Virgin Church of
today ... seen in the Trees
as the letter
"V" for
Virgins going up in smoke!
The Bible says people are
seen as Stars and i point
to the star right of her
nose and above her dark
mouth as God blows her
out from her fallen
condition today! God says
your 2000 years just like
the 2000 years of Adam
and then the 2000 years of
the Jews is all over! Your
fallen end has come and
now your going up in
smoke because of your
many fallen ways!
<----Her head with dark glasses
Left God shows this Red Headed scarlet woman Church of Revelation
17:1-7 with her right leg in the air sleeping with Satan today! We add 1
+ 7 + 1 + 7 =
"16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC. This ties into
the sleeping whorehouse Church of Matthew 25:6-7 still in bed
making love to Satan and committing adultery on Husband Jesus

Both of these two Open Visions came from God's Hubble space
camera in his heavens as God said, everything under the Sun
belongs to me! Here we see the sleeping with Satan Church of
Matthew 25:6-7 soon to wake up when they get blown up into the sky
by nuclear bombs coming from the Russian Bear and Trump seen
<---Foot in air
Red Head Church making
love to Satan
What is one of the main subjects in Washington DC today leading to the Impeachment of President
Donald J. Trump 45? It is the lies coming from Trump and Putin of Russia! You can see these two
President men in signs above lighting the nuclear fire and the red headed scarlet Church soon
rides the nuclear bombs blowing them up into the air seen above.
God shows left from a real nuclear bomb going off
that I laid sideways to show you this Goat Church
of today being blown up into the air as the image
heading this message. Right of the goat head at
the top shows White Head Donald Trump the head
of this white Bald Head Eagle Nation ... the golden
Billionaire ... golden beak Bird and below him you
can see the White Dead Skulls of the people he
soon takes out! Below the dead skulls you can see
his other face, the head of Dragon Satan, as he
works with today who he calls God, but is his little
god Satan!

to be continued ... Prophet Paul ...