Two Olive Trees of Zech. 4:1-6
"Then the angel who talked with me
returned and woke me up, like someone
awakened from sleep. He asked me, “What
do you see?” I answered, “I see a solid gold
lampstand with a bowl at the top and seven
lamps on it, with seven channels to the
Also there are two olive trees by
it, one on the right of the bowl and the
other on its left
.”    (Two Witnesses)

I asked the angel who talked with me,
“What are these, my lord?” He answered,
“Do you not know what these are?” “No, my
lord,” I replied. So he said to me, “This is
the word of the Lord to Zerubbabel:
by might nor by power, but by my
Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty
Zechariah 4:1-6 ...

Not by power nor by might but by my Spirits
says the Lord God Almighty
God also says, I am the first and I am the last, the beginning and the end! I am the Alpha and the
Omega the first and the last. I am this also seen as the first and the last in my numbering and
Alphabet system as well!
 I am "A" and "Z" and also number "1" and number "9."

Next we go to verse "7" added to chapter "4" equals "11" equals the capstone of Jesus Christ
who has
"11" letters in his name, the Capstone that sets down on God's Pyramid Government
coming in! This verse begins with ...
"Before Zeruabbabel   (God)  you will become level
!" God is saying in this seventh verse that he is the "Z" in Zerubbabel talking to this last
day huge mountain of second Jer-
USA-lem ... the home land of the "7" Churches that you are
about to become
level ground! Then after this we see the Capstone Jesus Christ coming into his
1000 year kingdom on earth!

God shows these two witnesses today, a man Paul from the West and a woman Katy from the North
in his Hubble telescope in his heavens seen above ... yours truly from the West and Katy Sasie from
the North. The sleeping dog-pig-goat Churches of today tell the sleeping Church that the stars in
the heavens refers to Angels which is another lie from Satan. Remember Joseph's dream, his
older brothers were seen as the
STARS, his mother was the MOON and his Father was the SUN.
Wake up O' sleeping Church of the last days, your
wolf-dog-goat preachers have been telling you
untruth and has been doing this for many, many years!

Katy Sasie lives in St. Paul MN., and yours truly the first witness came from the small county of St.
Paul, Oregon
that sets only a few miles from the state capital and Katy live at the State Capital of
MN. It was in the middle 1800's when St. Paul MN., was called
"PIGS EYE" and later changed to St.
Paul looking down
Katy looking
Left is the small county of St. Paul, Oregon
and the State put St. Paul in Red on this
white map of Oregon. They also enlarged St.
Paul and put a red ring around my eye
looking at the Solar Eclipse going over my
head of
August "21" year 2018 one day
before my
August "22" birthday showing
the end is here and this Solar Eclipse means
a new beginning is coming in, the 1000 year
kingdom of Almighty God through Jesus
Christ. This shows the end of the Holy Bible
of Revelation
"22":"21" is now coming into
Next, I will show you the second head of the two witnesses, Katy Sasie of St. Paul, MN., that used to
be called
"PIGS EYE." God showed this some 6000 years ago then he made the earth! He shaped
this Ministry in earth form where I grew up as a child not far from St. Paul, Oregon. Notice below my
red-eye with my mouth wide open and a red ring around my eye, and the gray bear of Russia
coming down from the
North covering the eye of the Pig Church of today! The Pigs Eye of MN.,
changed to
St. Paul MN. I don't know how much plainer God could make it!

God confirms this fact above from St. Paul, Oregon! God confirms the bears of Russia and China
are soon to be on their way to take out this
PIG CHURCH of 2 Peter 2:20-22 at the very end of days.
The Fish Church of long ago has turned into a
PIG Church at the end of their days on earth!  Notice
below the grey bears covering the EYE of this last day PIG CHURCH has the mouth of the PIGS
soon to be squealing out bloody murder! Notice the end of their Pig-fish tail you can see the black
face of these
PIG PREACHERS with a large black nose and protruding mouths speaking lies about
God at the end of days on earth
O' you Goat-Dog-Pig Churches of today
get ready to be judged by Almighty God
becasue your days of talking to the
devil who you think is Jesus Christ has
come to a close! You who put the beast
Donald Trump into office, your days has
come to a close and will be no more!
God shows you here talking to the devil
over the white head of Donald Trump
as you can see the white head of the
beast over Donald's white head and
you are talking to Donald Trump who
talks to Satan who you put into office as
the "45"th President. Add 4 + 5 =
equals Judgment time today!!!!

A short distance down the road where I
had lived 28 years in the high
wilderness of Almighty God in solid
rock from burned out by the fire hand
of Almighty God, whose the woman
Church dancing with the black headed
Preachers of today wtih the first two
heads of the "3" beast men right of the
Church, Bill Clinton 42 and Texas
cowboy beast Texan George W. Bush
43. Right of them you can see this
golden head ministry of yours truly with
his arms in the air parting the Red Sea
of Fire for God's true 144,000 saints of
Revelation 14:1-5 who has overcome
Satan out from the sleeping Church
who soon goes to heaven. I outline my
P A U L and it goes around the
the other golden witness, Katy Sasis of St. Paul MN., also dressed in gold. This taking out of God's
true Church is not far from happening! Below is another large rock pile close to my old home in the
wilderness burned out by the fire finger of Almighty God, showing the C\hurch of today with their
"V" for Virgins hand in the air stark
naked Church laying down on the Beast
BULL Market, Donald Trump today just
before the Soldiers seen top right
comes in to kill Satan's Church of the
last days ... the "10" very much asleep
Churches of Matthew 25:6-7.

Who is Trump seen as today? Most of
this nation see him today as a  
that he really is! The black Bull Market is
leaving and the Red Bear Market of
Russia and China are ready to move into
The red bear market is coming in!  The big GMC automobile factory is closing down much of their
manafactoring places and laying off thosands of people. Sear Robuck one of the oldest stores is
also going bankrupt! J.C. Penny's is closing down many of their stores! And now the largest
Computer stores
are also in trouble and laying off thousands of their workers now crying out. Lier
Trump is saying thing are in better shape today money wise than ever before when the large
companies are going bankrupt as what happens when nation forsake God like this second Jer-
USA-;lem nation has done to God

You can\ see above the Bull Market on the ground is when the Chinese and Russian soldiers
come in seen above ... this is when the
Red Bear Market of Russia and China comes in when the
black Bull Market
goes out!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Eangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Market Goes Down