Unhappy God - Tied Church
The above Dog Church of today
are running into the fire!
Almighty God
2 Peter 2:20-22 Dog Church
Jesus said people are seen as TREES! Above you
can see the fire on fire man above has his hand
on the tree now getting ready to
BURN! Above left
you can see God in cloud form and his unhappy
face looking away while you can see this
Dog Church of today all tied up
and nothing will
stop what God has appointed for this last day Dog
Church ... she must go into th

Jesus said when he walked this earth,
"I will burn
off all the Hay, Wood and Stubble ... she will be

Left is a fiery volcano from the 50th State in this 50
State Union of Hawaii showing the naked woman
Church and her man in nuclear fire! God shows
this Woman, Dog Church of today walking her dog
over the Lake of Fire for Purification. This sort of
thing happened in Japan when this nation's
president, Trump in year "45" dropped two Atomic
Bombs on them when their skin fell off their
bodies while they were standing on their feet.
Trump the "45"th President of this gone down the
drain nation is now causing this to happen upon
this nation as Obadiah 1:15 states ...
"What you
have done will be done to you, your deeds will
return upon your own head
." Obadiah 1 + 15 = "16"
hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC.

You can plainly see the meat falling off the
woman's arm with the dog leash still attached to
her hand. You can see her man looking at it while
he lost all the skin and flesh off his body. God
puts this Dog Church of today over the Lake of
Fire to purify them, but those who died from these
Stark Naked Church All Tied Up but
the Fire will burn off the Ropes King
Nebuchadnezzar Trump Tied her with.
Jesus is the 4th man in the Fire!
nuclear  bombs going off who do not have time for repentance they go to hell with their father, the
devil. Notice God shows them in hell bottom right corner. Below this God also shows this Dog
Church being held over the Abyss Fire for purification .
You can see the two bright eyes of Almighty God looking
into the face of the Dog Church as the rear end of the
Dog Church is seen here hagging over the Lake of Fire,
the Open Vision above ... the Dog Church walking her
Dog when the nuclear bombs of
Truman year "45"
was dropped on Japan by this nation now returning upon
her own head and caused by
Trump "45." Now what
would you call this number
"45" if not coming from God
Almighty? We add 4 + 5 =
"9" and this numbers refers to
Judgment as numbers do not lie only Satan and man lies!

Below God shows the naked woman Church setting on
cloud "9" of Judgment sucking her Baby
finger. You can see her two naked
breasts looking to the left waiting for
Noah's Ark that is not coming for her
instead you can see her below soon to
be standing on Rock Jesus while God
Burns the gold she took from Satan out
from her pants when she slept with
Satan committing Adultery on God Jesus!

God shows below the Church sucking
her finger who never grew up today but
is still a baby Church seen riding cloud
"9"  but soon to wake up and repent
when she sees the truth!

God puts her on his Rock, Jesus looking
to the right as the fire from Nuclear War
opens her eyes to truth. The gold she
took from Satan and said it came from
Almighty God, is running down her naked black leg out from her pants ... the
gold Satan fooled her with while she committed adultery on God! Notice the
gold running down her adulterous legs and goes back into the serpent with
two black heads of Satan!

I remind you again these Open Visions came from Almighty God that I speak for
today at Judgment time!
Right God made this
picture of yours truly
and his Jesus in this
tropical storm over this
nation on Election day a
few years ago. You can
see Paul putting this
Jesus trumpet to my lips
and you can see the face of Jesus looking down over the state of Florida hitting this Bald Eagle Bird
nation in its head killing it. You can see yours truly over the West Coast where I live today here in
second Jer-
USA-lem now on its way going down!

Anyone with a brain in their heads knows something is drastically wrong today in this nation and
around God entire world! Revelation 12:12 has already happened! This passage speaks about Satan
and his angels going to war with Michael and his angels but they were not strong enough and was
cast out of heaven for the final time! Ever since Satan sinned and was cast out of heaven he has had
access to heaven and has accused the Brethren now for the final time.

This is why all hell is breaking forth on the earth below because Satan is now loose on earth and
causing all the problems ... murders like we have never seen before, children killing their parents
and parents killing their children! Storm after storm ... winds after winds ... God is saying ... your end
has come and I am angry to no end today, it is finished!

Car, Bus, Truck, Airplane, Boats, Trains and you name it are crashing all over this nation and world.
War breaking out every where and nothing is getting better only worse and worse as days go by! You
can we it if you have eyes and ears in your head. Jesus said, wake up and look around you to see
what is coming!
Repent ... repent ... repent for the Kingdom of Heaven is now at hand!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...

Malachi 4:4-6 says, "I will send you my Prophet Elisha before that great and dreadful day of the Lord
comes, he will turn the hearts of the Fathers to their Children and the hearts of the Children to their
Fathers or else I will come and strike the land with a
CURSE!"  This Elijah Ministry is not turning the
Children and the Parents to each other so God is now stricking this land with a
curse! Wake Up O'
Sleeping Church your end has come!      
Elijah  Prophet Paul ...