Trump Fights Kids South Nuke
Comes from Kids North
Beast head
Axe to cut off  heads of Satan  Church
Below naked Melania Trump is the head of the first beast, golden hair Bill Clinton born on Leo the lion
month of August
"19" seen on his chest circled. He is seen here over the head of the Church who
has her head on the chopping block today showing her naked breasts. I outlined the naked Church
with her left ar
m under her head looking like a chopping block. After Kim of North Korea, China and
Russia attack then the other two heads of the "3" beast men come back into power. The image on the
that God created in smoke form showing him cutting off the heads of the Church under Satan.
God is using the Axe to cut off the headship of Satan
over the Church that has gone to POT. While Trump
plays games with second Jer-
USA-lem and the
southern wall of kids, Kid Kim of North Korea along
with China and Russia are planning nuclear attack
coming from the North.
The seven tree Churches left, as Jesus
said, people are seen as trees are now
ready to be cut down by God. This
picture of the seven tree Churches
stood in front of my
42 day camp on Bly
mountain in year 2001. Number
means rebellion also seen in Matthew
1:17 in the 2000 years from Abraham to
, and now count the generations
they are
"42" when the Jews crucified
Jesus the first time around and seen in
Revelation 11:8 again
, seen as Sodom
and Egypt USA today who has done it
again figuratively speaking. Bill Clinton
is #
On the other side of these seven trees with the Lion head of Jesus, the Axe Rock in the middle of
these seven tree Churches
are now ready to be cut down, is the Sprague River coming out from this
mountain of God on the other side of these seven trees. My camp stood only a few yards north of
these seven tree Churches. Notice the cross bar on the left top, a place deer hunters huge their
, the sign of the cross of Jesus Christ.

The axe above in
black smoie  form, shows God coming down and cutting off the heads of the Church
today under the
heahship of Satan which is all of them but the 144,000 seen in Revelation 14:1-5 ...
those who went all the way with Jesus Christ and has
Jesus' name and the Father's name written on
their foreheads! This is not what the Churches today claim
, they say these are Jews! The Jews never
has accepted Jesus as their Messiah but after this 42 month war is over they will have accepted him.
This center Open Vision came
from Trumps favorite State of
, showing in cloud form
the sign of the nuclear bombs
coming from Russia over the
freeway of "3" cars, "3"
religions today who
have gone
against God Almighty ...
Catholics, Protestants and
. You can see
below the mushroom cloud
bomb the wind
ow for this to
open is now. You can see God
put a cloud in the window
Left of the Mushroom Cloud bomb is a real picture of a nuclear bomb going off and I put it sideways
to show you what God has shown me. Th
ese Goat Churches of today are seen here in the top part of
the Nuclear bombs soon to hit this nation from Russia with China following in military tanks
and foot
You can see the goat head Church at the top looking to the right. Right of this you can see
the head of this
bald eagle nation looking to the right. Under this head of the Eagle, USA, you can
see a white Skull looking at you ... dead goat Church People and others, killed by the Serpent Satan
seen under the dead skulls
looking to the right.
Kim and Kim - ending and
beginning its Midnight, Mt. 25:6-7
Above you can see sex-maniac Trump and Kim K ... and above them you can see her naked climbing
at small tree at Midnight, the naked Church today trying to get to heaven at midnight when Jesus
said she does not wake up until
MIDNIGHT ... Revelation 25:6-7. Right of Kid-Kim you can see the
sex perverted, naked woman Kim Churches with Trumps arm around her ... referring to the seven
very naked women Churches ready to be shot at by
Kid-Kim and his Communist Buddies.

The nuclear bombs hit first and then the tanks and military soldiers come in to Rape the Women seen
in Zechariah 14:2 ... add 14 + 2 = "16" hundred Penn., Ave., Wash\ington DC. This entire chapter
speaks of Nuclear war beginning in verse 12. Their eyes will rot in their sockets and their tongues
will rot in their mouth. This is what happened when the
"33"rd president Truman dropped two
Atomic bombs on Japan in year
"45." (Trump "45" causes Nuclear War) Now from this verse 12 to
the end of this chapter in verse
"21" we see Jesus Christ passing out cooking pots to the people
who took down second Jer-
USA-lem. Now we add verse 12 to verse 21 = "33" the age of Jesus
when he died and rose again still
"33" years of age!

This also ties into Daniel 9:24 ... added is
"33" when this ministry comes to a close very soon and
suddenly as seen in the last part of this verse and then Jesus sets up his kingdom ... read it! To end
this awesome message I came back to the Lord when I came into my 50th year on earth and that was
"33" years ago. Number "50" refers to a new beginning! 120 Jubilees as 50 years are a Jubilee times
120 equals "6"000 years of mankind on earth.  

We are at the end of man's number "6" on earth and heading into the "7"th day of the week when
God takes over with his Son Jesus Christ who will reign for 1000 years. I was born
"6" of "7"
children in a preaches home in year
"34" added ... preaching today at MIDNIGHT to the 3 + 4 = "7"
Churches today at Midnight ... the darkest hour ever seen in Revelation 14 verses "6-7"

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Naked Church goes
into trash bag