Trump & VP Mike Pence In Eye

Big mouth Trump ----->
<----Blind eye Pence
Taken from God's Hubble
space telescope God's eyes
sees the President and Vise
President big mouth teeth
Trump and blind Pence
running the show today into
the ground! There are very
few words coming out from
this beasts mouth that are
true for he is the liar of all
liars today without a
shadow of a doubt, Period!

Because of what man has
done to God, as this also
refers to the sleeping
Churches of Matthew 25:6-7
the end is now, going from
"6"th Millennium into
"7"th Millennium "67"
the end is now at hand!
Where do you stand today
with our Savior Jesus?
God puts into power who he wants and takes out
who he wants - you can read this in Daniel 2 ...
Above you can see this beasts large Open Mouth and his teeth and next you can see what is on his
heart ... Women! Far right you can see him showing his black heart and right of this you can see who
he really is today ... Black Satan showing his black heart as he preaches love and that he is a good
man from God when in fact he is from Satan! This is what the sleeping Republican Elephant Church
put into power over them, a very rich President as this also shows this Dog-Pig-Goat Church of 2
Peter 2:20-22 put over them today who is the one who pulls the nuclear pin with Kid-Kim of North
Korea and the Russian Bear!
Left I took this picture of this bald eagle nation
crash landing while driving into Klamath soon
to FALL ... USA some 15 to 20 years ago. At the
time I wrote on this picture what you see! This
eagle bird coming down on the White House
seen in Hosea 8:1-2-3. Below this Eagle crash
landing, is the sign of the large rock 7 feet tall
and 10 feet wide that stood in front of my 42
day camp on Bly Mountain in 2001. God shows
his last day Moses Prophet preaching to you
today from his Ten Commandment rock.
Above you can also see this bald eagle nation now ready to
crash land and be no more! It is today the White House, the
Senate and the House that are bringing this nation down to be
no more! I remind you I put this writing on this picture some
years ago and today this is now in the process of happening!

Close to the stone of the Ten Commandments stood this tree
showing the wedding ring of God beside my 20 foot vacation  
trailer of 2001. Right of this beside the Sprague River coming
out from the mountain of God is a white Dove rock referring
to the Holy Spirit I am standing on looking like it is drinking
from God Sprague River.

Right only a few yards away in front of my 42 day camp stood
these "7" tree Churches in a circle with the rock axe head of
Jesus Christ in the middle ready to cut them all down and toss
them into the fire of purification. You can see the cross bar
on the trees, the cross of Jesus Christ. You can also see the
words Lion Face up close on the rock showing in rock form,
the face of the Lion, Jesus Christ.

I don't have the picture of a circle of weeping willow trees in
front of my trailer with a Royal Fir Tree in the center.
Ten Command Rock
Above right shows the small county close to the
capital of Oregon, Salem. The red part on this map of
Oregon is St. Paul. The map people enlarged St. Paul
on the left looking at the Solar Eclipse going over my
head, as I look in amazement with my mouth wide
open. This Solar Eclipse refers to a new beginning.
But first the grey bears of Russia and China come
down from the North covering the eye of this pig
nation and pig Church as they seen nothing! This
once PIG head Church and nation were Fishers of
men's souls but today has the pig head and swims
with a fish tail, notice the black nose of preachers.
This solar eclipse left this second Jer-USA-lem at South Carolina! It was 2001 when I preached to the
who world on short and long wave radio from South Carolina for
"30" minutes. This prophet read
one of my books and then called me. The first thing he asked me was ... "Who is the beast of
Revelation? I said Bill Clinton number
"42" and that Russia would nuclear bomb this nation! I said
this about 20 years ago and today it is very close to happening! We talked for half an hour and hung
up. I then picked up my Bible to have it open to Revelation 8:1 that said,
"Heaven was silent for
about half an hour.

It was in the Carolina's where one of the worst storms hit this nation not long ago. It killed thousands
PIGS and CHICKENS. The pigs refers to the Pig Church of today whose eyes are covered above by
the Grey Bears coming down from the north. These are also seen as Chicken's, the Chicken Church
of today who has not down her job but went to sleep with Satan, committing adultery of husband,
Jesus Christ and are very soon to wake up, as some are already waking up in the weather conditions
going on in this nation today!

God is blowing down many of their homes and accidents on the highways are too many to talk about.
God is showing his face now in Isaiah 5:5 added is "10" sleeping Virgins where God is saying now ...
"I have lifted my hand of protection from around her ... and she will be destroyed!" The next two
verses ...
"6-7" of Matthew 25 verses "6-7" God tells her, I have turned off her water ... I have
stopped pruning and cultivating her and she will turn into a thorn patch as this is what she is today
to Almighty God.

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig

Left are the "3" sleeping
Churches of today who are
now thorn Bushes to God ...