Trump W/Whore & Wife
Trump and whore Kardashian with his arm around her ... the next
picture shows her stark naked ... right shows his wife another whore
also stark naked lying in bed on the front cover of many sex
magazines ... this is this nations going to hell leaders.
The White House has turned into a Black CAT House and Trump is the Pimp of this nation and world
and is the last and third
"666" beast President of Revelation "6:7-8." The last "5" presidents are
also seen in Daniel 2:
41-42-43-44-45 ... Bush 41, Clinton 42, Bush 43, Obama 44 and Pimp Trump 45.
This passage states:
"In the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom never
to be destroyed nor left to another people

Revelation "6:7-8" speaks about the Pale Rider of DEATH. Out from these "5" beast Presidents,
"3" makes up the "666" that Isaiah "66:6" speaks about by God who takes out this gone to pot
Church of today, read it in
Isaiah "66:6." First, Clinton 42 was born in year "46" ... Bush 43 was
born in year
"46" and Trump 45 was born in year "46." Here we see the "666" on these three men.
All "3" of these men came out from the
"10" sleeping Virgin Churches of Matthew 25:6-7. We add
the year they were born ..
year "46" added 4 + 6  = "10" sleeping Virgins.

Next, Trump 45 was born month "6" ... Bush was born month "7" and Clinton was born month "8" ...
now we see these
"3" ... "666" men as the PALE RIDER OF DEATH seen in Revelation "6:7-8" that
ties into Trump
"6" ... Bush "7" and Clinton "8." Now we add all three together and we see number
"21." We saw this number 21 this last August 21 year 2017 when the Solar Eclipse came over this
nation over
St. Paul Oregon and left at South Carolina. The day after this was God's last day Lion
Prophets birthday, yours truly, and in reverse we see the last Chapter of the Holy Bible, Revelation
22:21. (Add 2 + 2 + 2 = "6" plus 1 = "7" equals "67" that touches on the sleepers of Mt. 25:"6-7."

This Solar Eclipse refers to two things ... it refers to a new beginning and here we see two new
First, we see the Beast System that goes after the Church, and after this we see
New Beginning, the 1000 year kingdom of Jesus Christ is set up! This is seen in Daniel 9:24
added is
"33" the age of Jesus when he died and rose again still 33 years of age as God never
ages. Just before this passage in this one verse shows this ministry closing down ...
my Visions and
Prophesies close down and then Jesus comes in to reigns for 1000 years still 33 years of age
Left is a map of Oregon and the red spot is the
small county of St. Paul east of the capital of
Oregon, Salem. God had the state of Oregon make
this image of this last day Moses ... Paul Prophet
looking to the left, West where the Solar Eclipse
came from and left, went out East at South
Carolina. This Solar Eclipse that went over St. Paul
of Oregon, shows this Moses Ministry with a red
circle around his eye, and mouth wide open seeing
what is coming upon the world and its Churches!
You can see the
grey BEAR of Russia and China
moving in for the
KILL. They are seen here as the
bears are over the
PIGS EYE and she cannot see
what is in store for her! This PIG nation and PIG Church are blinded to what is soon to take place.
This is also seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22 as she lost it all spiritually and God said, she would have been
better off never to have heard the way of Salvation than to have heard it and turned her backs on
the true Salvation and not
"Man's salvation that is no salvation at all." Notice how this PIG head
Church and nation swim along ... they still swim with a
FISHES TAIL the early Church were once
fishers of men's souls. Above I show the face at the end of the
PIG HEADED CHURCH, the large black
nose of these last day preachers leading the PIG Church and her nation seen in Revelation 17:1-8
into fire and brimstone.
X                   X
Above the Solar Eclipse went over St.
Paul Oregon and left at SC ... South
Carolina. God shows this in a huge
storm named PAM, the name of my
in-home care lady who helps me out a
few days a week. Over the top of the
RED X you can see my face in this
cloud, and under the X is the face of a
Lion as I was born on Leo the Lion
month of August "22."

Over the top of the second
Red X you
can see the two capital letters of
SC for
South Carolina
where the Solar Eclipse
left the USA. Notice my arm is reaching
out to
SC where I spoke from in year
2000 on short and long wave radio for
30 minutes, telling the world who the
beast coming is, Bill Clinton 42 and in
the same breath I said, Russia will nuke
the USA and this is now getting ready
to happen. As soon as I hung up the phone from South Carolina which I spoke to the whole world
telling them who the first head of the beast is, I picked up my Bible to have it open to Revelation 8:1
which stated;
"Heaven was silent for about half an hour."
Left is another picture of Pam pushing me in a wheelchair
while I preach this message to the whole world. This storm
coming in is the center of this Ministry today. You can see
the head of my trumpet pointing downward from heaven to
the people below, telling them a new beginning is now
coming, the beast comes in to clean up the people and
world today for God Almighty.

You can see Pam wearing dark glasses as she does when
the sun is out seen left of my head wearing a cap as I often
do. You can see just ahead of my head, a man also wearing
dark glasses with his head laying sideways as I preach this
message from the
"3" Angels in the heavens seen in Rev.
"6-7" ... as this is my last and "3"rd angel website.
God's last day Prophet who was born
"6" of "7" Children
in a preachers home in year
"34" and I preach to the 3 + 4
= "7" Churches today just before God opens hell on earth. I
never made these awesome Open Visions ... God did!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...