Today's Two Faced Church
This Open Vision from
Almighty God I took from
about one mile from my home
in solid rock form. Seeing
this image in a photo picture
I took of this rock, I put into
my Adobe Photo section on
my computer and drew lines
around the images I saw and
this is what God showed me.
Using my mouse I took out
the rest of this picture not
showing these miracles from
Almighty God.

The top left shows this rich,
golden dog Church of today,
the Roman Catholic Church
walking with the black Dog
Protestant Churches as well
both walking together today
at Judgment time. On the
back side of these last day
dog Churches, you can see
the other side of her Dog
Face, her pretty so-called
face looking black Satan in
his face thinking he is their
god today. You can see this
last day Dog Church is stark
naked before God! Notice
her naked vagina and letter
"J" for Donald J. Trump!  
I remind you ... God burned this all out from solid rock form showing these truths today that his
second Moses Ministry is showing to the entire world today that the sleeping Dog Churches of today
do not want to believe! The top beast man of the "3" ... "666" men are seen on the top all the way
down to the red headed woman Church seen in Revelation 17:1-8. These are the dog Churches of
today seen here as the scarlet woman Churches killing the true Overcoming Churches today seen in
Revelation 14:1-5 that God soon takes out to be with him just before hell is opened up on earth seen
in Isaiah
16:3-4. I was born "6" of "1 + 6 = "7 children in year "34." The latter part of verse "4"
speaks of Satan being locked up for 1000 years and the next verse "5" speaks of king David,
meaning Jesus Christ then setting up his 1000 year Kingdom on earth. Before I finish this awesome
"16" that ties to the White House that sets at "16" hundred Penn., Ave., Washington DC, I
will finish showing who the last day "3" beast men who makes up the
"666" of Isaiah "66:6" and
Revelation 13:18!

The top right shows golden rich Bill Clinton, and God is showing the
MARK of DEATH on his lower
face when he was Impeached for lying about his young Jewish girlfriend, Monica seen in Revelation
3-4. (A short time later his head would was healed by the Senate when they turned his
impeachment mark away ... his head would healed ... verses
"3-4" touches on this last day Prophet of
God who was born on Leo the Lion month of August 22 who is revealing this first head of the beast,
Bill Clinton who was also born on Leo the Lion of Satan born on August
"19." God is also showing
this ministry of
"34" in Roman's "3:4" ... "Let God be true and every man a liar." This touches on today
at the end of days and God's last day prophet telling the truth for Almighty God and the sleeping, Dog
Churches all telling lies today!

Now notice below Bill Clinton 42 you can see in this same rock form, I outline the cowboy and his
cowboy hat, Texan cowboy George W. Bush 43. Below Texan Bush 43 is the third Beast head of the
"666" ... Shark Donald John Trump! I put a large capital letter "X" on the side of Trumps mouth as he
is seen her swallowing this
Red headed, Scarlet woman Church of today seen in Revelation 17:1-8.
Old John the revelator who wrote this, could hardly believe what God was showing him of this last
day Dog Church that God shows above.

You can very plainly see this Shark ... Donald J. Trump begins to eat this dog Church of the last days,
as he has her head in his mouth ... plainly seen! Look at him going up her leg to her Vagina with the
golden letter "J" right of her sex organ. There are two meanings to this message, Donald J. Trump is
a sex maniac just like Bill Clinton is also one. Bill's wife goes either way in sex, men and woman alike
for she is a switch hitter and Trump is also a beast who has had "3" wives and you can see their
naked bodies all around the world today.
God is confirming my message in another Open
Volcano. This nation is going up in the air by nuclear
bombs that God has shown in one of his volcano's.
On either side of the top you can see a woman
looking at you with her tongue sticking out from her
mouth, as this is the way Homosexuals make love to
each other! On the far right you can see another
woman looking downward as she too gets blown sky
high by Almighty God. Notice under the small ring
below shows a small baby, meaning the baby
Churches of today who has never grown up to
maturity will be slightly protected, as many of them
will die by drinking poisoned water and food but will
have time to repent before they die a horrible death
of Nuclear radiation poisoning.  

What I show in this last day awesome ministry should
blow your mind! I do not show one or two things, but I
show Hundreds of them enough to blow your mind! I
work for an awesome God who created all things ...
period! He created the numbering system and has all
the hairs on our head numbered! He also named all
the stars in his heavens, this is the God I serve today
without hesitation not the god the dog Churches
serve. God burned out in solid rock the image of the
two headed dog, woman Churches of today that
Donald J. Trump is about to eat ... sex maniac Trump.  

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world
Evangelist - Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...