Two Trees Kills 2nd Jer-USA-lem
Left and right shows two Trees, Russia and China taking down second Jer-USA-lem who has
trodden Jesus
Cross into the ground and the two trees left and right below are Russia and
that are about to kill this Bald Eagle Nation! I also show them below as God burned them
out in his huge rock I named Babylon Rock some 25 or so years ago close to my home. Below
between the
Cross of Jesus and the dead Eagle, USA ... you can see below where God burned
out in rock form with h
is fire finger, the Russian bear left and the China bear right

Tree Russia                                                                                                                     Tree China

Here we see between Russia and China with second Jer-USA-lem stuck in-between, is soon to
be DEAD by her two so called friends of Russia and China and the rest of the World today that
hate this nation!
Bear China still sleeping
Bear Russia
looking at U
I enlarged this rock picture burned out in solid rock by the Almighty fire finger of God that shows the
bear Russia
waking up and bear China still sleeping on this huge rock I name many years ago
Babylon Rock
. Dragon Rock is only feet away south of Babylon Rock second Jer-USA-lem, is now
ready to be destroyed by the two enemies of
this once good nation now gone to POT.
Left is a fiery volcano showing this second Jer-USA-
lem Black Church Nation soon to  be standing of Rock
Jesus while the fire from Russia and China
Burn the
gold she took from Satan
... out from her pants! The
fire comes from the two bears of Russia and China
rolling back into the
two black heads of Russia and
seen below this black hearted Church of today
soon to be standing on Rock Jesus and on Fire!

Left of the black hearted Church standing on rock
Jesus ready to be burned off
, is the naked woman
Church wearing a
black bra, this churchy woman
smoking a
BONG POT PIPE as she has the head of a
screwed up
Woman Church today gone to POT and a
nation legalizing the
weed ... POT!

Left is a black Church, black skin and also the black
hearted Church of the last days, burning down that
God lets happen because she left him and follow
Satan as their little god! Notice the sign God gives
Black Bra Church smoking the WEED ... Satan and
today is
High on Deception! The front of this black
Church burning down, shows the Black Bra of the
Church above
God is now ready to put her on his Rock Jesus and
burn out from her pants the gold she took from Satan
while she slept with him committing adultery on God!
Babylon Rock USA
This is a partial Vision of Babylon Rock that
I named close to my old home for 28 years.
Far left is the Naked Pot Head Church holding
onto her little sun god ... Satan with both hands
while God is in the process of destroying this
second Jer-
USA-lem nation gone to POT. Isaiah
5:5 added is
"10" sleeping Virgins that God is
saying today in this passage ...
"I am lifting my
hand of protection from around her and she will be
!" This is happening today without a
shadow of a doubt
! Look at all the killings,
accidents happening ... storms and you name it ...
God's hand of protection is over and will be no
more. God says, out you go, man's ruling is over.

Left shows this naked woman Church riding the
Sun god
golden Billionaire Trump 45 stark naked and looking down into hell. I took this Open Vision picture
close to my old home in the high wilderness area of Klamath County, Oregon some years ago that ties
into today! Jesus said people are seen as Trees! Notice what makes up the back side of the naked
women Church is a dark sinful Tree! Now look closely and you can see the capital letter "V" for
"Virgins" on her stomach. Jesus said, people are seen as trees!
Left is the larger Open Vision from God in rock form, the
naked Churchy woman seen on the lower end of the Cross of
Jesus Christ in burned out rock form from Almighty God, her
two naked breasts looking down on the Brush Pile below
showing the Upside Down two capital letters,
US ... United
States Upside Down
! You can see God shows in solid Rock
in the top left corner, the sign of the Cross of Jesus Christ
seen above laying on the ground and right of the Cross
showing this Bald Eagle Nation U.S. laying dead on the

At the golden head of the golden Goat, US upside down, you
can see the dark red head of the little girl scarlet Church of
Revelation 17:1-7 who has never grown up to maturity but the
fire coming soon and is already here ...
will clean her up! The
Golden Goat running this show today is Golden Billionaire
Trump 45 and you can see left of this golden goat is the beast
head is the silver ram-goat head of silver Putin of Russia.

Notice under the little woman ... girl head you can see she is
wearing a
man's neck tie. Paul stated in 1 Timothy 2:9-15 that
he did not allow Women to teach men for it was the woman
Eve who was deceived, not the man Adam!

I never made these awesome signs in solid Rock, God
Burned them out with his
Almighty Fire Finger, as I serve an
Almighty God today at Judgment time that the
gone to POT
Church are lost and must repent or go to hell with Satan!

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
U S Upside Down Going Down!