Trump & Family Shoves "BS"
The barn-yard BS of Beast Trump and his family of the
Ogle Office of the Presidency left are shoveling BS!
Below is Beast Trump pumping up and down his and his
family water BS to the entire water world!.  The Beast and
his family are lying to the people as they shovel their
"BS" lies to the entire world! Not only do they shovel BS
but they are also
pumping BS into their drinking water
and are seen in
Revelation 8:8-11 poisening the water
and also their food

Star Wormwood in the Russian language means
Chernobyl where their nuclear power plant melted down
some years ago that killed thousands of people soon to
happen again here in this nation from the
Russian Bear!

Revelations 8:8-11 speaks about this of poisoning the
food and water... being poisoned killing the people!
Both are
shoveling BS
Here we see Donald and his harlet wife poisening the food and drinking water by pumping BS into
the waters the people d
rink ...and shoveling BS into the food they eat! Both liars are feeding the
people poison! Here we see two sets of truths from Almighty God ... Actual Poison from Nuclear
fallout and poison from their many lies!

I could accually show you complete naked pictures of the first lady but I won't go that far! I have
pictures of her completely naked from top to bottom and
it was the dead, sleeping Church of
Matthew 25:6-7 that put these two in office who turn on them and kill many of them!
Where do I get  
all these Open Visions from if not given to me by my Almighty God?!

Trump says above in no uncertain terms ...
see I am pumping BS into this nation and the entire
! Below in God's Hubble I show you what God shows in cloud form of Donald liar Trump "45."
Big mouth beast Trump left God
shows from his Hubble camera
in his heavens ... Big Mouth
beast Trump with his arms
spread out standing on his feet
with his Huge mouth wide open
as usual with two beady eyes
smoking a nuclear Pipe!
Wake Up O' Sleeping Church
you are drinking the Poison
Water Satanic Trump is pumping
out to the sleeping Church and
sleeping World!
God says ... Trump has poisoned your minds with Water BS and the Food BS ... the food you eat
and the water you drink as ...
Revelation 8:8-11 is now happening!  Revelation 8:8-11 we see this in
God's awesome numbering system ... 8 + 8 + 1 + 1 =
"18" equals Revelation "18:" "4-5."  Trump is
"45" from Washington. God says to his true people to come out from her my people lest you
go down with her ... number
"4-5" looks like Trump "45" when I destroy him and his nation!

The next two verses ... "6-7" touches on Matthew 25 verses "6-7" and we add 2 + 5 = "7"
Churches.  Following Trump
"45" we see the Church of Matthew 25:6-7 as this Prophet of God was
born in a preachers family
"6" of "7" Children preaching this Eternal Gospel today at the Hour of
Judgment seen in Revelation 14 verses
"6-7." I preach this Eternal Gospel today at the end of the
"6" th Millennium going into the "7" th Millennium ... added is "67." Genesis 1:27 God said, "I
created man on the
"6" day of a "7" day week. Now in the last book of God's Open Bible he also
brings up number
"67." We add the last book of the Bible Revelation 22:21 like this ... 2 + 2 + 2 = "6"
plus 1 equals
"7" equals "67." Now if my God is not the God of Numbers who is?

Now ... did Satan put the numbers in God's Holy Bible that the sleeping Church claims Satan is the
god of numbers that they worship today at Judgment time
? Was it Satan who said he numbered the
very hairs on our head ... or was it Almighty God?
Left is the naked first lady the naked "7"
Churches put into power with beast
"45." We add 7 + 4 + 5 = "16"
hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC.
This is not a normal picture of the first
lady of this second Jer-
USA-lem nation,
but of the whore-House this nation gone
POT and led by the PIMP ... Trump
with a huge mouth with devil horns!
Picture from God's Hubble right shows
Trump lower left with his arms sticking
out with his huge mouth wide open
smoking a
nuclear war pipe! The image
from God right show huge liar Trump
running as fast as he can coming in like
Gang Busters on Fox News last night
seen on the bottom on my front page
tied to this Ministry Message.

God's Elijah Ring of Fire - Hubble
telescope world Evangelist - Apostle
Prophet Paul Gerig ...