Trump Cuts Off Head - Liberty
Trump of the Phoenix Bird
society cuts off the head of
the woman Lady Liberty
the sign in the Hudson
Harbor in the third Babylon
USA. Below, God is
backing up this message
in cloud form as he shows
himself as this cloud
looking down at the head
this nation cut off with
her neck in cloud form still
attached to the top of the
building but dead
. God
looks on overhead also in
cloud form! How many
people show such things
that God backs up like
Yesterday the "20th"
"22" degrees in
Phoenix, AZ ...
meaning the end ... Rev. 22.

The Phoenix Bird People
are the shark Presidents
coming out of the White
House that goes after the
Naked Woman Church!
Below in cloud form from
God, shows this black evil

Phoenix Bird as flying
Gods face looking down at
the dead head Church ...
to the back of the woman Church, and all "3" birds are Presidents ... Trump 45 ... Bush 43 ...
Clinton 42.
Below the woman with the Phoenix bird on her back, are pictures of two sharks
God shows in cloud form backing up this message that comes from him and not from man!
The two sharks out of water, is Clinton 42, Bush 43.
The third shark out of water is seen in this form of the
blackbird flying out from the White House today that lands
on the back of the
Woman Church and those people
opposed to the NWO of the Illuminati. All three of these beast
men were born in year
"46" ... the "666" of Isaiah "66:6" and
also seen in Revelation 13:18 ...
"666." Now hold on to your
hat while I drop the second load down upon you!
Bird Trump from the White House was born month
"6" Bush
was born month
"7" and Clinton was born month "8." Now
we see numbers
"6-7-8." First we see the "666" and
second we see
"6-7-8" of Revelation "6:7-8."

What does numbers "6-7-8" stand for today? First, we add 6
+ 7 + 8 =
"21." We have a solar eclipse happening this month
of August
"21" and seen fully in St. Paul, Oregon ... Prophet
who was born on Leo the Lion month of August 22 and
put together with
"21" is the last chapter and verse of God's
Holy Bible, Revelation
22:21.  Now we add 2 + 2 + 2 = "6" + 1
= "7" =
"67.  First, we see Revelation "6:7-8" referring to the
Dead Head of Nation
woman looking up
Pale horse of Death beginning to ride out now Trump 45, Bush 43 and Clinton 42 ... "6-7-8."

I was born "6 of 7" Children in a preachers home that lived in year "34." I was born "6" of "8"
children that the first child died at birth, so now we see this PALE ... PAUL
speaking this Pale
unhappy Message to a sleeping Church that makes me
Pale-Paul, having to preach this
awesome message to the sleeping Church but a happy Paul in Christ Jesus our Lord and

You say, what else is so important today about
"67" pointing to this last day prophet of
God? Today I am preaching from my third angel website seen in Revelation 14 verses
I am preaching this message today seen in this passage, "The Eternal Gospel at the Hour of
." Next we multiply 6 x 7 = "42" equals the first head of the beast system seen
above ... Bill Clinton
"42." Number "42" means Rebellion and is seen in Matthew 1:17 the
2000 years from Abraham to Jesus and count the generations in this passage for they are
"42" generations when the Jews crucified Jesus Christ the first time around, and today 2000
years later and
another "42" generations later, the Gentile Church has done it all over again
seen in Revelation 11:8 ...
Sodom, Gay USA and Egypt, Pharaoh who wouldn't believe the
first Moses anymore than this
 Sodom, Egypt Pharaoh Church believes this second Moses!
"Their bodies will lie in the public square of the
great city—which is figuratively called
Sodom and
where also their Lord was crucified."
Revelation 11:8 ...

We add 11 + 8 = "10" sleeping Virgins speaking
for today! We add the other way, 11 + 8 =
"19" the
day of birth the first head of the beast was born,
"42" of Leo the Lion month of August
19." This passage does not speak of the Jews,
it refers to the sleeping Churches of today
1942 is the number of the first beast, Bill Clinton 42. The large Ten Commandant rock above
was at the head of my
"42" day camp on Bly, Mountain of year 2001. This rock was "7" feet
tall referring to the "7" Churches of today! It was also
"10" feet wide referring to the "10"
sleeping Churches of today seen in Matthew 25 ... 2 + 5 =
"7" Churches also seen in verses
"6-7." Now I wonder who put all these numbers together to show the truth if not Almighty
God who is the God of Numbers, not Satan that the Churches of today claim.
My Jeremiah's calling came
out from Mother's Bible the
day after she went to be with
the Lord. This is the Bible in
my hands today and this is
the inside front page showing
who the Beasts of today are!
Here we see when she bought
this Bible in Oct. 10th month
and the beast all came out
from the
"10" sleeping Virgin
Church! Day
"15" is Donald
John Trump number of letters
in his full name. Year 1942 refers to Bill Clinton who was born on Leo the Lion month of
"19" and was the "42"nd president ... "1942." Here we see the two presidents Trump
and Clinton and on the bottom line we see George W. Bush
"43." Now we add the first
number on this bottom line is
Matt. "12" added is "3" beast men all born in year "46" seen
in the last set of numbers!

Now to put the icing on the cake
, my friends of the past "25" years ... the father's name was
Matthew who died a few years ago at the age of
"73" ... added is "10" sleeping Virgins. This
touches on Matthew
25:6-7. Matthew died in his sleep tying into the sleeping Church today
of Matthew
25:6-7.  After Matthew died and in year 2014 a forest fire went through their area
and burned them out. They move to Sharon's daughters place in Soap Lake Washington
1000 feet from Soap Lake
, and a year later moved back to their old property and are building
today a round house made of dirt and named the
Phoenix Project that can be seen on the

Now we take this a little farther down the road and we see this! Son Matthew was
"33" years
of age a few months ago, and the same week his mother had a birthday ... Sharon
... and she
"67" years of age!  A few months later their daughter had a birthday, her name is Skye
and she turned
"28." Now to show you what God is showing in these "3" people who are
still friends of mine. This ties into the
"3" religions today, Catholic, Protestant and

"33" the age of Jesus when he died and rose again coming into his kingdom still
"33" years of age. Sharon touches also on Jesus who is seen as the Rose of Sharon! Skye
28 added is "10" sleeping Virgins seen in the Skye as the stars in the Sky are seen as Saints
and not Angels as the sleeping
dog and pig Church claim!

Now if you read Isaiah
14:14 added is "10" sleeping Virgins, we see Satan saying, I will put
my throne above the stars of God and will rule over them! Isaiah meant, the stars are the
Church and not angels of God!!!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...