Trump - Swaggart & Satan!
Hitler Trump                     False Swaggart           Satan
Red Lion                                   Chases red tongue Dog Church
These three top Open Visions were taken from the
fiery lava flowing from Hawaii not long ago. It shows
Hitler ... Trump with Hitlers hat on his head left of
Jimmy lying, false prophet Swaggart with thinning
white hair, talking to Satan who was cast out of
heaven for sinning. Satan was the Music director in
heaven and he is talking to a music director on earth
today, Jimmy liar Swaggart. Notice the waves of lava
flowing down to the Red tongue dog Church seen
below with its Red Tongue hanging out loving the
music coming from this Satanic leader today. Notice
Satan wearing a wool Stocking Cap showing war is
now at the door! Jesus said in Matthew 24:20 to pray
your moving out of the cites is not in winter!
Notice left of thinning white hair Swaggart talking to Satan, is
Hitler Trump wearing old Hitlers military hat!  Below this you
can see his white face. Below Hitler, Trump you can see him
as the Red Lion in parts, heading for the white dog Church
with their tongues hanging out loving Swaggarts Christian
music. The flowing lava is the sign of music flowing down to
the dog Church. Left is another shot of the dog Church taken
from a different angle, even showing the line down the dogs
tongue ... the dog Church of today still laying down sleeping
seen in Matthew 25:6-7. The Vision above this dog was also
taken from Hawaii, of Hitler and Swaggart showing Trump as
the second Hitler today!

Left you can see this
"666" group of singers and people also
seen in Isaiah
"66:6" ... the enemies of God! God said, what
is that sound coming from the cities and what is that sound
coming from the
Temple ... meaning Churches ... it is the
sound of the Lord repaying his
ENEMIES all they deserve!

Below is a larger picture of Jimmy Swaggart talking to Satan!
You can see his pink face looking to the right into black
Satan's face and God outlined in white around Satan's large
nose! Above Satan's nose you can see he is wearing a
winter stocking cap
as it appears this is in winter time. Jesus
said in Matthew 24:20 ... Pray that your flight moving out from
the cities does not happen in Winter or on the Sabbath.
Preachers Talking to Satan
Donald Trump was raised as a
Lutheran which really is Roman
Catholic. I know this for I was married
to a Lutheran woman for 18 years. My
brother-in-law married a Roman
Catholic and the two are inseparable.
Getting baptised in the Lutheran
Church is the same way you get
baptised in the Roman Catholic
Church. The ruckus a short time ago
in the White House with Trump, and
his choice for Attorney was Catholic.
Trump has been in contact with the Catholic Pope who was numbered "13" by the Roman Catholic
Church, and number
"13" ties into Witchcraft. It was also day "13" when George W. Bush 43, a
Protestant, took the Presidency away from Al Gore who won the Popular and also the Electoral Vote
in the State of Florida ... December
"13" year 2000. The witchcraft people of this day "13" kept
saying ...
"The Hanging Shades from the "13"  Witchcraft people stopped this, but all was a lie from
the Witchcraft people of day
"13." If you check the Archives of this nation as I have, you will find the
Banking Bush family along with Standard Oil of the UK ... financed Adolph Hitler in WW II as they were
against the Jews, and today are against the Church!
Left is a fiery volcano showing Red Pants
Burning Bush
with a black microphone to
his mouth talking to the Goat Church of
today! Over white head Burning Bush you
can see the white head of a beast which
the Bushes belong to, they belong to the
secret society of the NWO and Illuminati
of the
... "Skull & Bones!"

Back to the Witchcraft number "13." The
Pope of Roman was given the number

13" check it out if you do not believe
God's last day Prophet. Now add the
numbers in Jimmy Swaggart they are also
Jimmy Swaggart who has "13" letters in his name, his wifes name is Francis and this is also he name
of the Pope of Rome whose number is
"13." The Church today ... the Catholics and the
Protestants alike are full of Witchcraft to the Rafters and don't know they are worshipping
Satan who they believe is Jesus Christ
!  Jesus warned us 2000 years ago that Satan would come
as an angel of light which he has done! Isaiah 14:
"13" tells us ... note number "13" again, that Satan
would put his throne above the
Stars of God ... meaning Saints and not Angels the Goat Church of
today claim
The two witnesses are seen in the clouds of
heaven in the
STARS from God's Hubble
telescope! T
he man on top looking down and
the woman on the right looking to the right
these are saints and not angels as the
sleeping, goat Churches of today claim!

