Trumps Cat House - Lies & China
On MSNBC’s ‘The Rachel

‘The Rachel Maddow
Show’ on Wednesday,
Rachel Maddow gave
viewers an exclusive
look at a bombshell
report to be released by
Newsweek magazine on

According to the
reporting by Kurt
Eichenwald, which
Maddow’s program had
advance access to, a
company controlled by
Donald Trump “secretly
conducted business in
communist Cuba during
Fidel Castro’s
presidency” even
though it was illegal at
the time.  
Li Yang, the Florida
massage parlor
entrepreneur who created
and operated a business
that sold Chinese business
executives access to
President Donald Trump
and his family at Mar-a-
Lago, has yet another
intriguing line of work.

She is an officer of two
groups with ties to China’s
Communist government. And
she founded a Miami-based
nonprofit that promotes
“economic and cultural
exchange” between China
and the West in coordination
with “senior…Chinese
leaders” in the United States,
according to a profile of Yang
posted on a Chinese social
media platform.
Unquote ...
Quote:     Li Yang, the operator of a chain of US massage parlors under investigation for offering
prostitution services to its clients,
including New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft, allegedly
watched the Super Bowl at the White House.

Per a report in the Miami Herald, Yang – who sometimes goes by the first name 'Cindy' – watched the
NFL's showpiece fixture in the
company of the United States President and had previously visited
Trump's Mar-A-Lago property

Yang, 45, has been in the spotlight in recent weeks since a police raid on a premises in Florida,
allegations of prostitution and human trafficking linked to her business. Unquote:

Donald Trumps grandfather made his money from whore houses and Donald Trump is still involved
with this seen also in another way ...
Sin ... Sin ... Sin  but still is tied to it!  What comes out from his
mouth is unbelievable to say the very least! He lied about his women, he lied about how he got his
money and he lies about everything today including his lawyers he says all lied and he is the only
one telling the truth! You do not know what to believe that comes out from this beasts mouth today!  

Looking at his head above you can see he also lies about his hair ... a waxed picture of his balding
hair combed up from the back to cover his bald head on the front ... a gross liar to say the very, very
least! He is wearing a black suit with a
golden rich neck tie ... black with sin and it was the black
sinful Church who put this
Bastard of Satan into power ... the Republican Party!

You say you are a Democrat! ... No! I used to vote Republican until about 30 some years ago when the
Lord told me not to vote any more. My wife at the time was a secretary treasure for the Washington
County Republican Party in Portland Oregon, and I was involved with them then as well as my ex-wife.
The White House Sex Maniac Pimp
Boo ... Boo I'm from Satan
Trumps Father-in-law is a communist seen left.

Quote:   As you can imagine, Melania’s life with mega-capitalist
Trump is a world away from her socialist upbringing. The
year-old former model grew up in the small town of Sevnica,
which before the break-up of Yugoslavia in the 1990s was under
the dictatorship of Marshall Tito and satellite state of the USSR.

Read more:
ito=cbshare ... Trump is number "
45" Melania's age is"45."
Left are two Red Tie Communists, Trump and his
Communist Father-in-law a known Communist and also
his Communist daughter, Melania Trump. Below long
neck tie Donald is his Father and Mother-in-law as his
Mother-in-law looks like their daughter Communist
Melania walking with her Communist husband!

The Red-Tie has been put together who Donald and his
wife, Melania and her family really are! There is an old
saying that is very, very true ...
"The Apple does not fall
far from the tree!
" I was raised in a preachers home and
after I had left Christianity for a number of years and I  
returned to the true God and work for him today!
Long Red Tie Communist Trump and his
long Red Tie Communist father-in-law ...
Left is a picture on my wife that I
was married to for 18 years before
she left me because I turned back
to the Lord looking at the age of
"50" which means a new beginning.
Below I stand in front of the hill that
shows the
Red Rock Dragon about
3 to 4 hundred yards long, and over
my shoulder right of the tree you
can see the rock burned out by the
fire hand of Almighty God showing
his last day true Prophet, yours truly
in Rock form is looking up. My neck
is attached to the tree as Jesus
said, people are seen as trees!
Melania's Parents
Below my Rock head looking up to Almighty God
a prophet who had an only
SON we named
"ROCKY" that lived two days and died, a "7"
month premature baby boy. This also ties into
Peter who said, a day with the Lord is like a day
and is also like a thousand years ...
two days!
God moved me to this hilly area of ROCKS for 28
years before moving me into Klamath Falls,
Oregon 40 miles to the west where I live today.

A few years ago there was a Tropical Storm over
this nation on Election day! God took this
picture below me also seen in ROCK form from
his camera in his heavens! It shows yours truly
who lives on the
West Coast of second
USA-lem ... where I had bought my 2000
GMC four wheel drive truck at the dealership in
Klamath Falls named,
"West One." God is a
God of signs in no uncertain terms!

God shows this Ministry blowing his Jesus
Trumpet over the West Coast and the sign of
this is seen below the Word PAUL and on the
end of my trumpet is the head of Jesus hitting
this Bald Eagle Church nation in its head killing
it seen over the state of Florida seen below in
map form. Below I took the rest of the picture
out to emphasise yours truly blowing this Jesus
Trumpet today loud and clear!
My head looking
up to Almighty
Today this 84 year old Prophet of Almighty God who lost the use of
his legs and feet to Diabetes some 7-8 years ago, has a nurse
woman helping me out several days a week ... her name is
My Bible states in Revelation 2:17 ...
"The one who overcomes will
receive a white stone with a new name written on it
known ONLY
to the one who receives it

The Pyramid in Egypt today without a capstone on top, (The
capstone is Jesus Christ soon to come in after the "42" months of
wrath is over
)  was once covered with 144,000 white stones that
someone stole years ago and no one but God knows where they
are today! This ties into Revelation 2:17. We add 2 + 1 + 7 =
sleeping Virgins of Matthew

God shows left in cloud form,
PAM, my nurse, pushing me in a
Wheel-chair while I blow this awesome trumpet today loud and
very clear from heaven above to the people below! You can see
three heads in this cloud from Almighty God. In the center of this
storm PAM you can see me blowing this trumpet loud and clear
pointing to the people below. You can see me wearing a cap as I
often do when outside, looking ahead into a man's face wearing
dark glasses looking up from below.

Left of my head you can see PAM'S head pushing me along
wearing dark glasses as she often does when the sun is out.
Below is a huge storm named PAM showing this last day Prophet
laying in bed and the face of a LION is looking at you, Lion Paul
who was born on Leo the Lion month of August
"22" and this
number is the last Chapter of the Holy Bible that means the
Notice above my LION'S head is my Head looking at you.
Notice right of my head looking at you, is my
arm reaching out to the two capital letters
"SC" for South Carolina where I had
preached from 20 years ago, telling the
world in
Long and Short wave radio who the
first head of the beast is, Bill Clinton 42
from Washington and that
Russia would
nuclear bomb this nation!

Under this cloud the people put the rocks
showing the top rock is shaped like a heart,
referring to the heart of God's last day
prophet is for the people who I preach to
today. Down at the bottom you can see a
large rock shaped like a man's hand
pointing to this last day Prophet of Almighty
God and the message from SD ... South
Carolina. The huge storm coming into
second Jer-
USA-lem last year hit the
The two witness to this Ministry is Bryon of Northern California and the first witness is Katy of St. Paul,
MN., two witnesses! Bryon purchased my Book titled ...
"Wake Up O' Sleeping Church," from a used
book store in Portland, Oregon where I came from 28 years ago named
PAM'S Used Book Store also
the name of my in-home-care-nurse-lady!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
This huge Storm
God named PAM