Today In Days Of Noah
God said in no uncertain terms, the
coming back of the Son of Man, Jesus
will be like in the days of Noah!
What was it like in the days of Noah?
Water, water everywhere but not a drop
to drink! God put a rainbow in the sky to
promise he would never destroy the
world again with water! God is showing
in signs as in the days of Noah with
water and wind taking down this nation
today but not destroying his creation
with water but destroying it with
HIs rainbow now is the old Indian war
bow making his face look angry seen
below left ... war is now at hand!
You can see the unhappy face of Almighty
God left in this old Indian nation who used
to fight with
War Bows and now nuclear fire
. You can see the airplane Boeing
crashing into the water left, a sign of this
nation going down, down, down into the
water of time! Notice Gods mouth is
unhappy and you can see his two dark eyes
above as he brings in nuclear war from the
Communist people seen below.
God also shows left in cloud form, this last day Dog
Church seen along with the Pig Church in 2 Peter 2  
20 - 22 barking today ...
telling lies when the
Communists come in and shuts her mouth
! Notice
Hammer and the Sickle in this Dog Churches
 soon to happen seen in cloud form from God

When this takes place which is now in the works,
you can plainly see feft of her in God's Ocean
Beach, this
Bald Eagle Bird Nation going down
never to rise again also seen in Jeremiah 51:25.  
am against you, you destroying mountain, you who
destroy the whole earth,” declares the Lord.“I will
stretch out my hand against you, roll you off the cliffs,
and make you a burned-out mountain."
Jeremiah 51:
25 ...
Boeing 737 - "3"
7 - Churches!
Train tracks washing out - roads washing
out & she goes down as in Noah's day/!
Bald Eagle USA
Going down!
God's Face of War!
To you Dog, Pig, Goat Churches of these last days, God
shows you in one of his fiery volano's as a goat Church
talking to the beast who you think is from from God but is
from Satan. Above Donald Trumps white head you can see
the Skull of beast Satan also white head, speaking out lies
today to the Church and world who put this man in power and
love him! They do not love Jesus Christ, God ... but they love
Satan who is also speaking into the
black microphone in
Trumps face. Trump 45 comes from Satan and not from God!
God shows the Church of today in lightning and smoke form,
you are on my left meaning Judgment, my true sheep, the
144,000 of Rev. 14:1-5 are on my right meaning mercy!
These these are soon to be taken out to be with Jesus Christ setting on the throne. We see in
51 added is "6" as we're at the end of the "6"th Millennium today! We see verse "25" that
touches on Matthew
"25" verses "6-7." Now we add 2 + 5 = "7" equals "767."

This ties into the Boeing 737 above crashing into the water a few days ago, the "3" Churches of "7"
now going down ...
Catholic, Protestant and Pentecostal. Left over my home shows "77" in the
"77" touches on Daniel 9:24 that begins with "77" is decreed for your people and land to
stop sinning! This one verse speaks of this Open Vision and Prophecy Ministry coming to a close.
After God closes this Ministry down which is close at
hand, then Jesus comes back into power for 1000 years
seen in the last part of this verse. We add Daniel 9 + 24 =
"33" the age of Jesus when he died and rose again still
"33" years of age for God never ages! I came back to
the Lord
"33" years ago fulfilling my calling from
Almighty God.

Next we look at the two Boeings
"767"s that took down
the towers in NYC Babylon on
"9/11/1." Jesus Christ has
"11" letters in his name and the first two towers taken
down in Babylon USA, were "
11"0" stories high.
Here we see the first two towers to fall shows Jesus Christ who has "11" letters in his name taking
"7" Churches down and the "3"rd tower to fall was tower number "7" referring to the "7"
Churches today. We add 7 + 6 + 7 = "20" drop the zero and we see two religions that has fellen
down! Now drop the Zero and we see these
"2" religions, Catholic and Protestant as the
Pentecoastal Church are still seen as Protestants all fallen down! Next I show Daniel

6. “After that, I looked, and there before me was another beast, one that looked like a leopard. And on its
back it had four wings like those of a bird. This beast had four heads, and it was given authority to rule.

7. “After that, in my vision at night I looked, and there before me was a fourth beast—terrifying and
frightening and very powerful
. It had large iron teeth; it crushed and devoured its victims and trampled
underfoot whatever was left. It was different from all the former beasts,
and it had ten horns." Daniel
7:6-7 ...

This beast that looked like a Leopard is China! The last beast was different from the former beasts
and it had
"10" horns! It was the "10" sleeping Virgin Church who put this beast, Trump into power!
Several days ago I had a visitor I have known for maybe ten years who came out from the sleeping
Church. I said something about Trump and he hit the ceiling. I guess you don't talk about their beast
god ... Trump. He then got up and said he had to go! The Ten HORNED Church you don't come against
for they get very, very angry ,,. the
"10" horns from the Church that God is now in the process of
destoying here in second Jer-

What is taking place today between Trump and China? Trump is fighting against China in a
Trade War!
This Trade War is soon to turn into a real war with guns and tanks and soldiers as God shows in one
of his Open Visions burned out in solid Rock by his Almighty fire hand.
Left God shows from a large rock close
to my old home in the high wilderness
area where I had lived for 28 years,
showing the China Soldiers looking
over this land seen above are ready to
move in.  God shows Trump a man who
loves to have sex with many women as
the world can plainly see is holding up
"10" sleeping Virgin Church in
hand form ... those who put him in

This evil Republican Party backs up
Trumps lies! God shows this in this
male Church and Trump ... circumcised
only in the flesh and not their hearts!
This also shows this Bully Donald Trump and his naked penis in the air and all the women who
testified against him, and Trump and his lying lawers tells the gulible Church they are all lies and he,
the liar of Satan, goes on and on telling lies that the sleeping Churches of today believe.

Wake up O' Sleeping Church your at the end of your rope and will be no more!  Below God shows
this in cloud form that he is at the end of his rope and the Church is also at the end of her rope!
-  Bully Trump
God says today in no uncertain terms ... Your end has
come!  It is finished!

God's Ring of Fire - Hubble telescope world Evangelist -
Apostle Prophet Paul Gerig ...
Your  at the end of your rope!