Two Headed Waves Rolling In
Left are two pictures of Gold
Beach, Oregon on the West
Coast side of second Jer-
lem! The huge rock left of the
two waves now rolling in, shows
the top of this large rock in
signs with the end of the coast
line above as the head of the
beast looking to the left. Below
this head you can see the
goldish head of the golden rich
beast head of Donald Trump
who is Demon possess who
soon makes Skulls of the people
seen below sleeping in cloud
form looking up at the right end
of the white cloud.
Below the soon to be dead heads of the sleeping
Church as God also shows this last day Church still
sleeping soon to wake up at midnight when
nuclear war begins, we see in the ocean of water
rolling in making the sign from God, the large
capital letter
"V" for the sleeping "10" Virgin
as also seen in the cloud picture of the
Dead-Sleeping-Church of these last days!

Clicking the left side of your mouse on the blue
below, you will see Golden Rich Donald Trump with
this last day preachers hand praying for Trump and
filling Trump with Demons ...
Devil Filled Preacher
& Trump ... This also happened to my neighbor!

The Two Headed Waves rolling in seen above also
touches on the two heads seen left over this West
Coast of second Jer-
USA-lem where God's last day
Prophet lives on the west side of this once good
nation gone to
POT. God took this picture from his
camera in his heavens over this nation on election
day a few years ago. It shows yours truly over the
West Coast side of second Jer-
USA-lem blowing
God's Jesus Trumpet over this land and hitting the
Sign and Symbol Eagle Bird of this nation in its
head killing it seen here over the state of Florida
Trumps favorite state in the 50 states of the USA.
Soon to be dead heads
Putting this picture in my Adobe Photo section of my computer I
removed the rest of the substance showing only Paul blowing his
Jesus Trumpet over this land ... notice the golden face of Jesus
looking down as he soon removes this second Jer-
USA-lem nation
from world ruler-ship, and sends most to hell. Left you can see the
face of Jesus looking down to this Naked Church Nation now gone to

Below God wants you to know and see this nation now legalizing Pot
for any type of use like drinking, and getting high as on drugs and the
killings taking place by young and also older people high on drugs or
etc., and things are not getting better but getting worse fast as the
days are coming to a close! Anyone with eyes and ears in their heads
can see this if only they want to see the truth that the end is now
before their very eyes and leaving them with the sign of where they
will go ... to heaven with God or to hell with Satan, the decision is up
to you alone ...
"Where will you spend Eternity?"
Above you can see the head
of Jesus hitting this bald
eagle nation in its head over
the state of Florida, Trumps
favorite state. Right shows in
cloud form from a storm in
Florida the sign of the
Mushroom cloud nuclear
bomb going off over a
freeway of "3" cars, the "3"
religions today, Catholic,
Protestant and Pentecostal.
God is saying today, the
window for this to happen is
now open! In the open
window you can faintly see
the word
<---Trumps golden Head
<---Head of Beast
Head of Jesus-->
God said "As in the days of Noah ... meaning water, water all around like today, so shall it be in the
days of the coming of the Son of Man ... Jesus Christ! How many people were saved in Noah's day?
How about just "8" and two of every animal! As in Noah's day so shall it be today for most today will
perish! I didn't say this, God said it!

God also said he was taking out only 144,000 who has Jesus' name and their Father's name written on
their foreheads ... as this today is the total amount of saved people who have overcome Satan that
soon leave this planet while the rest today are all under Satan's foot and are here when all hell soon
opens up on earth!
To you people who think your about to leave before the nuclear
bombs drop, as Jesus said, where would you hide from me!
"If you
go to the bottom of the sea, I will send my serpent to bite you and if you
go to the top of the heavens I will bring you down ... where would you
hide from me."
Amos 9:1 added refers to the "10" sleeping Virgins!
Next we see Amos 9 verse
"10" sleeping Virgins ... "All the sinners
among my people will die by the SWORD not one will escape

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Is this the ship your on today?
The two headed Lion Beast Trump