What you see here is for real!
This old Hitler type President is
taking USA down off the cleft
seen left also seen right by God,
also seen in Jeremiah
51:25 roll
you off the cleft added is
My Indian friend
Joe died at "
God shows the war bow in a
rainbow making him unhappy ...
is now coming.
Left my old fishing partner, Joe Hobbs who
was a preacher, second in command of the
Indian tribal office in Chiloquin, Oregon died
age of
"67" not long ago. I was born in a
preachers home
"6" of "7" children and
preach today seen in Revelation 14:
"6-7" at
hour of Judgment today! I preach this
Eternal Gospel message today as we leave the
"6"th Millennium going into the "7"th ... "6-7"
into the 1000 year kingdom of Jesus Christ.  
The top left is a real rock the sign of this second Jer-USA-lem Indian nation on the side of a cleft
ready to fall. Below this real rock shown by Almighty God, is a volcano from our
"50"th state of
Hawaii shown by God this same Indian face and head of this old Indian nation on fire!

Above is this fiery Indian
"50"th nation going down! Number "50" means a new beginning! I have
been preaching this awesome message now for
"33" years, the age of Jesus Christ who died on the
cross for our sins and rose again still
"33" years of age! I came back to the Lord at the age of "50" a
new beginning for me also. You can see me and Jesus both in one verse in Daniel
9:24 added is
"33." You can see towards the end of this verse, these Visions and Prophesies coming to a
and then we see Jesus setting up his 1000 year kingdom on earth!
Left we see the Goat Church of today talking to Red
Pants Donald Trump
who put this evil Bastard of Satan
into power. Notice God put this black microphone seen
in his white head, as he calls himself a good Christian
but is a gross liar instead. You can see God showed
him in this hot fiery volcano,
with the skull of the
beast over his head

God shows below, the mushroom cloud bomb that I
turned sideways to show you in real, the Goat Head
Church going up in hot smoke as a rocket, and at the
top you can see the
Goat Head looking to the right.
Right of the Goat Head Church of today you can see the
bird image of this nation, the bald Eagle looking to the
right with the white head and golden beak.

Below the head of the Eagle Babylonian nation, the
LION nation today with big mouth, Golden rich Trump
driving this nation today off the cleft, we see the white
Skulls of the dead people! Under the dead people you
can see the head of the Dragon Donald Trump
looking to the right.

We add 4 + 5 =
"9" of Judgment! The Bible says in Eccl.
9-11 and Rev. 1:19 same type of numbers, "What was
before will be again and what is now was before ... there is nothing new under the sun."

We go back to Donald Trum....p "45" and we see Harry who dropped two Atomic bombs
on Japan in year
"45." Obadiah 1:15 states: "What you have done will be done to you, your
deeds will return upon your own head
." We add Obadiah which also means, "O but "U" are About
to Diah
!"  Who is about to Diah? Obadiah 1:15 added is "16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC.
I came back to the Lord "33" years ago also seen in
Daniel 9:24 added is
"33" and road my Red Electric
Paul Revere horse cart downtown Klamath, USA soon
to fall, Oregon twice. This Paul Revere horse will go
"45" miles on a single charge and top speed is "19"
mph and is a
"3" speed horse with a reverse gear. 45
ties into Trump number
"45" and Truman in year
"45."  Its top speed is "19" the first head of the beast
Lion Bill Clinton #42 who was born on Leo the Lion month of August "19." We see it has "3" speeds
that touches on
"3" fallen religions today, Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal. I bought this Red
Electric Cart from the state of Florida for
"33" hundred dollars. It was on sale marked down from "73"
hundred dollars ... 7 + 3 =
"10" sleeping Virgins that I preach to today!

I road my Red Horse of Paul Revere Gerig downtown twice to tell many people
the Red Coats, Russia
and China are coming
! I passed out my ministry cards to people as well as I talked to some showing
Awesome Ministry on the Internet.

Looking at the awesome Open Visions from God Almighty showing cloud pictures and his message
showing his fire finger burning out messages in rock form saying the "Hand Writing is on the WALL as
seen in Daniel 5:
25 ... to "2" religions, Catholic and Protestant alike seen as the "2" in the middle of
5 and 5 added refers to the
"10" sleeping Virgins today, your days are over, repent and live or do not
repent and go to hell with Satan!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...