Tornado - Saddle Mtn. Area
SPRAGUE RIVER, Ore. — A tornado briefly made
touchdown in rural Klamath County on Tuesday
afternoon, the National Weather Service (NWS)
confirmed Wednesday.

Witnesses caught sight of a funnel cloud appearing to
form over several minutes, reporting the sighting.
After looking into the incident and analyzing public
video, NWS said that a very weak tornado touched
down briefly in the area around 4 p.m., 8 miles west-
northwest of Sprague River, according to RADAR.
I lived close to this area for 28 years preaching to the sleeping Church from my Internet from God. A
little right from this Tornado is Saddle Mountain the mountain I saw west from my front window in my
home about 10 miles away.  My home is the area God had burned out in volcano rocks that many of
the messages in my website comes from. The image below is a picture I took over a preachers home
and Church he had put up, Preacher Nutter when he died from stomach cancer at age

This was the picture in cloud form from Almighty God showing he had his belly full of this Nutty
peachier man that ties into the
Nutty Preachers of today deceiving the entire world seen in
Revelation 17:1-7! I knew Nutter and I sat down with him more than once trying to wake him up!
You can faintly see "3" high power lines in
this face of cloud Satan. This refers to the
"3" Churches of today, Catholic, Protestant
and Pentecostal
. God shows Satan's mouth
wide open with the number
"7" in his
mouth, the
"7" Churches of Isaiah 4:1 and
Rev. 2 and 2. Add the two together and we
"10" sleeping Virgins of Matthew 25
added is
"7" and verses "6-7." Above the
"7" Churches all in the mouth of Satan, you
can see his two eyes and above his two
eyes you can see his two horns!
ountain. The reason they called it Saddle Mountain was because it MMr Nutters home and Church
was about "3" miles from my home and looked like horses Saddle. I cannot fine the picture I once
took of this mountain having some snow on it showing two animals in the melting snow, the image of
a Bear and the image of a Leopard! This ties into Russia and China soon to move in.

This is about 40 miles from where I camped for 42 days on Bly, Mountain as you can plainly see below
in messages where the Sprague River which came out from this high mountain of God flowed down
not far from my home in Sprague River, Oregon. Click the left side of your mouse to see these
messages I speak about on this high mountain of God in years 2001. We add 2 + 1 =
"3" gone down
the drain Churches...  
Paul Pulling Out 144,000   ...   2nd Jer-USA-lem Being Destroyed ...

Read both messages above for God is the God of truth and Satan is the little god of lies that he
mixes with truth and has the sleeping Churches of today all following him except the 144,000 true
saints of God who has overcome Satan to date, as seen in Revelation 14:1-5 that God takes to
heaven real soon to be with him while
red-hot hell is opened up on earth!  ... God's Eye Over Both ...
Left top in black you can see the
number "42" that means Rebellion
seen above the red hair of this
scarlet woman seen in Revelation
17:1-7 that this nation has killed
Scarlet, Red Headed woman
Church of today
and she rides with
these lying leaders today.

You can see her riding side-saddle
on the beast and the front of this
right white light is the mussel of
the horse Beast this naked scarlet
Red headed Church woman is
riding today. Again, right over her
head is number "42" that means
rebellion also seen in Matthew
1:17 now count the generations
from Abraham the Jews to Jesus
when they crucified him was
generations and now the Church
has done the same thing!
<---Face of Baby   
Church ...
This awesome Vision above came from God's Hubble telescope in his heavens. You can see right of
the red headed woman Church of these last days riding the beast Trump, the Beast they put into
power who sets in the White House today, Donald John Trump 45. Right of the Red headed woman
Church soon to go into the fire of purification, you can see the head of a BABY looking at you! This
refers to the
BABY CHURCH who has never grown up to maturity, she is still seen here by Almighty
God as still a
BABY CHURCH and riding stark naked on the head of the beast, Donald John Trump
seen below!
Left God shows from one of his fiery volcano's this
Naked Butt Woman Church riding the head of this
nation that is the
BEAST!  You can see her right cheek
of her Butt setting on the white crown hat of the
Presidency while he has his head turned around
looking at you. Right of her naked Butt you an see the
Red Fire coming upon her!

You can see plainly Donald John Trump 45 standing on
his two front legs and setting down on his two beastly
hind legs as he lies to this nation who cannot see his
lies! God has allowed this to happen because this
nation seen in Revelation 17:1-7 has corrupted the
entire world and killed the Church! Mystery Babylon the
Who is Babylon?

Anyone with brains in their heads knows who Babylon
is! It is, and always has been the richest and strongest
nation on earth! This refers to this second Jer-USA-lem
nation in no uncertain terms!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...