Trump & Nuclear - Women
Trump has full frontal view of naked
women. He has the ability and has the
big mouth that causes Nuclear war with
Russia. He is seen here gambling the
lives of this nation and world at the end
of man's number of years on planet
earth of
"6" thousand years and it is
... notice the red gambling dice on
the fanny of the naked woman

Notice the nuclear bomb blowing up
, God shows this naked woman
Church along with many other people
soon to blow sky-high caused by Pimp
Donald J. Trump.
Notice the two large
breasts on top of
this nuclear bomb
going off. The breast
on the left also
shows her naked
butt seen left of the
bomb, the naked butt
woman Church going
up in nuclear smoke.
This also touches on
added =
sleeping Virgins and
add verse 34 ... 3 + 4
"7" Churches soon
to go up in nuclear
fire and poisoned
water seen in Rev. 8.
A Letter to the three Wives. These three
wives touches on three Church women
... wives of Jesus Christ who turned into
street whores at Judgment time today.

(Catholic ... Protestant ... Pentecostal)
Donald Trump is not a Godly man to say
the very least, but he is a sign of very
rich Satan taking the three wives of
Jesus Christ away from God and sleeping
with them while they sleep in Christianity
today committing adultery on God ...
signs, signs and more signs!

God is showing mankind going up in
smoke, the ones at the end of days
today. As in the days of Noah so shall it
be in the days of the coming of the Son
of Man ... so be it! God destroyed all but
"8" in the flood of Noah, now what
remains for the Churches and people of
the world now that fire is coming upon
mankind?... same thing! Most of mankind
will perish!

Left you can see this mountain blowing
up showing in dark smoke, the head of a
man looking up as he blows up. Notice
his forehead, large nose, mouth and
pointed chin as he goes up in
smoke. In signs God is showing he is
removing man from his high mountain as
they have corrupted the entire world
seen in Revelation 17:1-7.

Left God shows the brownish red headed
man looking at you ... top middle over the
red fire as he soon sucks into his lungs

fire and smoke as God soon
blows them off his high mountain that
touches on his sleeping Churches today
who left him for Satan! How much plainer
will God make it to get some of their

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope
world Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul
<---2 naked breasts
Naked Butt and Breast---->
Naked belly of whore Church------->
Naked ... Virgins ... Vagina "V" ........>
What are you
looking at