Notice above the Goat Churches of today
talking to the beast ...
George W. Red Pants
Burning Bush
... are seen on the left! Jesus
said, the
"Goats" will be on the left, meaning
Judgment! Jesus also said,
"The sheep will be
on my right
" meaning mercy and are few today.

Jesus Christ has
"11" letters in his name and
so does George W. Bush have
"11" letters in
his name. We put the two together ... 11 + 11 =
"22" the end and also the end of the Bible,
22 and this last day Prophet also
born on Leo the Lion month of August "22" preaching today to the seven Churches at Judgment
time, and born in year
"34" added is "7" Churches. Jesus and Bush with "11" letters in their
names, and Paul Gerig with
"9" letters in his name put together is "911" emergency day number
second Jer-
USA-lem the Goat Churches of today ... it is finished!

Next, we go to Revelation
11:11-13. Number "11" is Jesus' number and also George W. Bush
number added together today, is the end time number
"22" also Prophet Paul's number, the day I
was born on Leo the Lion month of August 22 ... as Jesus came from the Lion tribe of Judah also. We
put my number
"9" with Jesus' number "11" and we see emergency day number today ... "911."

Now we look again at Revelation 11:11-13 ... and we see this: number "22" is the end and the last
chapter of the Holy Bible Revelation 11 + 11 equals ... Revelation
22.  Next, we see verse "13" that
ties into the number
"13" as I have shown above as this number "13" refers to Witchcraft.

The two witnesses seen above showing a man and a woman in the
STARS ... refers to both men and
women alike seen as the
144,000 overcoming Saints and not Jews the Churches of today claim!
These 144,000 are the only Church at the end of days that are take out ... no rapture of the rest for
they all stay behind to be
purified by fire!  These two witnesses of Revelation 11:11-13 are soon to go
to heaven while their enemies,
the sleeping Goat Churches of today claim!  The rest of the Church
left behind watch them all go out just before the great earthquake ... a must to read! Those staying
behind are those tied to the number
"13" that I show earlier in this awesome message, as this
"13" is the number of Witchcraft!
Left shows the head of Witchcraft in a storm over Florida that
I put into my Adobe Photo section of my computer. All I did
was to draw lines around this witches head and neck
showing her with her large witch hat on her head, and the
center of this witch storm over the State of Florida, the state
that brought in
Red Pants Burning Bush! This also shows the
EYE of this storm under the eye of the witch making up her
cheek. Below her small nose you can see her smug mouth
and chin above her neck. Notice her hair seen as part of the
circular storm with the center of this storm under her eye ...
the eye of this storm which is now coming in hot and heavy!

I said above I was married to a Lutherin for 18 years. My
nephew ... a Pentecostal Preacher also married a Lutheran
woman! Now we see the sign again of the Protestant,
Philadelpia, Penticostal Church which are seen tied into the
Roman Caholic Church and number
"13." Number "13" also
ties into Revelation
"13":1-2. This beast came out from the
Sea ... the Sea of People and not the ocean. It had "7" heads
and "10" horns and each had a blasphemous name. This
beast resembled a Leopard ... China, and had feet like a bear
... bear Russia, and a mouth like a Lion ... the USA. Beast
lion, big mouth Trump Today. The second first head of the Lion beast is Bill Clinton number 42 ... 1942
as Lion Bill was born on Leo the Lion month of August
"19" and was the "42"nd president ... "1942"
and shown in mother's Bible that ended up in my hands the day after her death ... the first inside
page of her
1942 Bible. The verses following these three beasts of the last days, are the Leopard
China, the bears feet is Russia, and the
LION"s mouth is Donald J. Trump and Bill Clinton who was
the President who had the fatal wound of
DEATH in verses 3-4 on him ... his impeachment by the
House but later healed by the Senate when they turned him loose and his fatal wound of DEATH had
healed ...
Bill and Monica!

The next beast was G.W. Bush the 43rd President from the Lion's mouth, who caused fire to fall from
heaven in plain sight of all people
, also seen in Revelation 13:13!  How did this happen? G.W.
Burning Bush the 43rd President of this nation when in power,
dropped smart bombs on Iraq
killing many people
, and the entire world saw these fire bombs dropping fire from heaven seen
on Television. This part and much of the rest has already happened and the sleeping Church do not
know, nor do they understand the Bible!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
and Preachers