Trumps Girl-friend - Kim Burns,
as does Miley
Cyrus and etc.
Churches of
today all stark
naked &  riding
the Wrecking
Beast Trump and
girl friend Kim K.
whose house also
burned down.
Celebrity after Celebritys houses are catching fire and burning to
the ground, million dollar homes and beyond imaguation of what is
happening and why it is happening and the sleeping Church of
today are still sleeping but soon to wake up to what God is saying,
"It is finished!" God is also saying with Miley Cyrus ... your all
riding the
wrecking ball today and naked as a Jay-bird! Right
shows what comes next in the fire explosion ... nuclear bombs!
Left is the 19'2'' ocean going boat I built with a V-6
engine pushing it. We add this and we see
"21" the last verse of the Holy Bible and
the last of the end of the
"6"th Millennium today ...
"V" for Virgins "6" at the end of the "6" th
millennium today going into the
"7" th ... the 1000
year kingdom of Jesus Christ.  
GMC means, God's
Moving Church
who soon moves out ... taken to
the throne of Jesus Christ ... the 144,000 who has
overcome Satan todate seen in Revelation
We add 1 + 4 + 1 + 5 =
"11" as Jesus Christ with 11
letters in his name and only his
144,000 white
stone saints
that once covered the Great Pyramid
in Egypt that were stolen years ago, referrs to
144,000 White Stone Saints that ONLY GOD
knows who they are, read it in Revelation 2:17.
(Added is 2 + 1 + 7 =
"10" equals where they came
from, out from the
"10" sleeping Virgin Church)
I built this boat and finished it in 1970 ... Added touches on the 1 + 9 = "10" Virgins and number "7"
refers to the "7" Churches of today
. Above I have my boat tied to the dock in Flornece, Oregon on
the West Coast that also ties into the huge storm
Florance hitting South and North Dakota on the
east coast. I would go from this marine dock in Florence, Oregon into the Pacific Ocean and fish for

My Ministry is a Father type Ministry to the Church today, being God's last day Apostle Paul Prophet.
You can see my wife, Lori ... looking at you from the far left side of my boat with her hand on the
Lori Gerig is seen here looking some-what like the rider of the wrecking ball, Mily  ...
. Both women have "9" letters in their names.  Lori left me when I turned back to the Lord from
my late teen years and now at the age of 50, as number 50 means a new beginning she left me. She
came from the Lutherain Church who didn't want anything to do with Jesus Christ.

Lori's father,
Tnor, meaning a God of Thunder once told me, getting to heaven is like a road map, all
roads lead to heaven, a lie from hell! Oprah W., who owns a million dollar estate of 42 acres, says
the same thing my ex-father-in-law Thor stated before he died, that Jesus Christ is not the only way
to heaven. Thor was weeping on my sholder after Lori had left me and I said to Thor, all you need to
do is ask Jesus to come into your heart! He said,
"I  can't."

The only way the sleeping dog ... pig Churches of today seen in 2 Peter 2:20-22 will come back to the
Lord is to have the water and fire come into their lives to show them they were all wrong except the
Overcoming 144,000 seen in Revelation 14:1-5. The sleeping dog-pig Churches say these 144,000
come from Israel, another lie from hell. Jacob refers to Father God who had two wives! Leah the
Jews he worked to get for
"7" years and these "7" years are seen in Revelation "7" ... these are
the 144,000 who are sealed before the 42 months of wrath begins! Jacob refers to Father God!  
Laban, Jacobs father-in-law had two daughters, the second and prettier one was named
Rachel ...
he worked to get her for another
"7" years ... 7 + 7 = "14" equals Revelation 14:1-5 ... the 144,000
from the Rachel Church of today who has overcome Satan and are soon to be taken to the throne
room of Jesus Christ. Jacobs first wife was Leah, the Jews ... Revelation 7 that he worked 7 years to
get her.

This father ministry is also seen as the second
Paul Revere! Paul Revere's second wife was named
"Rachel." The Bible states in Eccl. 1:9-11 and Rev. 1:19 ... same type of numbers, "What was before
will be again and what is now was before.
" Now here comes second Paul Revere riding out with the
overcoming number
"33" the age of Jesus when he died and rose again still "33" years of age
seen in Daniel 9:24 added is
"33." The overcoming saints from the Rachel Church, are the 144,000
from Revelation
14:1-5. This passage states before Jesus sets up his 1000 year throne on earth ...
this Ministry of Open Visions and Prophesies come to a close and then Jesus comes in and Reigns.

I came back to the Lord
"33" years ago! Below I show you my Electric Red Horse that I road down
town main St. Klamath Falls twice to preach the word ...
"The Red Coats are coming." Today
"Red Russia and Red China." I lost the use of my legs and feet just like the first John
who had to be carried when he wrote the book of Revelation on the Island of Patmos. (lost the use
of them to diabetes) You can see me in Revelation 10 coming from the ten sleeping Virgin Church at
Hour of Judgment today. You can see me in verses "10-11" ... "You must Prophesy again about
many peoples, nations, languages and kings
!" This last day John - Paul the second is doing just that!

We add 10-11 ... equals "3" and dropping the zero ties in the "3" Churches of today, Catholic,
Protestant and Pentecoastal.  Below is my new
 Electic Red Horse I road down town to main street to
tell the people
Klamath USA is Falling. The Red coats are coming, and Rachel you had better do
something before this happens! My electric horse was not cheep! This ties into the number of
Jesus Christ "33" who is soon to come back into this
picture. I came back to the Lord
"33" years ago. I
purchased my Red Horse from Florida from a woman
named Kitty (A sign of the Kitty Lion Cat of Jesus) that
was marked down from
$73 hundred dollars to $33
hundred dollars.  This ties into the number of Jesus
Christ today still
"33" years of age and marked down
from 73 to 33 ... saving me four thousand dollars.

73 added refers to the "10" sleeping Virgins
in line for this message of
Paul Revere and his wife,
Rachel, the sleeping Churches of today
... the red coats
of Russia and China are on their way here!
The black
bull market is now getting ready to fall and this brings
in the
Red Bear Market of Russia and China!
Left God confirms this fact in a Hurricane
storm off the East coast, showing the Bears
of Russia and China are raising up on one
side seen in
Daniel 7:5 ... with "3" ribs in its
, the one rib of Adam now broken
into "3" parts,
Catholic, Protestant and
. We can see God showing the
Bull Market leaves ... the money rich Bully,
big mouth Donald TRUMP big
, leaving the picture with
Red-Yellow Bull's Eye on his big fat
belly that the whole world can see.
Fat Trump soon
leaves the picture
The DIe ... DEATH ... has been cast! God's fires are burning and will not stop! Your money will not
save you as you can plainly see in the Golden State of California where the Golden Gate is located in
signs. Other storms across this second Jer-
USA-lem nation are happening as well. The end has
come and God is not backing down from his
"6000" years of man running the show, for it is time now
for his Son Jesus Christ number
"33" to come in and reign for 1000 years seen in Daniel 9:24
added is "33
" the age of Jesus Christ coming in just after God closes down his last day Ministry of
yours truly
of "33" years and going out riding my "33" hundred dollar electric cart telling this
nation ...
"The Red Coats are Coming" ... repent and go to heaven or not repenting and going to
!" There is only one way to heaven and it is through Jesus Christ!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...