Trump Brings In Goose Walkers
N. Korea and     China
North Korea and China are
the two Goose Walkers that
Donald Trump 45 is bringing
into this nation! Below the
large rock
, below the two
geese ...
God is showing in
cloud form two Geese
he one on the left shows a
dark cloud shaped like a  
tank with the end of the
cannon shaped like a
Goose head.  The second
cloud picture from Almighty
God,shows in white cloud
form the goose going the
other direction.
One Goose
is North Korea and the
other Goose is China

Left is a large rock close to
my home showing the
Goose tanks are coming
into this nation soon and
! Notice the tanks
above the Woman Church
seen in the middle of this
huge rock with a large
Scorpion on her body as
also point out. Over the
body of this woman Church
of today you can see right
of the scorpions black tail,
the face of the Woman
Church looking to the left
and right of her head you
can see the head of
Satan looking over the
three  Churches!
The three Churches being the Catholics, Protestants and Pentecostals. This is a sign from the OT of
King Nebuchadnezzar throwing the "3" Hebrew children into the hot fiery furnace heated
"7" times
hotter than normal, today referring to the "7" Churches of Isaiah 4:1 and Revelation 2 and 3
. This
King saw another man in this fire, which refers to Jesus Christ today the fourth man in the fire
along with the
"3" Hebrew ... Christian religions of today.

Notice I point out Lamb Jesus below
Satan,  and right of the woman Church with the Locust on her
with the sting of a Scorpion
. Right of her is Satan looking down over the "3" Hebrew ... Churches of
notice their '3" heads. Notice below Satan seen here in black, is the Lamb Jesus also seen
in black along with the "3" Churches of today seen right of Jesus in this huge rock close to my
home showing the tanks of these two Geese Nations
soon to roll over them.

Go to Revelation 9:1-11 shows these woman Churches of today who do not have the seal of God on
, will be tormented for "5" MONTHS. The "5" fingered hand of God will be upon them. They will
long to die but death will allude them
. We add Revelation 9:1-11 ... 9 + 1 + 11 = "21." This ties into
the last verse of the Holy Bible and it also ties into the Solar Eclipse that went over the small
county of
St. Paul, Oregon on August 21 of this year, one day before my birthday August 22 as I was
born on Leo the Lion month day 22 and year
"34" added is speaking today to the "7" Churches.

This Solar Eclipse means a new beginning! and this new beginning I am talking about now,
shows the bears, the two bears of Russia and China coming in to take down the PIG Church of 2
Peter 2:20-22 that swims today with a Fish Tail that God soon breaks off.
North Korea  and  China
Big Mouth Trump
You can see St. Paul ... this Prophet from the West Coast
in Oregon
, looking at what God is showing him what is
soon to take place
! I never made this picture map of
Oregon, God did through the map makers in this state.
You can see the red in this Oregon map and they
enlarged it to the left showing my face looking at the
Eclipse coming in
, meaning a New Beginning! A new
beginning bringing in the bears of
Russia and China
seen here
covering the EYE of this PIG-CHURCH nation
of today. You can see the large nose and mouth of this
once fish Church on the tail of this Pig today.
Remember the tail of this PIG Church of today
seen in St. Paul, and below this PIG
Head you can
see a large
Truck Accident killing the driver and
looking like a
Nuclear Explosion ... a Mushroom
cloud bomb going off
and showing the stem of
this Mushroom cloud bomb coming from the
Russian bear
! Notice its large nose as seen in the
tail of this
PIG-FISH Church. This other picture
right shows the fire in California
Burning down the
the Grape Vineyard that ties to the Grape Church seen in Isaiah 5:1-5 and verses "6-7." Isaiah 5
and verses
"I-5" is also seen in Washington, Oregon and California going down from north to
south on freeway
"I-5." Below shows the last President of this nation, Barack Obama 44 seen here
another fiery volcano from Almighty God, this beast 44
with his big
NOSE laying across the first prize ribbon of
beasts and you can see his two large ears. Below this is
another fiery volcano show "3" mountain tops, far left is
Russia, the large center one is the USA and the third one
on the right is China, the white panda bear with her mouth
wide open that comes in after Russia strikes this nation
with her nuclear bombs.
(This is seen in Zechariah 14:1-21
and verses 2 and 3 shows the Chinese solders coming
into the homes raping the women
) Notice the black bear of
Russia had its arms around Barack Obama and I pointed
out Obama's
NOSE laying across the first prize of a beast.
This touches on the three other large noses seen above
on the back of the
PIG HEAD Churches of today and the
nuclear bombs coming and the burning down of the
second Vineyard of God seen in
Isaiah 5:1-5 and "6-7."
Zechariah 14:1-21 ties into the Solar Eclipse of
August 21 one day before my birthday 22 and in
reverse speaks of the very end of days as we know
them, Revelation
22:21. Now we take Zechariah 14
and verses
1 - 21 added together is 21 + 1 = 22 =
Revelation 22:21
. We add 2 + 2 + 2 = "6" plus 1 = "7"
"67." This last day prophet of Almighty God
was born
"6" of "7" children in a preachers home in
year "34" ... 3 + 4 = "7" Churches I am preacher to
today without hesitation. I preach the
messages at the HOUR of JUDGMENT seen
in Revelation 14:
"6-7." Now tell me Satan is the god
of numbers and not my Almighty God!
Was it Satan who made these volcano's showing the true as well, or was it my Almighty God? Back
to Zechariah 14:1-21. Now we add in God's numbering system, not Satan's, 1 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 1 = "9" and
"9" means JUDGEMENT! The passage begins with China raping the woman of this nation!
Why? Some years ago China tied to slow down their over population by aborting the girl babies and
today there is about
"1" woman per "7" men! Let me jump ahead to verse "12" to see the nuclear
bombs coming down from Russia rotting the eyes and tongues in the heads of the people this
bomb goes off over their heads. When president Truman dropped two Atomic Bombs on Japan in
year "45" which ties into Trump "45" today this is what happen, their skin fell off their bodies while
they were still standing on their feet.

From verse 12 to the last verse 21 added together is "33" the age of Jesus when he died and rose
again still "33" years of age for God never ages! These passages shows us Jesus "33" passing out
cooking pot to the people to cook in after his 1000 year kingdom is setup. This is also seen in
Daniel 9:24 ... 9 + 24 =
"33" the age of Jesus Christ coming back into his 1000 year kingdom after
Open Vision and Prophecies I show in my third angel website of Revelation 14: "6-7" all
come to a close which is not far away! This passage then says, Jesus comes into his
Daniel 9:24 ...
Left show a large rock close to my
home showing the clam shell tap
that Jesus speaks about in Luke
21:34 ... do not let this trap close
down on you! Then in verses 35-36
we see Jesus saying,
"Pray that you
may be able to escape all that is
about to happen, and pray that you
may be ABLE to stand before the Son
of Man, Jesus on his throne in
" So much for a rapture of
the Church! The naked Church of
today shows they are circumcised
only in the flesh and not the heart.
They are laying down on the Bull
market showing they are the
sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25:"6-7." Now notice the Soldiers of China and Russia coming into this
gone down the tube nation top right corners shown by Almighty God and not man! Remember these
are all solid hard rocks that God burned out to show these messages from his second Moses
Ministry! Jesus said,
"If my people do not speak out then the ROCKS will CRY OUT" ... that they are
doing today

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...