Two Headed Beast & Nude Church
The long red Dragon Rock above close to my home is
about 3 to 4 hundred yards long so I  put it together
above going to the right and then down on the right
side. Behind the first beast Democrat Bill Clinton 42
with the second beast, George W. Bush 43 the
republican Elephant, you can see the Elephant's trunk
attached to the back of beast Clinton's head. Behind
Bushes head is the Shark today, Donald John Trump 45
and all three men will be making
SKULLS from the
sleeping Church seen behind the
SKULL overhead.
Behind the sleeping, naked woman Church you can
see the Elephant again, behind the Church as you can
also see him behind the first head of the beast, Clinton
Left of the naked laying down Church with Burning Bush behind them, you can see a naked woman
God put in the clouds to show you this Church of today are stark naked showing her breasts with
her head looking to
her left fast asleep. Left of her is the head of the beast, Clinton 42 behind the
podium of the
Southern Baptist Church! Now below the laying down sleeping Church with the
second head of the two headed lion beast,
Elephant Bush, are the preachers who has messed up
the Church
BIG TIME! I have the two ears of the wolf-dog preachers marked, the left side is the
head of the sleeping Church and the right side ear is the head of George W. Burning Bush 43.
Left is another fiery volcano from
Almighty God showing this
Red Pants
Burning Bush with a white head
claiming to be a good Christian with the
black microphone at his mouth along
with this
GOAT Church of today
preaching to the whole world who are
part of
Revelation 17:1-8. This Church
has deceived the entire world per
, John the Revelator. Notice
over Bushes head is the head ....
of the Beast as George is part of the
NWO ... Illuminati of the secret society
of the
"Skull & Bones" confirmed here
by Almighty God.
Burning Bush of the
Skull & Bones society
The top right Open Vision over the tail of the Shark, Donald Trump 45, and the "Skull" you can see
in cloud form
, the Republican Elephant Bush 43 with his trunk in the air! Beast Trump 45 today is
doing what was before, which will be again seen in Ecclesiastes 1:9-11 and Revelation 1:19! What
was before when Harry S. Truman the "33"rd president of this nation dropped two Atomic bombs on
Japan in year
"45" that touches on Trump the "45"th president of this nation and her Church that
messed up the entire world today ... Revelation 17:1-8. Now we put
Truman with Trump and we see
these two names sound much alike. Now I wonder how this happened if God is not the God of
numbers and names?
Beast Trump "45" is the man of his picture, very nutty! This
bastard of Satan was put into power by naked women
Churches seen below standing on Rock Jesus
, waiting for the
Ark of God to come and get
them when this will not happen!
Notice who this naked woman Church are bowing their knees
to today,
"little rock, Satan."

Below little rock Satan you can see the cloud God is showing
naked woman Church setting on cloud "9" day-dreaming
and sucking their thumb. The next Open Vision from God Almighty
shows this capital letter
"V" for Virgins behind the electric pole ready
to be Electrocuted ... put to death by Almighty God

The next Open Vision shows the naked woman Church setting in the
lake of water ... the sign of her arms crossed looking up to God while
BURNING BUSH ... 43 is burning behind her.

Next we see the
Perfect Storm ... three storms coming together and
the Fishing Church as we know it is going down to the bottom of the
sea of time! This picture is now
getting ready to happen! Three storms
coming together,
North Korea, Russia and China!
I wonder who made all these Open Visions I show on
the air if not caused by God Almighty? They say a
picture is worth a thousand words, is it? If this is the
case this message is worth over 13,000 words for it
has 13 pictures!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...

Below ...
Watch out Church ... the Burning Bush is soon to go after you, his
head is now behind your back and the heads of the Rooster
preachers is
also behind your back, as seen in the Open Vision of
the woman Church praying for her very soul
. Many are going down
to the bottom of the sea of time.  
Notice the burning Bush is also   
seen as the Roosters that God is taking off his mountain seen in the Open Vision below, a picture I
took across Klamath Lake in southern, Oregon 16 years ago. The white top mountain is Mt.
McLoughlin and over this sign of the Church you can see the Rooster preachers being ushered off
God's high mountain who will be no more! Right of the red word, Jesus you can see Jesus setting
on a white cloud with a sharp
scikle in his hand seen in
Revelation 14:14 ready to cut
down the wild grape Churches
of today! The blue sky where
the word Dragon is written on
is the Dragon Satan who said in
Isaiah 14:14 the same chapter
and verse numbes of
Revelation is Satan who said I
will put my throne above the
stars of God and rule over them! The stars are the saints that say the stars are God's angels which
is a lie from hell, Satan himself! (Notice the Fiery Rooster preachers ... the sign of Burning Bush in
the Open Vision seen above with the large "X" on his body are all
Rooster Preachers today. This
year of 2017 is the year of the
ROOSTER IN CHINA. China comes in and takes out these Rooster
preachers of today and then they Rape Their Women as seen in Zechariah 14:1-2! You can plainly
see the image of Father God with his white head over the Rooster preachers neck, and ushering
them off his high mountain by the
Roosters of China! This year is the year of the ROOSTER! Next
year, 2018 is the year in China as the
MONKEY! This is the sign of the Rooster Churches of today will
be seen as
MONKEYS ... that China takes out with her 200 million man army seen in
Revelation 9:16 hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC
!    Prophet Paul ...
Right are the Roosters
Burning Bushes
The Perfect Storm coming upon the "3"
Churches today ... God is taking them down
to the bottom of the sea of time ... it is finished
per Almighty God!
"V" for  Virgins Electrocuted
Naked Church on Cloud "9"
sucking her baby finger as
God blows her out!