US - Russia & China At War
Quote:  Think of it as the most momentous
military planning on Earth right now.

Who’s even paying attention, given the
eternal changing of the guard at the
White House, as well as the latest in
tweets, sexual revelations, and
investigations of every sort? And yet it
increasingly looks as if, thanks to current
Pentagon planning, a twenty-first-century
version of the Cold War (with dangerous
new twists) has begun and hardly anyone
has even noticed.
Left is a huge rock close to
my home showing the tanks
of war are now at hand!
Below the first and largest
tank in rock form from God
Almighty, you can see the
Scorpian on the body of the
woman Church as her head
is seen above the black
scorpian looking to the left
as seen in Revelation 9:1-11.
Above you can see tanks
rolling over the saints.
I point out Satan looking down over the "3" Hebrew Children as in Daniel's day, as God says, what
was good for the Jew is now good for the Gentile for God does not show favoritism. What was
before will be again, and what is now was before ... Eccl. 1:9-11 and Rev. 1:19 ... same type of
numbers in the OT and the NT alike.

The three Hebrew Children today refers to the three religions, Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal.
Left of them you can see the Lamb, Jesus in black form as the fourth man in the fire with the
Christian religions today who has messed up real bad with Almighty God, and now God is getting
ready to burn out all the garbage in their lives! They will not know their demise until they wake up at
MIDNIGHT ... when WW III begins and they are still here ... seen in Matthew 25:6-7.
Left is another large rock close to the
one above showing the war soldier
wearing his war helment looking around
the corner, top right of the Clam shell
trap that Jesus warned us about in Luke
21:34-36. Jesis said, pray that you do not
get caught in this trap for it will come
upon everyone living on the face of the
earth. Jesus said, Pray that you may be
able to escape all that is about to
happen, and pray that you may be able to
stand before the Son of Man.

Notice the naked Church circumcised
only in the flesh and not the heart, laying
down stark naked on the Bull Money Market getting ready to crash!  Notice how God put the capital
letter "V" for Virgins in the right hand of the laying down, sleeping, naked, harlot, Church of these
last days. Below shows a Hurricane off the eastern coast of God showing the bears of Russia and
China now rising up on one side coming in after
this Bull Marked leaves. Notice the Bull in blue
color with the Bull's eye in the middle of the
Bull's belly, the target God is showing what is
going to happen soon to this nation led today by
the president
"Trump ... the Horn" on top of this
Bull market today, Billioniaire Donald John

The two bears Russia and China are now rising
up on one side getting ready to strike! God
confirms this true message in two more signs.
Left shows in cloud form from my home, the dark
cloud of a bear raised up on one side with his
mouth open showing
"3" ribs in his mouth as
seen in Daniel 7:5 ...
the "1" rib of Adam now
broken into "3" ribs, Catholic, Protestand and

God confirms this again below in rock form from
Bear Rock in the lake of the State of Washington.
Two conformations from Almighty God who
created everything, period! Count the ribs in this
bear rock from Washington, signs of DC.  
The two below the bear in the Red Coats, are Russia and
are looking at the bear with "3" ribs in their mouths.
This also ties into China and Russia with red in their flags
going after the Red - White and Blue.

Below these two leaders of these two bear nations, you
can see the Mushroom bombs and the clock is almost at
Midnight and soon the woman Churches of today will be
screaming out ...
"Bloody Murder."

Jeremiah 51:53 says; "Even if Babylon reaches the sky and
fotifies her lofty stronghold, I will send destroyers against

The toadstools are coming! Its only a couple minutes until
Midnight and this is when the Church of today wakeup!
Salem, Oregon close to St. Paul Oregon, a small county
where the solar eclipse went over last year one day
before my birthday of August 22 ... August 21 which means
the end. The last chapter of the Holy Bible, Revelation
22:21 ...
their drinking water has been poisoned.

Below the 12:00 midnight clock is about to sound. St. Paul
of Oregon raised up in the area close by, is hollering out,
it is over. The map of Oregon below shows the red part is
St. Paul and the state blew up St. Paul left of the map of
where the drinking water has been poisoned a
short time ago
. Signs of nuclear radiation poisoning the
water seen in Revelation 11:8-11. Notice my face looking to
the left with my mouth wide open and the red ring around
my eye of what God is showing soon to happen! You can
see below my face the
GREY BEAR of Russia and China
moving down to this Pig nation
and Pig Church of today
covering the eye of these Pigs
seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22. Add the
2's separatly and we see "10"
sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25
verses "6-7."

Notice the mouth of this Pig
soon to be scealing out when
the beasts attact and poisons
the fresh drinking waters ... the
sign of today happening now!

God is not missing a beat even
to the poisoning of the fresh
drinking was seen in Revelation

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig