Trump Ties Her & Walks Away
The Church Nation today
Bull ... Bully Donald John Trump 45 ties up the Seven Churches ... this nation and is now ready to
walk away with the
GOLDEN RED BULLS EYE on the fat belly of the Bull Market of today! Top right is
taken from a large storm on the East Coast side of second Jer-
USA-lem of God, showing the Bully
in the White House, Big fat Belly Bully Donald Trump 45 who has stirred up the bears of Russia and
China from the North now raising up on one side seen in Daniel 7:5 ... and is ready to get up and
eat their fill of flesh!

They have "3" ribs in their mouths as seen below in cloud and rock form. These
"3" ribs are the
ONE RIB of ADAM now broken into "3" parts ... Catholics, Protestants and Pentecostals.
God shows these two bears of Russia and
China in cloud form over my home some
time ago. You can count the three
in its mouth as it is raised up on one
side today ready to get up and eat his fill
of flesh. You can also see it in the rock
below left, from earth in this Bear Rock
Lake in the
State of Washington, referring
to Washington DC
. You can plainly see the
"3" rock ribs in the bears mouth now
raising up on one side with its tail stick out
Below in this Open Vision from Almighty God, you can
see the two so-called Christian religions wearing red
coats, referring to the Red Bloody war now coming to
this nation first, tne Catholics and the Protestants
which also includes the Pentecostals as they are still
seen as Protestants! All will soon need their heavy
winter coats as they go into the rocks to hide from
God ... seen below.
These Churches today are seen overhead right wearing an up to date bun hairdo and also
wearing a
warm winter coat as you can plainly see. I outlined this in my Adobe Photo section of
my computer seeing what God had shown me in a photograph of this large rock wall! God's fire
finger has burned this out on the wall seen in Daniel 5:25 ... the Matthew 25 sleeping Virgins
Churches of today. The number "2" stuck in the middle of the two 5 wise and 5 foolish Virgins

Looking left of the woman Church, you can see the head of the PIG looking down, referring to the
PIG-DOG-Goat Church of 2 Peter 2:20-22! Adding the "2"s separately we see
"10" sleeping Virgins
of Matthew 25:6-7. Above the woman Church soon to be running into the rocks in winter time, you
can see the legs of the
old Lion German Swastika people coming down and going after this heavy
coated woman Church soon to be hiding from God

God shows in signs of my "3" friends ... the man's name is Matthew. A few years ago a forest fire
went through their property and burned them out. They moved to Soap Lake Washington into a
cabin that his mothers daughter from her first marrage and husband owned,
1000 feet from Soap
. This was a sign of cleaning them up ... meaning the Matthew 25:6-7 dirty Church.

One year later they moved back to their old land and property now burned to the ground and
began to rebuilt. This time it refers to the Open Vision above on the right. Isaiah 2:19-22 shows this
Matthew 25:6-7 Church of today, heading to the rocks and holes in the ground from the dread of
the Lord and the splendor of his majesty as he rises now to shake the earth.

How do I know this for sure? Matthew just finished building a round dirt home and all three
members are living in it today! (This is the sign of the Church hiding from God in the holes in the
ground like animals live in the ground) Matthew and his mother and sister touches on the "3"
Churches of today seen in Matthew 25 ... added refers to the
"7" Churches of today. Matthew's
mothers name is Sharon, touching on God's Jesus, the
Rose of Sharon. His younger sister is
Skye that touches on the stars in the SKY soon to fall ... as the sleeping Churches of
today say, the stars refers to God's angels, another lie from hell.
Isaiah 2:19-22
Lower among the stars of heaven falling, are the
two bright eyes of Almighty God in his heavens
looking at you while the sleeping star Churches of
today are fast asleep but soon to wake up falling!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...