Two Faces - War - Dog & Man
Dog                                          Man
Man                                          Dog
The two top Open Visions shows bombs going off
and the lower one is the nuclear bomb over
Nagasaki in 1945. This lower one shows a man
and a woman sleeping in bed when the bombs
begin to fall as seen in Matthew 25:"6-7" when
the sleeping Church of today are still in bed

This top left bomb shows the Dog Church of 2
Peter 2:20-22 looking to the left and the man
looking to the right wearing dark glasses. The
bomb going off above show the head of a woman
... Man on the left looking at you and on the other
side we see the body of a dog, the dog of 2 Peter
2:20-22 and you can see his legs hanging down.
Go to my other two messages,
"Nuke Over
Nagasaki 1945 Now,"
and "Man & Woman Sleeping
," to see the man and woman in bed
sleeping when the bombs happen.

God is showing us this cloud in Florida of a
Mushroom cloud bomb soon to go off showing
today the window is open for this to happen!
Notice in the window is done by God also in cloud
form, the word Church. You can faintly see
Church in this naked woman of second Jer-
lem that God about to send own the drain this
Eagle bird nation seen in Isaiah 16:1-2 ...
fluttering birds pushed from their nest, so are the
women of Moab
(Referring to Zion the Church) at
the fords of the Arnon."

Below the sign of the Church in this semi nuclear
explosion from Almighty God, is the sign he put
on the sandy beast left showing this bird Church
of today and this eagle bird nation, going down
the drain. Below is a tropical storm over this
nation on election day a few year ago showing
Prophet Paul blowing this Jesus trumpet from the
West Coast
over this
nation and the
end of my
trumpet is the
head and face
of Jesus
looking down
and hitting
this bald eagle
nation in the
head killing it.
Notice Florida
below Jesus.
God is showing this Eagle Bird Nation going down the drain
in no uncertain terms. I took out the substance of this Open
Vision from God to show you what God is showing you that
this message is right on the mark!

God goes a little farther down the road with this ministry
showing St. Paul a small county in Oregon of the bears of
Russia and China coming in. The Solar Eclipse on August 21,
2017 came over St. Paul and went out at South Carolina
where I had spoken on the air for 30 minutes in year 2000
telling the world who the beast is and this coming war.
Notice how the map people made this map of
Oregon. They showed St. Paul in red and also they
enlarged St. Paul and putting a red ring around his
eye. Below my chin you can see the grey bears of
Russia and China moving in over the eye of this
PIG and DOG nation seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22. Notice
this once FISH nation is now the PIGS and they still
swim with a fish tail telling lies, tail's ... to the
sleeping Churches of today. Notice at the end of
this pig head Church the large black nose of the
preachers who are very soon to burn down and
very soon to explode.
Notice the black nose of the Church on
the tail of the swimming Pig Church of
today, is also seen in this large truck
accident killing the driver. Notice who
he got killed, the smoke of the nuclear
bomb going off showing God taking out
these black nose preachers today. Left
is another picture of these large nose
preachers looking to the left in the
smoke fire in California burning down
the grape vineyards and wineries that
ties to Isaiah 5:1-5 and verses
"6-7" that
ties into Matthew 25 verses
"6-7." E
You can get to most of the Wineries in California by Freeway "I-5" that touches on Isaiah 5 verses
"1-5" signs and more signs from Almighty God who created everything, roadways and all and put his
numbers on them that ties into his Holy Bible as well. I serve a good God not the god the sleeping
Churches of today serve. Satan has gotten the Churches of today believing Satan is the God of
Numbers, not Almighty God our creator. So the Churches tell you, we do not look at numbers
because Satan is the God of numbers, that it is he himself who is the little god of numbers who has
the Churches of today worshipping him also seen in Isaiah 14:13-14.

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